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  1. Warmaster

    The battle for #4 is about to begin

    If you don't count the Miami points from last year these are the current ranking totals (including the points gained from IW 2014 up until now): Ferrer: 4550 Murray: 3795 Berdych: 4360 Federer: 4535 Del Potro: 4260 Meaning all these players have a chance of reaching (or staying) #4...
  2. Warmaster

    AO Junior Boys' Final

    Alexander Zverev against Stefan Kozlov. Two bright prospects who will do well in the main tour later I reckon. I've only seen results though. Does anyone have info on their playing style?
  3. Warmaster

    Federer's ranking prospects

    As most of you may know, Federer is only #10 in the race (possibly #12 should Wawrinka and Nishikori win their QF's in Madrid), despite the season already being underway for 5 months. His poor results as of late are finally catching up in the real rankings as well with him dropping to #3 next...
  4. Warmaster

    AO 2013 R64: Federer-Davydenko

    Anyone else looking forward to this match? The biggest question mark is Davydenko's form as he's been inconsistent as of late. If he's on fire, we might be in for a good one though.
  5. Warmaster

    Halle 2012 Final - R. Federer vs T. Haas

    A feast for the eyes!
  6. Warmaster

    Queen's and Halle discussion thread

    We might as well put them in 1 thread. Right now at Queen's, the mighty James Ward is playing against Anderson. How many games will Anderson be allowed to win?
  7. Warmaster

    Berdych wins fair play trophy..... "Tomas is a player who is always quiet, relaxed and modest both on and off court," said von Arnim. "His fair and perfect manners makes him a role model for youngsters." Seriously? :)
  8. Warmaster

    Question about surface speed/bounce

    As a fellow tennis fan born way too late, I was unfortunate to miss out on a lot on good tennis rivalries. With the recent defeat of Federer against Nadal and threads about whether or not Sampras would be able to defeat Nadal, I was wondering how much the surfaces have really changed the past...