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    Moving to San Francisco

    I've been spoiled w/ year round tennis on public courts in Texas but there's a great opportunity for work in SF. Planning to work and live in Noe Valley or Westwood area. Looking for tips on where to play? How is tennis in the winter? How often are you rained out? If I need to join a club...
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    Info. re. Houston tennis clinics / mixers

    Well that's the thing. Most of my business will be around southwest houston/sugarland area... but I have some flexibility as to where I can stay within Houston. @DevilDog, thanks for the link. I'm used to texas summers so it doesn't have to be indoor courts. Although some of their drills...
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    Info. re. Houston tennis clinics / mixers

    Hi, I'm looking at travelling to Houston frequently over the next couple of months. I was hoping to find info re. tennis clinics/ workouts / doubles mixers etc. I would like to avoid joining a country club and b/c of my work schedule and would like something I can drop into or pick up a...
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    Tips on Dealing w/ Short/Sharp angles

    Thanks for all the tips/advice. Someone asked about the shot I hit that may be setting this up. I am hitting a looping angled BH. It's a safe/high percentage shot for me and most players at my 4.0/4.5 level don't hit big 1 handed high topspin BHs. Most times they'll slice it back deep to...
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    Tips on Dealing w/ Short/Sharp angles

    Mainly in singles, on the ad side, sometimes I'll get a slice BH that lands around the service line and carries out into the doubles alley. Running up, I'm not sure what the best response is? Return crosscourt and retreat to the baseline? Approach DTL and take a position at net? hit a drop...
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    Will Stan become a nightmare matchup for Djoko?

    Didn't Nole win 16 out of the last 17 or 18 matches w/ Stan? I guess one great performance could get into anyone's head, but I figure Djokovich shouldn't be checking his draw for Stan.
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    Volkl V1 Classic; starting

    There are 4 pairs of grommet holes in the throat of the frame, so I believe the first loop starts at the head of the frame, and the first pull is towards the throat/bottom? This is for a 2-piece string job if it makes a difference? Haven't strung something new in a while :) Thanks.
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    Really missing NoBadMojo.

    Yes, come back NBMJ. I've actually migrated towards using a Volkl V1!
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    Being accused of gamesmanship

    Out of curiosity, if I see someone stalling this way in a league match or something, how do I enforce this? What is the penalty system? I figure for tournaments you could call a referee.
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    Angles key to playing pushers?

    Is very good video. Shows good patience and steady shots which aren't as easy to execute as many here believe. Some of flashy under the leg shots are cool too :) Your opponent though looked pretty fit. He was running a lot of balls back. Do you remember the score of the match? Do you...
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    Tournament decisions 4.0 or 4.5?

    I'm a 4.0 as well and feel you're probably closer to my level. 4.5 is a rough mix of players and the few I've hit w/ are noticeably more effective on their serve and punishing on their returns. Your opponent looks to be 4.0 as well. Both of you look solid, but I suspect if you were playing...
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    Video of me playing 4.5 all court player

    It's funny b/c the guy in black is a very good player. You could lower tension, raise tension, use newest racquet, and not make a dent. This isn't a dig at the OP but rather that there are no shortcuts really, just have to get better :)
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    Food for getting your energy level up.

    I think banana / raisins /grapes are great before/during match play. Avoid dairy products. Ideally, I like to have 12+ hrs from last protein intake and typically feed/gorge after the match. This can be difficult based on time of match. A little bit of a "nutritional deficit" sharpens your...
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    Angles key to playing pushers?

    Sounds like you're figuring out a strategy. Big thing is to be patient as he may be quick enough to run side to side once or twice; you have to be willing to make him do it three, four, or five times if necessary. Going to the net is a little quicker b/c you can hit sharper angles; not...
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    Does the 90 sq. in. head size have a place in the modern game?

    I sometimes play doubles w/ wood racquet. It's not much of a handicap for volleying but where I miss the larger racquet is for serving or for "slapping" the ball away at net if your opponent pops it up. With that said I was very surprised to find the Volkl V1 (102") to be such a good frame...
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    Volkl V1 Classic or Organix V1 MP ?

    Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll take the V1Pro out of the mix then as I'm generally happy w/ the powerlevevl of the V1. As I'm playing more s/v, the lower power groundstrokes doesn't bother me... but my kick serve seems to sit up more rather than jump into ppl. @LapsedNoob, Frank52 did...
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    Volkl V1 Classic or Organix V1 MP ?

    One last bump, used V1 classic again this weekend and really like this lightweight stick. Groundies are less powerful but still manageable; at net it's much more stable than any sub 11-oz racquet I've used. Only thing is serving is noticeably worse. I wonder if this is correctable w/ adding...
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    The doubles alley challenge!

    Thx for video mntblok; I was thinking this was DTL drill but then doubted seeing comments about FH to FH and people applying this to doubles tennis where returns and baseline rallies are usually crosscourt. So I was wondering if you had to hit a FH from the deuce side which landed in your...
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    Volkl V1 Classic or Organix V1 MP ?

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but it seems there's not much talk about V1 Classic. I had a chance to borrow a friends for two sets and I liked it; it's very similar to my APD which is great but I'm having some triceps/elbow pains. I never tried the Organix V1 and now I see there's a Super V1...
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    Babolat Aeropro Drive Play - 2015

    All I heard was Babolat Play cost someone their job :( Anyway, thanks for giving this information. The only thing I wish they could do is give you actual #s for power/rpms? Nadal measures at 80% power on the device and by radar guns we know his serve 110mph... so someone who has 40% power...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    ?Was this posted in this thread? Or did you see pictures somewhere on the interwebs? I asked Mr Bonjour from Babolat a few pages back and he said he couldn't say anything about it yet.
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    Switching to S&V --> New racquet time?

    Thanks for the replies... I guess I suspected I'd be better sticking w/ the APD! Robbo I see you're in the UK; here in the states, in my tennis ladder, leagues, and tournaments, I've never come across anyone serve & volleying in singles! I've seen 4.5 players do it as a handicap once in a...
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    Chip & Charge strategy tips

    I don't see much on this on Youtube for singles players. There's videos of Sampras doing it but it's pretty low resolution. I was hoping for guidelines/suggestions from more experienced players. I'm familiar w/ the basic motion from playing doubles, but in singles, I'm not sure how often to...
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    Switching to S&V --> New racquet time?

    I've started playing regularly again and taken some lessons to get rid of some wasted movements and finding I really enjoy playing the net. I know it's probably not the best for the pros but for an amateur like me, it's a lot of fun. I enjoyed it in doubles, so now I'm doing it in singles...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Hi, is there any update to the Babolat Play app/technology? Previous versions reported that they couldn't distinguish volleys from slice forehands? The play used % power and stars rather than mph (or kph if you're European) and rpm? Many comments are from a year ago but complain about...
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    Florian's "Hitting Up and Out" Service Drill -- How does this help?

    I agree w/ TennisCJC. This is something to fool around and work on separate from your match. You're trying to exaggerate power/depth and ideally learn to relax/smoothen your swing to hit the ball that far out. Eventually it can become part of prematch warmup ... but right now if anything...
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    The attitude of 4.5 players

    Hmm... I agree. There's nothing amusing or funny in this video. I daresay his strokes look appropriate for 4.0. I don't know why anyone would laugh at him? Maybe his volleys/serve is funky? Thanks for the link ForidaTennis.
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Hi sorry to bother again, but I was hoping for word on APD for 2015? Maybe a French Open paint scheme? Or possible APD-play? Anything you can share?
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    The attitude of 4.5 players

    ?where is the OP's video. How else to judge if a 4.5 should shun him? He said they laughed at his strokes? I want to see what's so funny. funny how? amuse me. Post the vid anubis!
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    Not giving opponent pace

    Doesn't matter how quick their hands are if the ball is where they aren't... I'm not saying it wouldn't be great to have pace and placement, but I notice a lot of players make more errors trying to add pace than they win.