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    People who fart in the office

    Farting is good for your health!
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    Is Pacific no longer being sold?

    You can find them through European website. Google it. Can’t post the links here as it’s not allowed.
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    Boycott Wilson Rackets....

    Demand Wilson to reopen the factory in St Vincent for the rebirth of Pro Staff 85, 90, 95, and 100.
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    Natural gut maintenance

    why use baby oil for?
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    Is Pacific no longer being sold?

    Maybe TW should take over US distribution for Pacific.
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    "Best" tennis bag (6-9raqs)

    I dunno lol
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    Is Pacific no longer being sold?

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    When was the last time someone tried to underhand serve you?

    Funnily enough about this thread. Just had matches last week as one player asked us if it isnok to serve underhand and I was like ok. No idea why. After the matches, I was talking to the boy who served underhand as I was concerned about his shoulder and tried to communicate with him and then...
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    Are Barricades discontinued?

    Wish they bring Barricades back cos it’s my preference :(
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    Natural gut maintenance

    I’m using PS85. They strung my Vcore tour 89 with 1.25mm VS gut and has been snapped.
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    Kyrgios penalty is a joke

    The penalty is good if he needs to stop misbehaving himself.
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    Natural gut maintenance

    I wonder who did it at stringing it successfully at 70lbs with 1.25mm natural gut? But which brand? Luxilon or VS?
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    Is it racket or racquet?

    Here’s the photo of PS85 (Made in Taiwan).
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    Nadal looking good..

    and win!
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    Adidas SS2020

    I wanna see the new barricade please
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    What's his age again?

    RF know that young gen ATP players are useless, no wonder they can't beat him. Epic Fail. We will see the next era to restore the holy grail of serve and volley game, demand that all racquet makers reproduce PS85 St Vincent, Head Prestige Pro 600, Puma Winner/Super, etc etc.
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    My latest haul of racquets, collection over 150 now!

    150 racquets. What a pure madness!!!
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    All Pro Staff 85 editions in photos.

    Thank so much for well detailed post. Much appreciated so. I seem to like my SFO Taiwanese made racquet because it has almost a feel of St Vincent, and sort of head heavy. I have seen some photos due to misspelling - possible poor quality control, and I don't think it's fake either. For...
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    All Pro Staff 85 editions in photos.

    @Sanglier See my thread for photos
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    All Pro Staff 85 editions in photos.

    Thank you for explaination. Your knowledge is very enriching! Does unidirectional and braided layup are the same molds? One of them on the throat saying “recommendation to string with synethic gut”, does this mean it’s late version. Mine doesn’t have it as you said mine is late-middle version.
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    All Pro Staff 85 editions in photos.

    Thank yo so much for your answer. What about SEX (not as in sex lol)?, it's a butt cap code. This would be a "late-middle" Taiwan
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    All Pro Staff 85 editions in photos.

    Wanted to bump this thread. Those Taiwanese unidirectional (early) and braided (later) version are the same moulds. It seems that mine is early version with the butt code "SFO"
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    Justin henin racquet

    I was in love with Justin Henin's backhand because it was the best in the world of tennis.
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    Pro Staff 85 - Verification

    Hi guys, Just need your expertise in identifying this racquet. Please see the links. The butt cap code is SFO. It's made in Taiwan but I want to know if it could be early or later version. TIA
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    Wilson PS85 discussion thread...

    I lined them up to seek if they can fit with other requiring some small fix. I will ask a stringer tmw for confirmation.
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    Wilson PS85 discussion thread...

    You mean Taiwanese version actually fit these grommets?
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    Wilson PS85 discussion thread...

    Hi everyone I wish to bump this thread to confirm about wrg5914 grommets. Will these grommets fit with St Vincent and Taiwanese versions? TIA
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    "ProStaff 6.0 85 members only!!!"

    Has anyone know about Chinese grommets that may fit St Vincent racquets?
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    Is Federer FINNISH?

    Didn’t know he became Finnish Ciztienship. So he betrayed his own country for some reason?
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    Clonzapam ???

    Join Cymbalta Hurts Worse, you will understand better. That group has over 20,000 people and growing worldwide.