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  1. Mike Sams

    Could Nadal at RG2008 have beaten both Federer and Djokovic on the same day?

    Probably Nadal's most dominant tournament showing ever, reducing the other 2 members of the big 3 to nothingness in the SF and Final. Was his form so good that he could've beaten both Djokovic and Federer on the same day one after the other with both being fresh?
  2. Mike Sams

    Why do Djokovic and Nadal never hit drop shots against Federer?

    They both use drop shots endlessly against everyone else. But I don't see them using the drop shot against Federer ever. Or am I wrong? Trying to find instances of them using the drop shot against Federer. Is it a sign of respect or is there some other reason? I could be totally wrong but can't...
  3. Mike Sams

    Where does Nadal vs Dimitrov AO2017 stand in your list of great matches of the past few years?

    Obviously the AO2017 semifinal slug-fest between Nadal/Dimitrov was completely overshadowed by the Federer/Nadal final 2 days later. But if not for that final, then Nadal/Dimitrov probably would've gotten more accolades in terms of shot-making and drama! Where does this match rate in terms of...
  4. Mike Sams

    Djokovic hits with rising 16 year old Dynamo in friendly practice...and struggles mightily!

    Actual game-play from Virtua Tennis 4 for the PS Vita portable. I recorded it a few minutes ago. Apologies for the low quality screen-capturing. Regardless it's probably the best portable tennis game out there. You can create your own player of any height, weight, style and nationality. Lot of...
  5. Mike Sams

    Could Rafael Nadal beat both Ashleigh Barty and Simona Halep 2 on 1 on Court Philippe-Chatrier?

    Rafael Nadal, holder of 12 Roland Garros titles and a living legend Vs the world no 1 women's player Ashleigh Barty (RG 2019 winner) and the world no 2 women's player Simona Halep (RG 2018 winner) in a 2 on 1 match on Roland Garros clay. Both of the women playing as a doubles team against Nadal...
  6. Mike Sams

    John Isner vs Nicolas Mahut 2010 Wimbledon FULL 11 hour match now on YouTube

    Great way to pass the time while you're in quarantine! :p
  7. Mike Sams

    How did Del Potro become such a powerhouse on Wimbledon grass?

    Granted he never won Wimbledon nor made a final, but he's proven to be an enormously difficult roadblock for the greatest grass courters of this era. Having sapped Djokovic of all his energy over a 5 set tussle at Wimbledon 2013 semifinals and having taken Nadal to war at Wimbledon 2018 when...
  8. Mike Sams


    Let's talk about this... :unsure:o_O .... at the 1:27:19 mark
  9. Mike Sams

    Could Nadal have beaten Djokovic in the Wimbledon 2019 Final?

    Djokovic played the tiebreakers like a boss, making zero errors in all three. But he was struggling in parts during the match, especially in the second set. Do you think Nadal would've had a better chance at beating Djokovic in the finals that day and could Nadal have won if he had been serving...
  10. Mike Sams

    The Rise of Corentin Moutet

    Just hearing about this French Qualifier, 20 year old lefty, 5'9", currently ranked #71 who is mowing through the draw in Qatar. He gave a valiant effort against Djokovic in the 2nd round of the Paris Masters, losing 7-6, 6-4. And now he's made the finals of Qatar after having smashed through...
  11. Mike Sams

    Losing 40-15 in the 5th in the Wimbledon Final or being a Billionaire...which would you choose?

    Roger Federer set to join list of billionaires in 2020 Roger Federer is one of the Greatest tennis players to ever grace the court. The Swiss legend is supreme not only in terms of his records, but also in terms of his earnings. Now, the Swiss maestro has crossed yet another milestone in his...
  12. Mike Sams

    Mubadala Tennis Championship 2020 Semifinals: Djokovic/Tsitsipas and Nadal/Khachanov

    How is there not a thread on this? Anyway, first match up today (Friday Dec 20) will be Rublev vs Chung for the 5th place finish. Following that will be Djokovic vs Tsitsipas in the first semifinal followed by Nadal vs Khachanov in the second semifinal. Action begins at approx 3pm Abu Dhabi time.
  13. Mike Sams

    Will Djokovic catch Nadal in the Slam Race? Or will Nadal catch Federer?

    Djokovic needs 4 Slams to catch Nadal. Nadal needs 3 Slams to catch Federer. With the USO and AO coming up, things are getting really interesting...
  14. Mike Sams

    Where does Nadal/Del Potro Wimbledon 2018 rank in your list of great matches?

    Would you put it in the top 10 all time great matches? Maybe top 5?
  15. Mike Sams

    A big upset looming for Fedal in the first week?

