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    Gopher Men's Tennis program

    Efforts are still underway to save the Gopher Men's Tennis program. Update: USTA Northern Facebook post Link to share your comments with the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Pledge form link
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    Tennis for America is looking for college tennis seniors

    Attention college tennis seniors: The deadline to apply to be a Tennis for America VISTA is quickly approaching. Tennis For America is uniquely situated to serve America’s disadvantaged communities and reinvigorate our sport. By partnering with organizations committed to bettering the...
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    Tennis Programs Added

    When many 'non-revenue' college athletics are at risk of being dropped, why not take a moment to acknowledge the tennis programs added during these difficult times? New Jersey City University (DIII men's & women's teams) → Announcement "Yet while COVID has prompted other colleges and...
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    2020 Oracle ITA Masters by UTR

    There are some changes planned for this year's Masters, which is now an open event hosted by the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego. The $20,000 prize money will be split between the men and women, with the finals aired on ESPN. Registration is now open. You can get more details at...