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  1. dl125

    Babolat French Open Pure Aero 2018 paint job pics near the back of the catalog, as well as the wimbledon strike. I think it looks pretty cool...
  2. dl125

    Asics Gel Solution 3 on TWE

    They look good. I like speeds (have a pair) but more a fan of resolutions 5 and 6.
  3. dl125

    Are any of you impatient KBlade 98 owners eyeing the BLX Team 6.1?

    I just bought my brother a BLX team model as a gift and should see it next week. Spec wise it looks like something he'd like. I want to see a little more power on his shots and especially not struggle with serving; something that he'll feel is effortless hitting with. I'm thinking anything over...
  4. dl125

    Babolat Storm users: which one did you like the most?

    I know I could do some searches and if anyone can link any good threads; I'd be down to read those. Anyways, I am about done with anything Pure Drive. I've never had ANY luck with them. Just too much everything and they cause me arm problems no matter what I do tension and string wise. Gone...
  5. dl125

    scammers on (e)bay: Babolat Pure Drive GT

    Wow, I just watched 10 people get taken at $120 a pop yesterday, and now $130. It's bumming me out. Some red flags you guys: -you have to go through a payment checkout like: paymate, paypro, pay... This drops your money into an account overseas. Also your card info is now out there and who...
  6. dl125

    How much is Gen 1 Pure Drive worth?

    I gave a co-worker a marble graphic Pure Drive a few years ago as a gift. How much will they be worth in the future?
  7. dl125

    Looking to try out my first HEAD racquet

    I've been on the racquet-go-round for a couple years now. Out of 45 or so frames and almost all brands; I think I've owned one classic graphite HEAD. After being in a class that's ending soon and seeing how many people use head (either sporting good ones or tweener type frames) I really want to...
  8. dl125

    Volkl owners...if Volkl didn't exhist what brand would you buy?

    I've been playing Volkl for a couple years...but like everyone else I check out the other brands as well. I'm curious what you would hit with if there was no Volkl. I think I might be a Prince or Yonex guy. (I was using the MP Tour 1 right before my first Volkl).
  9. dl125

    My collection of 80's Reebok polos.

    For those that remember these from days gone by, just wanted to share my collection. One I've owned since 1989, the others I bought all last year. Anyone else collect old clothing. Of course I'm always looking to add to this; email me if you have one for sale...
  10. dl125

    Just bought Tour 10 Gen 2; what should I expect?

    I wanted to try out another Volkl just to make sure there wasn't another out there slightly better than the C10 pro. Owned in the past couple years C10 pro extended, Tour 10 Gen 1, Tour 10 VE MP. From what I've read on the boards I was split between this one and the Tour 10 VE Mid. How did...
  11. dl125

    Does anyone regret breaking racquets out of anger?

    When I was younger I broke SO MANY racquets out of anger (I must have looked so stupid)...Probably because my dad bought me racquets or I got cheap deals from friends. Being old and paying for my own stuff; I baby my racquet now and get BUMMED if even a scratch shows up. I regret the most...
  12. dl125

    C10 pro lovers. Is there a 2006 one????

    I was on that auction site that starts with "e" and typed in volkl c10. I came up with a 2006 model. Looked like a combo of fishnet graphics and the one I own now. Does anyone else know any more? I'm tempted to get another.
  13. dl125

    What shoes is Hingis wearing?

    I haven't catched the last few matches. I can only find upper body shots on the net so far. Is she sporting barricade 4's?
  14. dl125

    Wilson nCode n six one 95 did live up to the hype.

    Well now I am a fan of Wilson racquets. My bro and I got back into tennis a couple years ago and went through ALL the main brands but not Wilson. A week ago I got him the n six one 95 16/18 as a Christmas gift and we got around to trying it last weekend. At first he did poorly with it and I did...
  15. dl125

    Wouldn't it be cool to see a reissue line for a short time?

    Retro, vintage, reissue items; everything seems to be popping back with inspiration from the past. I think it would be way cool if some manufacturers re-did past clothes (either in original patterns or with a new kick) even if it was for a few months. That would make them better collectables if...