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  1. skypadq

    did rafa nadal robbed in 2007 wimbledon ?

    i want discuss this one i heard so many people that rafa played 5 day in a row match in wimbledon , cause the rain and as you know , rafa nadal was so close to win 2007 wimbledon too that final went fifth set and first set tie break was so close as rafa fan , i feel like played 5 days in a...
  2. skypadq

    stubbsy claims ball bonce is lower and more like old grass

    https://www.****************.com/threads/stubbsy-claims-ball-bounce-is-lower.998240/ look at this MTF post james blake said the samething this is the only thing could game changer for this years 's wimbledon only thing
  3. skypadq

    i feel like andy murray was safety net for agianst novak djokovic in wimbledon

    i know andy murray and novak djokovic only met one time and andy only won once but even at that point , i feel like andy murray was safety net for agianst novak djokovic in 2012 ~ 2016 wimbledon look at 2012 wimbledon , what if roger federer choke agianst djokovic in wimbledon semi final and...
  4. skypadq

    When Djoko fans Google his doubles partner in Mallorca & find out who coaches him

    this is only hope for fedal fans let's belive pepe imaz magic ! novak djokovic could lose another sam querry like he did in 2016 wimbledon nothing is certin we don 't know WB grass speed yet and yes , i'm back ! i am sick of novak djokovic dominance
  5. skypadq

    novak djokovic called trainer

    right arm and right wrist i think novak djokovic is little injury
  6. skypadq

    roger federer not certin about 21 RG R16 match

    what do you think ? i really think he should play ..
  7. skypadq

    serious predicton :: Jannik Sinner will lost m . ymer in 2021 RG 3R

    way that playing ymer is really great beat monfils in front of french crowd and even bageled monfils ymer will beat sinner i really feel this it 's time to shine for ymer sinner is not that strong and almost lost to herbert
  8. skypadq

    serious prediction :: aslan vs nadal will be match of 2021 RG

    i really think that aslan will meet nadal in QF i'm not saying that aslan will beat nadal in PC but ... aslan have really nice draw and he is type of player that can hurt nadal 's game in PC or maybe just nadal give shutout to aslan aslan will be biggest threat to beside novak djokovic...
  9. skypadq

    aslan karatsev is biggest worry for before semi for nadal

    actally Aslan Karatsev 's draw is amazing 1R- brooksby 2R- verdasco or pK 3R -digeo 4 R- rublev as a rafa fan , i am not worry for andray rublev but i am very worry for aslan this guy is simly unkown ... ! isn 't it ? he has very effective backhand even beat novak djokovic in...
  10. skypadq

    is it possible that casper ruud can meet nadal in final ? look at draw and my plan for ruud i think it's very possible pray tsitsipas would lost isner , tsitsi is weak at big server pray zverev would lost evans or agut and just roll to the final he is young and he has...
  11. skypadq

    is it 100 % to say novak djokovic will get SF in 2021 RG ? look at the draw i really certin that novak djokovic vs rafa nadal semi in 21 RG but only three player can beat djokovic before semi roger federer ugo humbert Marco Cecchinato only three can federer is federer...
  12. skypadq

    do you think major draw is rigged ?

    let 's serious talk i ask you right away , do you think major draw is rigged ? or not ? i feel like draw are rigged why i am feel like us open favor nadal so much ... even i am nadal fan ? they put federer - djokovic semi four time in 08 ~ 11 in us open , nadal always get lucky AO and...
  13. skypadq

    andrey rublev will be biggest threat for nadal in 2021 RG

    after 2021 rome final , i have zero fear that novak djokovic will beat nadal in 2021 RG SF OR FINAL but i have a one worry for one player , that player is andrey rublev i don 't think nadal is lock for almost 100 % nadal could lose only rublev this dude has game and forehand that brings...
  14. skypadq

    discuss :: rafa fans , how are you confident rafa nadal will win 2021 RG ?

    after this rome match , i really don 't have a fear that novak djokovic will beat rafa french open 's clay is much more slower than rome 's clay but .. i have only one worry , what if nadal lost another robin soderling ? at this point , novak djokovic is not the biggest threat i don 't have...
  15. skypadq

    roger federer can 2021 wimbledon , if draw goes this way

    it's very simple rafa and djoker meet semi in wimbledon pray rafa would beat djoker don 't say rafa can 't beat djoker in wimbledon they goes to 10-8 in 18 wimbledon SF and final , roger beat rafa and takes the crown
  16. skypadq

    in grand slam , serving second in fifth set is huge disadvantage right ?

