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  1. sinatra161

    Wilson ProStaff RF97 Autograph

    Reminds me of the prince diablos from a few years back. Not a bad looking frame but I was hoping for more of a throwback look...
  2. sinatra161

    Cincy QF: Rafael Nadal [4] vs Roger Federer [5]

    It tells me his challenges during the match were atrocious and he second guessed himself because of it...
  3. sinatra161

    Federer's blacked out frame

    nice post,finally something somewhat specific from feds mouth!
  4. sinatra161

    Wimbledon 2013 - WTA - R4 - Serena Williams [1] v. Sabine Lisicki [23]

    I wish she had been a bit more consistent but good showing nevertheless by Lisicki! I love how humble and real she seems, a nice contrast to Serena...
  5. sinatra161

    Wimbledon 2013 - WTA - R4 - Serena Williams [1] v. Sabine Lisicki [23]

    As much as I would love to see Serena lose.I'd rather see her lose while she's at least competing... With that said Lisicki is looking very sharp!
  6. sinatra161

    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    Hey,he's making his move...
  7. sinatra161

    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    13 in a row!That's insane considering how this match started...
  8. sinatra161

    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    wow!He's liking the net tonight!
  9. sinatra161

    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    Thanks BG for giving Fed his props!
  10. sinatra161

    Roger Federer [1] vs Nikolay Davydenko [6] QF

    Not that I'm not enjoying Fed dominate!I do hope Davydenko steps it up.Atleast to make it worth staying up for!
  11. sinatra161

    (1) Serena Williams vs (7) Victoria Azarenka - AO Women's QF

    Yes they do and that agitates me just as much if not more!Especially when he's in the middle of one of his tantrums!
  12. sinatra161

    (1) Serena Williams vs (7) Victoria Azarenka - AO Women's QF

    I hate how biased espn is towards Serena!It's sickening!Now for a good match...
  13. sinatra161

    AO 2009 Final - Rafa Nadal vs. Roger Federer

    Fed can't buy a freakin 1st serve tonight!
  14. sinatra161

    Yuri Sharapov and his over-the-top antics

    I'm a Maria fan but I cannot stand her father he just seems like a an A-hole!
  15. sinatra161

    Do we have a Prince club?

    I'm in!My Holy Grail at the moment is the Prince Diablo Mid!Although I am curious how much better/worse the xp is?
  16. sinatra161

    Wimby 2001 Federer vs Sampras

    What's the site name?
  17. sinatra161

    Wimby 2001 Federer vs Sampras sells match dvd's for 7.00each plus shipping.I am in no way affiliated with the site but I've bought several dvd's from them and never had a problem!But this is one of the matches I purchased so I know they have it!
  18. sinatra161

    Samantha Stosur

    Cute in the face but she's a bit too ripped!
  19. sinatra161

    What is that guy doing behind the cheerleader????

    On another note that man is getting some serious air!
  20. sinatra161

    Roddick could have a little more luck.

    where do you guys watch these matches?Tennis channel?
  21. sinatra161

    Navratilova criticizes lack of racket regulation

    "I'm the greatest volleyer that's ever played, and I would have a hard time serve-volleying in today's game, so something is wrong." Atleast she's humble!:rolleyes:
  22. sinatra161

    Serena pulled out of Porsche Grand Prix???

    Judging by the photo they have up 243pounds may not be too far off!
  23. sinatra161

    Rankings as of 10/2

    Well put!Though people will say if it wasn't for his serve he wouldn't have half those titles.But I believe you hit the nail on the head!Most say that he is one of the most overrated players playing but I think he may be a bit underrated!At least concerning the naysayers on TT...
  24. sinatra161

    Download a tennis mask!!!!!!!?!?!

    WOW!This and the Myskina mask are the most hideous things I've ever seen!Whatever "artist" made these should be attacked by wild lions!By the way could someone post a photo of the Myskina and Fed side by side?What a lovely couple they would make:mrgreen:
  25. sinatra161

    My first "crazy" topic!

    Why don't the William's both just quit don't they have enough money yet?And the only attention they've been getting lately is how much they suck!I'm not usually one to bash players but I just cannot stand either of these two!
  26. sinatra161

    Federer losing it (video)

    I wish I "lost it" that well
  27. sinatra161

    How fast did it take you to reach 50 thread count?

    I guess you reached your goal,where's the sig?
  28. sinatra161

    Punny Puns

    I don't get this one:mad:
  29. sinatra161

    I've Never Been So Angry

    I had a similar issue during Super Saturday!My Fiancé wanted to do something besides "watch 3 boring tennis matches"!That heartless wench!I love her to death but I just wish she could understand what a great sport this is to watch/play let alone a slam!Her family was having a barbecue/family...
  30. sinatra161

    The worst 1-time slam winner?

    Not to take anything away from her accomplishments but,Who did she have as a partner;) !