    Jiri Vesely from the Czech Republic is a 24 year old 6'6" LEFTY with a booming serve and an ultra aggressive net game. After demolishing Diego Schwartzman today while charging the net 38 times, Vesely will be facing Fabio Fognini. A potential meeting with Nadal awaits in the 4th round if they...
  16. Mike Sams

    Roddick (2009 Wimbledon Final) vs Djokovic (2015 Wimbledon Final)

    Who do you think wins this if they were to play in a Wimbledon final. Both playing at their very best. I personally thought Roddick played an incredible match and probably should've beaten Federer that day if he hadn't flubbed easy shots in the 2nd set tiebreak. If Roddick brought that same form...
  17. Mike Sams

    Nadal (Wimbledon 2008) vs Djokovic (Wimbledon 2011)

    They played in the Wimbledon 2011 final although Nadal was mentally broken by that point from the multiple prior losses against Djokovic. What do you think happens here between Nadal at his best (from the 2008 Wimbledon final) vs Djokovic (from the 2011 Wimbledon final)? One more go on grass...
  18. Mike Sams

    Uncle Toni open to coaching Roger Federer if opportunity arises

    But says it must be under the condition that Toni will not be in Federer's box during his matches against Nadal. Very interesting I must say. Any thoughts? I wonder what Nadal thinks of this?
  19. Mike Sams

    Who is your favourite player out of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic?

    The board is populated around Federer/Nadal/Djokovic discussions when there's a slight inactive period. Most discussions revolve around who'd win at their peak, who achieved more, who is overrated, who benefited from a weak era, who has more fans, who is better looking, who has the hotter...
  20. Mike Sams

    Question regarding Federer/Djokovic at Rogers Cup this coming week

    The men will be playing Rogers Cup at Aviva Center at York University in Toronto. As Murray has opted to withdraw, Djokovic will be seeded #1 and Federer now at #2. The top players get an automatic bye into the 2nd round as we know. The 1st round matches will be played Monday July 25 and part...
  21. Mike Sams

    What did you think of Federer vs Nalbandian in Madrid and Paris 2007?

    While Federer's game is considered sublime, beautiful and artistic, there's something about boss-mode Nalbandian that makes him awesome to watch, especially when the backhand is clicking. His best performances being indoors in 2007. What did you think of the two matches Federer/Nalbandian played...
  22. Mike Sams

    Cilic vs Serena...who wins and what's the score?

    Could Serena stop the "Cilic-Force" from last week's US Open who blew through Federer and Nishikori? She is an 18 time Slam champ after all.
  23. Mike Sams

    How is Djokovic never getting tired despite playing the most matches on tour?

    :-? What's the secret to a player who had all sorts of stamina issues to suddenly being by far the fittest player on the tour? Even fitter than Nadal by the looks of it. Final after final after final in almost every single tournament he plays and still plays the last point of the match with as...
  24. Mike Sams

    Nadal's draw at RG would have been brutal at AO and USO

    I'm not the biggest Nadal supporter but even I can admit that Nadal's RG draw was only considered easy because it was clay which is unfair to Nadal. Put it into perspective and take notice of just how much difficulty Nadal has had at the AO and USO against Ferrer, Murray and Djokovic in the...
  25. Mike Sams

    Will the Djokovic/Nadal H2H reverse this year?

    22-19 right now. But this is their potential final meeting on clay if both make it to the final. If Djokovic beats Nadal in the final at RG, I see Djokovic beating him EVERYWHERE else as he will be completely and firmly in Nadal's head. And since the tour will then be heading to grass and then...
  26. Mike Sams

    Can Nadal beat Murrokovic back to back?

    The last time he did it was at the World Tour Finals in 2010 in the round robin/semifinals stage..only for Nadal to lose in the final to Federer. But I think since this is RG clay, it's Nadal's best chance. Although I think Nadal's legs are going to take quite a beating in the semis. A lot of...
  27. Mike Sams

    Ever notice that when players begin losing more regularly in the Masters...

    ...their die-hard fans begin claiming that "His focus is only on Slams now!" :lol: It happened with Federer as he began losing more regularly in Masters tournaments in 2007 onward, and it's now happening with Nadal too! :) Forget the fact that these guys made Masters finals. It's like their fans...
  28. Mike Sams

    Was Federer a transitional champion?

    Since Federer got most of his Slams after the retirement of Sampras and before Nadal and Djokovic reached their primes. What do you think?
  29. Mike Sams

    They're all targeting Nadal's backhand!

    That's the tactic that is becoming very evident with the field, based on Nadal's last few losses... Nadal's backhand goes deep crosscourt 99.9% of the time. Same ball every time.
  30. Mike Sams

    Is Nadal ready???

    On the 7th of March, Nadal's gravy train-ride runs out and will find himself back in the "hunted" position as he begins his defense of the hundreds of points he tallied up last year. It begins in Indian Wells. Luckily, there is a back up tournament with Miami that can allow him to add extra...