    i think it 's really huge disadvantage what i'm talking about is only grand slam , serving second in fifth set is huge disadvantage right ? if both were top level , that serving first is i think huge advantage for player if i were tennis player , i really wanted start serving in fifth set that...
  17. skypadq

    Dominic Thiem is the only one who can beat novak djokovic in 2021 french open

    we all know that fact dominic thiem is the only one who can beat novak djokovic in 2021 RG zverev can 't tsitsipas can 't rublev can 't roger federer can 't thiem is the only guy can beat novak djokovic in 2021 french open rafa will lost djokovic at 2021 french open only thiem has the...
  18. skypadq

    please tell me , how the hell robin soderling beat nadal in 2009 RG R16 ?

    I TRULY belive if nadal got away with this match , roger federer never got RG in his life anyway what i wonder is how the hell this swedish guy beat rafa in 2009 french open ?? agianst rafa in RG is Apart from the almost impossible physical challenge to be the agressor all the time, also...
  19. skypadq

    why roger federer dosen 't hit many backhand down the line like djokovic agianst nadal in RG ??

    to me , one of mystery is why roger federer dosen 't hit many backhand down the line agianst nadal in french open ? that 's only way can beat rafa in RG i always wonder this roger can 't do this agianst rafa in RG ? why roger can 't hit like novak djokovic ? why roger federer dosen 't hit...
  20. skypadq

    Is time for players to change their strategy facing Rafa at RG?

    When Rafa was younger, one of his greatest weapons was to outlast his opponents physically in BO5 matches at RG. The toughest task to do for any player facing him. One had to work for every point and to do it over 5 hours against him with his topspin forehand and superior physicality and...
  21. skypadq

    prediction :: 2022 us open will be next gen wins first grand slam

    now era is i think big 2 era i know roger federer made final in 2019 wimbledon but roger will 40 , few more month 2021 wimbledon will be last chance for roger federer problem is only novak djokovic so .. i think 2022 us open will be one of next gen wins first grand slam i don 't count...
  22. skypadq

    do you think rafa nadal can beat novak djokovic in 2021 wimbledon ?

    if rafa nadal somehow lost RG and he will gets # 3 seed in wimbledon and rafa and novak could meet 2021 wimbledon semi final we all know what happend in 2018 wimbledon SF nadal lost so close match fifth set score was 10-8 and isn 't that this is only roger federer can win 2021 wimbledon ...
  23. skypadq

    let 's prediction for roger federer 's RG

    it may sound crazy , if novak djokovic beaten early like 2018 RG if tsitsipas could beat rafa in semi final maybe roger could go run in RG and could win like 2009 i really feel that even 2020 AO , he was injuried he reached semi final and lost novak djokovic you guys know roger 's slam...
  24. skypadq

    my madrid open , rome open , french open prediction

    madrid open winner :: tsitsipas rome open winner :: i gotta go with tsitsipas agian french open semi finalist :: nadal , djokovic , tsitsipas , rublev or karatsev or maybe federer french open winner :: rafa nadal and my problem is who the hell gonna beat novak djokovic in french open ...
  25. skypadq

    dear roger federer fans :: pray rafa nadal lose 2021 RG , rafa nadal might end carrer 20 slam

    yeah , like some user said it could be 2021 RG will be novak djokovic 's second RG it really could be i am really worried there 's nothing can stop novak djokovic to most male slam holder novak djokovic will surpass nadal and federer 's slam record novak djokovic will win every slam he is...
  26. skypadq

    do you think it 's possible that djokovic and nadal lose 2021 french open ?

    first , do do you think it 's possible that djokovic and nadal lose 2021 french open ? if this is happen , has to be djokovic and nadal meet semi final i want federer or thiem to win 2021 RG but it 's really possible to djokovic and nadal both lose 2021 french open ? anyway roger federer can...
  27. skypadq

    RG :: i really want novak djokovic and rafa meet semi final in french open

    chance is 50/50 i really hope this happen let 's 2013 RG agian ! i really think danil medvedev will win two or three match in madrid and medvedev lost first round in 2019 madrid and dosen 't comepete 2020 rome so he can 't lose a point i really think this could be game changers if rafa...
  28. skypadq

    serious RG prediction :: if nadal and djokovic meet RG SF , dominic thiem win can RG

    let 's think this way RG ,no . 1 seed will be novak djokovic , right ? no . 2 seed will be nadal or medvedev let 's say no .2 seed will be danil medvedev no .3 seed will be rafa no .4 seed will be dominic thiem so if that seed happen , rafa and novak can meet SF in RG you knows danil...