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    A good string for Prince Textreme Tour (310)

    Hi, what string would u recommend for Prince Textreme Tour (310) based on your own experience? The racquet is pretty muted IMHO, so i would like a string with some touch a spin potential. Weiss CANNON Ultra Cable hasn't unfortunately worked for me in this racquet. It's the only string I've tried...
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    Babolat Aero grommet compatibility

    Are the grommets for the current model of Pure Aero compatible with the older models of the racquet? I want to get a set of new grommets for my Babolat Aeropro Drive GT 2013 but I just don't know if the new ones will fit. Does anybody have any experience with this? Thank you.
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    Weiss cannon ultra cable durability

    Hi, has anybody played with WCUC until its breakage? If so, r u commenting on the durability from an amateur's or a pro's POV? I'm also curious about how it compares to the other shaped polys in terms of durability (focus hex, tour bite, cyclone, rpm blast, hyper-g...).
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    MSV Focus Hex 1.23 vs 1.27 mm

    Hi, does anybody have any experience with playing both Focus Hex 1.23 and 1.27? I'm currently playing with the 1.23 one. I understand that the thicker gauge won't be as powerful and comfortable and it won't have as much feel as the thinner one. Would you say that the difference between these...