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  1. MasterZeb

    @Federer and Del Potro Laters Tails ;)

    @Federer and Del Potro Laters Tails ;)
  2. MasterZeb

    @-NN- Until next time, ciao

    @-NN- Until next time, ciao
  3. MasterZeb

    Good bye @TW Staff can you delete my account

    Good bye @TW Staff can you delete my account
  4. MasterZeb

    I’ve already failed at my New Years resolution

    I’ve already failed at my New Years resolution
  5. MasterZeb

    Sir Andy Murray will have his statue at Wimbledon

    I feel that a statue is there to commemorate someone’s life and achievements, and consequently to immortalise them. Like Churchill’s statue in London. Or Fred Perry’s inside the Wimbledon grounds. I’m not saying at all Andy doesn’t deserve it.
  6. MasterZeb

    British sarcasm 'lost on Americans'

    It’s like saying “we should meet up again sometime” as you’re saying your goodbyes. No one actually means meeting up again.
  7. MasterZeb

    Sir Andy Murray will have his statue at Wimbledon

    My personal opinion is that I don’t think you should immortalise a person while they’re still alive
  8. MasterZeb

    British sarcasm 'lost on Americans'

    Rule Brittania
  9. MasterZeb

    Murray To Retire At Wimbledon

    Talk about working your ass off to achieve that one goal until you’re conpletely empty inside. I’m glad he managed to get that year end number one. Deserved it.
  10. MasterZeb

    The myth of age disadvantage in Federer's h2h

    There’s two sides to every story ;)
  11. MasterZeb

    Shot of the year?

    Cocaine man might have something to say about that...
  12. MasterZeb

    Tennis in the UK

    Amazon prime has US Open, not Eurosport. But as you says, you can get Eurosport for 1p per month with prime for 6 months.
  13. MasterZeb

    Muzziah Manor – followers of the Mettled Master of Magnanimity

    Talking about Djokovic, he’s scheduled a practice match vs him tomorrow
  14. MasterZeb

    I'm not crying you're crying...

    Well your statement of it showing how special Fed is implied you did. And like I said, people have different ways to cope with such tragic events. You cannot discount the amount of pain they’re feeling/ have felt due to this.
  15. MasterZeb

    I miss mince pies

    I miss mince pies
  16. MasterZeb

    I'm not crying you're crying...

    Really? And that makes them worse humans than Fed? Pretty disgraceful post if I say so myself. You’re judging people’s character upon how emotional they get about someone passing away? I’m damn sure they do grieve as much. And I’m damn sure some grieve more. People don’t grieve so much after...
  17. MasterZeb

    Federer Australian open shirt and shorts

    Would have loved more of a green tint but a good choice
  18. MasterZeb

    Federer News

  19. MasterZeb

    Federer News

    I appreciate the kind words ;) But yeah you’re exactly right. Trends come and go. Some might be to your taste, some perhaps not. That’s why they’re trends, and things such as suits are timeless and elegant garments.
  20. MasterZeb

    Federer News

    I definitely am, but in the right setting though of course.
  21. MasterZeb

    Federer News

    Joggers is just another name for track pants. And that was in response to them talking about their fit. Fed has a brand deal and is a sportsperson. He’s travelling aswell, so It’s not surpring at all he’s wearing something comfortable. And yes, as you said, it’s a trend aswell
  22. MasterZeb

    Federer News

    What do you want federer to wear? These? He looks just fine. Clean, simple and well fitted.
  23. MasterZeb

    Better Career so far? Berdych vs. Tsonga

    The guy who participated in the thunder down under
  24. MasterZeb

    2019 Hopman Cup - General Discussion

    No time for ceremony? Ffs Eurosport
  25. MasterZeb

    Federer News

    Hope he hasn’t peaked too early. He’s prone to doing it