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    108 size - power and comfort

    POG 107
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    Similar racquets to Pure Drive but not as stiff?

    Find a Donnay Formula 100 Hexacore. I just bought two off their site using the buy one get one free sale.
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    Is the EXTREME MP the most comfortable PURE DRIVE alternative?

    Find a Donnay Hexacore Formula 100.
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    Anyone ever hit with a Weed?

    I have a Weed Open Tour and a Bubba 117. The Weed is stiffer with a more open patten making spin very easy. The Bubba is easier to maneuver because its an half an inch shorter and a 117 head compared to a 137. I added a letter grip and some lead to the Bubba and it plays much better. Most people...
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    Cutting a Prince Phantom 100G LB down to 27.75, 27.50 or 27.25?

    Be careful when you try that. I cut one down to 27.5 and I never could get the balance right. I tried adding weight to the hoop and the grip but it never felt right.
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    Plz Suggest Flexible OS Frame that I Can Chop to 25" or 26" for TE

    Find a Prince Chang OS Longbody. Stiffness is 59 and the head size is 107".
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    Donnay Hexacore Formula 100 Question

    Will Head pallets fit?
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    Donnay Hexacore Formula 100 Question

    Thanks but I need a L5
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    Donnay Hexacore Formula 100 Question

    Does anyone know if the Donnay Hexacore Formula 100 has interchangeable pallets? I found a couple for a good price but the grips are too small. Could I change the L2 grips out for a L5? Would another company's pallets fit Donnay rackets?
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    Racket Grip Build Up Sleeves

    Does TW sell racket grip build up sleeves anymore? I can't find them on the website.
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    Prince Phantom Graphite

    Will the new Phantom Graphite 107 be available in a 4 5/8 grip?
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    My two best fave rackets I’ve ever used ! Pics

    You're killing me man.
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    "Oh my God. It's full of stars"

    It's really not a bad racket. It's not a racket that you fit to your game. You have to fit your game to the racket. Once you understand that playing with it is easier.
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    soft buttery 18x20 racquet

    Head MG Radical MP
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    Replacing a Dunlop Buttcap

    I bet if I asked is the Head Pro Tour 2.0 buttcap is superior to all others I'd get 50 responses.
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    Replacing a Dunlop Buttcap

    I have to replace two Dunlop buttcaps but no one sells replacement buttcaps for Dunlop rackets. Does anyone know what is the closest available buttcap that will fit Dunlop rackets?
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    Over 50 Using Control Racquet effectively

    I'm 62 and I have a bag full of POG OS rackets and I'm as happy as a clam.
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 Grommets

    Will TW restock the grommets for the Pro Tour 2.0?
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Now if only Puma/Estusa would release a Becker Super.......
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Looks like it DOES come in a 4 5/8
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    I like a 4 5/8 grip so this lets me out.
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Will it come in a 4 5/8 grip?
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    Old Microgel Instinct MP Head Size Question

    Does the old Head Microgel Instinct MP have a true 100 sq. Inch head size or is it closer to a 97-98 sq. inch? Thanks
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    PT57A Re-Released?

    Is it true that the Head PT57A is going to be re-released or is that just a rumor? Thanks
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    Super oversize rackets?

    I have the Weed Open 135 Tour and the Vortex XF-125. The Weed is more controlled even though its bigger. The Vortex has a lot of power but boy is it fun to play with. I'm 61.
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    Donnay Black Friday Sale

    Did anyone else take advantage of Donnay's buy one get one free racket Black Friday sale? I just received my two Hexacore Pro One 97 rackets and they look different than the ones on the website. The racket's graphics are different, the finish is flat and not shiny and the buttcap is not see...
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    A Question About the Big Auction Site

    Does everyone on the Big Auction Site lie, cheat, and steal or am I just the lucky one?