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  1. Zildite

    2016 Australian Open Womens Final - Serena Williams [1] vs Angelique Kerber [7]

    Is Serena going to cry or what, seems so hysterical
  2. Zildite

    2016 AO SF - Andy Murray vs Milos Raonic

    Andy "In my opinion" Murray with the gentlemanly argument offensive
  3. Zildite

    Do you find it annoying that the AO final will most likely be between Murray and Djokovic?

    What's not to get hyped about a match where one guy is 13-2 over the other in the last 15 matchups and they have a history of grindy, less than spectacular finals against each other at this tournament. Let's do it.
  4. Zildite

    New Tournament in 2017: Laver Cup

    Doesn't seem like it will be taken seriously, the season is too packed as it is
  5. Zildite

    Federer's love for the sport is unprecedented

    The guy could be ranked #2 in the world after the AO. I know he is old but it's not like 'love of the game' is the only thing keeping him going. He still wins plenty.
  6. Zildite

    Has Djokovic changed the way the game is played or is it his individual talent?

    He is just good, it's not like hitting deep is some novel strategy
  7. Zildite

    Are we witnessing the death of Tennis?

    The big rivalries are so played out at this point. I stopped watching Fed/Djok after 1.5 sets, you know what was going to happen and it just becomes boring. I kinda want to just skip ahead 10 years and watch some new guys.
  8. Zildite

    Did anyone ever made 100 unforced errors in a match?

    Hantuchova made 106 in a three set match once (lost 7-6 (2), 4-6, 9-7)
  9. Zildite

    another Nick Kyrgios production

    He had over 60% of the votes to win in the match thread (though I don't know why)
  10. Zildite

    2016 AO R4 - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [14] Gilles Simon

    Who is this commentator with Koenig that swears on TV?
  11. Zildite

    2016 Australian Open Round 3 Tomas Berdych vs. Nick Kyrgios

    What is Hewitt thinking watching this
  12. Zildite

    Australian Open 2016 R3 - The Heavyweight Champion v Seppi

    Weak at the end by Seppi but made it interesting up until then
  13. Zildite

    Australian Open 2016 - Nick Kyrgios vs Tomas Berdych - Third Round

    Why they gotta show Djokovic/Seppi on two tv channels here and not this RLA match cmon
  14. Zildite

    ASB Classic Auckland (incl. photos)

    According to TV and journalists it was 38°C on court
  15. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    Viktor goat pass for the title, now time for rest Try to see the look on his face when he saw it went in if you can
  16. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    Titanic struggle
  17. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    They said Troicki was very tough mentally, it must have been too long since I watched last
  18. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    It's the old goat first set suck second set tough it out third set story. Dimitrov to take the last 6-4
  19. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    Won 9 points in the whole second set lol
  20. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    It looked like Dimitrov was going to win unless he beat himself. Now that is happening.
  21. Zildite

    ASB Classic Auckland (incl. photos)

    Integrity, perserverance and fortitude. RBA is a solid dude. Already beat two former champs of the event. Tsonga was not injured.
  22. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    Failed to provide a blood sample at Monte Carlo 2013 then banned for 18 months, later reduced to 12.
  23. Zildite

    2016 Apia International - Sydney

    Players now on court, get hyped
  24. Zildite

    ASB Classic Auckland (incl. photos)

    Sock retires due to illness ok then
  25. Zildite

    ASB Classic Auckland (incl. photos)

    Ferrer didn't do anything bad, Sock just activated God mode and didn't stop
  26. Zildite

    So Proud of Kei!

    Yeah real easy right, Raonic only wins 91% of his service games. Nishikori is a top 8 returner so it must work for him.
  27. Zildite

    How Cool is Tommy Robredo?

    Wonder if its a bad angle, otherwise it might be the biggest forearm size disparity I've ever seen. Always seemed kinda grumpy to me, but it might just be his game face. Definitely tough and gritty, tonight's win was such a 'Robredo' win.
  28. Zildite

    Do Americans pronounce 'cm' like this?

    Just trying to bait them into correcting her so she can give em the ol what for
  29. Zildite

    "Why the heck is Kohlschreiber ALWAYS in my section of the draw!!??" - John Isner

    Lol why would they rig the #1 American tournament in a way that the #1 American player keeps running into a player he keeps losing to early on
  30. Zildite

    Is Nick Kyrgios the new Gael Monfils?

    Maybe he could be the new Monfils, but with a fraction of the athleticism.