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    Wrist Bands...

    I was wondering what wrist bands people like and what material they recommend (Cotton, Polyester, Nylon). I know most are blends but normally one material is a majority.
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    Cost versus Looks When buying shoes

    Assuming same much savings would it take to get a colorway you dislike?
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    Looking for new Tennis Cap...

    Previously I liked Adidas Climacool Caps. I have a few. Just wondering what caps other people like as most of the caps I looked at don't seem as nice.
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    Looking for Racquet Suggestions-Upgrading From Liquid Metal Radical and Wilson N2

    Looking to expand our tennis racquet collection. Mainly so we can help friends learn to play. I would call us Intermediate/advance. Stringing I am old fashion and like natural gut, but any of the modern strings feel close? We are not playing competitively. Just socially. I also wouldn't mind any...