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    I was wrong about Emma.

    Possible. That is likely a bigger distraction for the women players than for the men. But I was thinking that being attractive can actually help someone's game - being attractive, or having good genetics, can be a big boost for someone's confidence. Meanwhile, if a player is ugly, that person...
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    Borg vs Mcenroe Movie

    Just watched this on Showtime. I thought it was pretty good, worth a watch if you're interested in the subject matter. As I understand it, this is a Swedish movie, so the focus is mostly on Borg. I was okay with that, but McEnroe came off kind of like a cartoon in it, he needed some fleshing...
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    Angryvic is back!

    In that pic it looks like he has a second row of lower teeth behind the first.
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    When Federer hit 20in AO 18

    Borg retired at 25, I think. McEnroe washed up fairly young. Guys play forever now. I've got to be honest, I enjoyed watching those older guys more than I enjoy watching the Big Three. It was a different era though, there were more varied styles of play, and of course the rackets were way...
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    How will Roland Garros memorialize Nadal?

    I've said this before, but Nadal might be winning French Opens at age 60. He could end up with 40 Slams.
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    When Federer hit 20in AO 18

    I wouldn't go so far as to say they are lazy and don't care, but there is clearly a problem with the lack of competition. Tennis hit a certain era and the number of Slams for people just started exploding. I don't really believe it is simply that we have three GOATS alive at the same time.
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    Players on court conditions: agree or disagree?

    Eh, it's a little cool, so what? Golfers play in the pouring rain, Football players play in blizzards. It's a minor convenience. Weekend warriors deal with far worse.
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    Noticed something else about Kenin's serve

    Well technically players always catch the ball after bouncing it. But you're right, the way she does it is kind of odd. Reminds me of a yo-yo trick or something. I wonder if she thought a little razzle dazzle would be a distraction, but later abandoned it. I'm guessing it was just something...
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    I miss matches like 2006 US Open Federer v. Roddick :(

    Maybe you can watch those two face off on the Invesco Series in a few years :)
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    Fed Says Nadal & Djokovic Will Pass Him

    Well, records are made to be broken. It's significant to have had the record at all. Nadal and Djokivic are kind of the generation after Federer, tennis-wise.
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    Nadal's Watch

    Relax, it's just a joke. I don't hate Rafa, he seems like a nice enough guy. I'm not really a fan (never liked clay court tennis that much), but if he wins the Slam count he deserves it, he's put in the work. Not only with training his body, but expanding his game. It's like the Patriots, I...
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    Nadal's Watch

    That's the official company line? He's being paid to test the watch? Not for the publicity? Lol. I guess that means Odell Beckham Jr. is testing them also. It should definitely get some shock and trauma in a football game. What's next? Boxers and MMA fighters testing watches? Did he...
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    My theory about Serena

    Yeah, she's facing players who grew up inspired by her (and others). Working out and being more fit has been a trend in tennis for quite a while now. Serena is strong, but I'm sometimes amazed that she can get around the court as well as she does. She's carrying a good bit of weight that isn't...
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    Betting odds on who will finish with the most grand slams. Nadal #1, Djokovic #2, Federer #3

    It wouldn't surprise me to see Nadal passing Federer, then later Djokovic passing Nadal. Records are made to be broken and whatnot.
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    Nadal's Watch

    I've never been a fan of ridiculously expensive watches, although I did notice the watch Nadal was wearing in the finals of the US Open Sunday, and thought it was kind of sharp. I was listening to ESPN today, and they said that this was the same watch that Odell Beckham Jr. was wearing in the...
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    Could Medvedev be the GOAT?

    Medvedev seems like a pretty likable guy, not sure why the crowd was so against him. He kind of won them over though.
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    Could Medvedev be the GOAT?

    As I write this, the fifth set has just started. To be honest, I'm ready to move on from the Federer/Nadal/Djokovic era. Let's get some fresh blood in there. And lose Serena as well.
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    Wow: what a moment from Osaka

    Why would she? The Gauff situation was unique, and she was invited to participate because of that. Ordinarily the loser doesn't get interviewed.
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    Wow: what a moment from Osaka

    I was sorry to see Osaka lose today, but Bencic was playing out of her mind. She would have given anyone a handful today. It's hard to play that aggressively but still be so consistent.
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    Wow: what a moment from Osaka

    I've been a fan of Osaka's for awhile now, it's nice to see her playing well again. I have no problem with Gauff being interviewed, especially at Osaka's behest, because she is a great tennis story. People are excited about her because she's young and represents hope for the future of US...
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    Rafa untimely cheater manuvers

    Maybe he has a nervous bladder.
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    Who is your favorite tennis player?

    I think that you, as a Djokovic fan, have an agenda to claim that current Fed is peak Fed, and thus Djoker is beating peak Fed. That is your right, but It seems very hard for me to believe that any tennis player would peak at 37. Djokovic has enough going for him that I don't think it's...
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    Simona Halep Appreciation Thread.

    I like Halep. She's cute, but put 65 more years on her and you could picture her traveling around the old country breaking curses for werewolves. "The way you walk is thorny..." I like Osaka too.
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    Rafa untimely cheater manuvers

    Maybe he had to go number two.
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    Who is your favorite tennis player?

    Nobody peaks at 37. Anyway, just because he's not at his peak doesn't mean he can't have success. He's also a heavy underdog for the final. Federer at his peak was winning three Slams a year.
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    Who is your favorite tennis player?

    He may have improved his "game", but he's lost some youth, which is like a magic elixir. He needs to play smarter now to compensate.
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    Who is your favorite tennis player?

    John McEnroe has always been my favorite tennis player. Not for the antics, but for his net game. I've never seen anyone play as aggressively as he did when it comes to moving forward. No one today plays even remotely like him. Current player would be Federer, although IMO he's well past his...
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    Is aiming the shot at your opponent body considered disrespectful?

    I have always thought that tennis players who complained about someone hitting the ball at them to be pretty ridiculous. Seems more than a little sissified to me. It's a freaking tennis ball, not a golf ball or a baseball. Has anyone ever been seriously injured by a tennis ball? I could see...