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    Nadal'd draw is amazingly much easier than the top half, in which are Roger, Thiem and practically anyone else who can beat him, including Fognini. Nadal's toughest proposition is Tsitsipas and Nadal is a terrible match up for Stefano. Nole cannot be pleased.
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    What's Wrong With Zverev?

    I see he's just lost another mid week match. I'm not particularly a fan, but he was announced as the next big thing yet something is very wrong. What? I'm not interested in hearing how he's too tall and doesn't have a decent forehand, blah, blah, blah, I think there must be something...
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    It really sucks. For some reason best known to itself, it just didn't show the final of Rotterdam. Commentary between matches has gone. Now you just watch an empty court with ambient noise. Photography is of lower standard than Sky was.
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    Federer and Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Ronnie O'Sullivan has just gone ahead of his rivals in major titles won. I was struck by how generous the players, fans and commentators are towards him, happily conceding he is the greatest snooker player that ever lived. What a contrast to Federer. Almost throughout his career there have...
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    The New Order?

    Yesterday evening everyone heralded Zverev's victory as the dawn of the new order. The Golden Age was passing ... (at last). Sport is the ultimate arena of exaggeration and hyperbole, so let's not get carried away. Does anyone remember the ecstasy generated by the winner of last year's World...
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    Another Disappearing Act: From Fame to Extinction in Two Months

    Stefano Tsitsipas - I don't think he's won A SINGLE MATCH since his run at Montreal (was it Montreal?). Perhaps one match. Hope it's 20-year-old temporary burnout. Why are all the next gen hopefuls so flaky? Coric was beaten by CAMERON NORRIE (actually not a bad player, but ...) yesterday...
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    Why does everyone hate Tsitsiparas?

    I"ve probably spelt his name wrong. He has just beaten Schwartzman who is about 40 places above him. His backhand is a thing of beauty
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    Nadal and Prince Philip have bad hips

    Moya has said Nadal may not be fit for Davis Cup. Prince Philip to have hip surgery tomorrow.
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    Is Kermode a Meddler or does Tennis need to change?

    Abolish lets when serving - fine Best of four game sets at 'next gen' - awful and sinister. Preparing to introduce it everywhere??? Do away with five set matches (except at semis and finals)? Yes, some 3 set matches in early rounds (or later rounds) are boringly one sided, but on the other...
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    Can Two Grandfathers Die in One Week?

    Kykrgios and now Del Potro have had to withdraw from Estoril because their grandfathers died. Why has God got it in for Estoril?