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    TW Australian

    correct - the tennis warehouse australia site - I will try to contact them directly .
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    TW Australian

    Does this site ship to usa and approx how much if possible .
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    WTB: Volkl/Becker #5 butt cap

    Let me know if you still need one - solid orange #5 butt cap ( your email bounced back )
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    In regards to the becker mid it might be best to remove overgrip and measure the exact grip size...

    In regards to the becker mid it might be best to remove overgrip and measure the exact grip size just to be sure .
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    Thanks for your follow up . The volkl dnx frames play well for me, not a poly user but more of...

    Thanks for your follow up . The volkl dnx frames play well for me, not a poly user but more of a old school gut mains / synthetic cross ( tecnifibre nrg, hdx ,xr3 ) gives me tons of feel, ball speed ,placement etc. I have been a volkl/becker player for ever ( volkl ambassador some time ago )...
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    2 Head PT 280

    Got the pics , they look nice but I picked up something else . Thanks
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    2 Head PT 280

    could you send me pics and price also
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    leather grip weights

    I am looking for one thats close to 28 grams trimmed , it gets me to my specs without any lead on the handle . I wish TW would list the specs and weight on the site , the volkl/becker grips use to be right at that weight but the last ones I received were much lighter - may be an off spec batch .
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    leather grip weights

    The volkl leather grips lately seem to be of a lesser quality and weight , ( they use to be the heaviest) a customer service person at TW said the wilson leather grips weight the most now . The sticky info may be old and weights and quality have changed ,just looking for feed back .
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    leather grip weights

    Looked at the sticky on grip weights but lately it seems like they are all over the place . Looking for the heaviest leather grip available any current info out there. Thanks
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    Laserfibre Official Account

    Final Thoughts.... String comparisons are very subjective in nature due to the variations in player and frame types .Supreme 2.0 strings seem to combine some of the best qualities you look for in strings plus " excellent tension maintenance and comfort " ...
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    Laserfibre Official Account

    Stevel... Becker 11 98 , I have a "old school " all court game , played 2 more hours in hot ,humid conditions ,strings still playing very well against some hard hitting juniors !! Need to take some down time ,I hope some others can share there thoughts on this new offering from Laserfibre .
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    Laserfibre Official Account

    I currently have about 4-5 hours on supreme 2.0 and I must say its playing well above average in all areas . It has very little tension loss and no notching , fraying or excessive movement so far, power level is moderate but control is dead on. ( strung on a 18 x20 pattern at 52 ) the more I...
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    Volkl C10 Pro pallets and buttcaps - 4 1/2" ( size 4)

    Hello gents , This info may help you in your search for pallets . please search on web for ( volkl pallet system/IART ) I will also check my collection for some .
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    becker 11 98 325 frames

    Hello - Anybody have any Becker 11 325 frames grip size 3/8 or 1/2 available ?? reply to with condition ,size and price . Thanks
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    best cross string recommendations

    We put in gosen ogsm 17 as a cross , nice blend of power , feel , touch , works great so far . Thanks
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    best cross string recommendations

    here is what we have male player age 67 , usta 4.5 rated racket - becker 11 98 18x20 pattern string- wilson gut 17 gauge mains @51 lbs ( not a string breaker ) looking for the best cross string for all around game ( no poly ) Thanks
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    Head Graphene Radical Pro

    yes - thanks for looking - this is very nice frame
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    Volkl Dnx 10 MP 325g

    Hello - I have a Volkl PB 10 Mid Plus 325 in a 4 1/2 grip ,in very good condition !! Contact me at
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    Tennis knee brace recommendations

    The best available ,Bauerfeind products ,just ask Tommy Haas .
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    Becker pallet needed

    Found some !! Thanks Patty