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    Yonex Bag

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    Yonex Bag

    Still unclear when this bag to be in stock?
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    Wawrinka's shirt

    2014 YONEX Apparel catalogue(PDF) USO model looks nice.
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    Nishikori uniqlo polo in Brisbane

    That's for AUS open colorway sorry. White-Red-Navy colorway is for US open 2013. It's available at uniqlo online store(Japan) now. Don't know about US online store.
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    Federer practice session (proto racket)

    Steam 95 and 100 are available only in Japan. But Kei must use PJ of old hammer series with 95 headsize.
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    Nishikori uniqlo polo in Brisbane

    It will be on sale at uniqlo online store, so is Nole's in Japan on Jan 13th. Don't know they will be on sale outside Japan...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    This image is from some french tennis shop, saying Nadal will carry this at Australian open 2014. Nadal will play with a red APD? Or is APD French open edition(red edition) planned for 2014?
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    TWE - Babolat Pure Strike Sales Date

    The matching bag, "Babolat Team Line Bags Neon Red 12 Pack" is sold out just after it's on sale! Please TWE back them in stock quickly.
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    TWE - Babolat Pure Strike Sales Date

    Hi TWE, I'm wondering when is the sales date of Babolat Pure Strike on TWE? Thanks.
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    Juan Monaco Blacked out racket?

    Looks more like Nike breathe cage II.
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    Juan Monaco Blacked out racket?

    May be adizero feather III, midaidas-ed.
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    New 2014 Pure Controls in Hand

    New Pure Control will be on sale Dec.17 in Japan. Seems very much flexy than Pure Storm.
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    Babolat Pure Strike!

    Launch date in Japan Pure Strike: Dec 17 New Pure Control: Dec 17 Press release
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    Ivanovic's blacked out racquet ?

    Cool video starring Ivanovic. Tennis player X Lamborghini? Very similar concept to the one Djokovic did. More info on EZONE AI
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    Ivanovic's blacked out racquet ?

    Detail of EZONE AI
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    New Tsonga Racquet?

    Tsonga practices with Pure Strike in his hand.
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    Tsonga T-shirt

    Cannot attach the pic, sorry.
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    Tsonga T-shirt

    Does anyone know the detail(product number) about this T-shirt Tsonga is wearing?:confused:
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    Kei Nishikori- new racquet

    His racquet will be on sale in Japan only, 2500 units limited with 95 and 105 face size.(2500 each)
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    NIKE HAT worn by Isner & Berdych

    I really really need white one. If someone can help me out, please contact me at: I can pay by Paypal. Regards, Tom
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    2010 US Open Nike Shop Exclusives

    I need this white cap, can anybody help me out? contact me : Many thanks in advance. Tom
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    2010 US Open Nike Shop Exclusives

    Can someone get this cap for me please!
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    Review of the Wilson Ksix One 95 18*20 CLASSIC paintjob

    Could anyone email me where to buy this racquet? the info of the store? You can email me to the address in my profile. I really need this flexer one than my retail Ksix-one 95. Many thanks in advance.