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    Tomic is back people!

    I have never seen him play so well for awhile. Played very smart, such a difficult player to play against. Made joker move all night. Lets see if joker can come back!
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    Does the 3.5-4.5 players here test racquets with same condition balls?

    When reading racquet reviews done by some people on the board, there’s always different results or very mixed up opinions. Sometimes, is it the different balls that they use are to blame? Especially when demoing racquets. They might use old balls one day and say that ‘wow, I just pounded...
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    Head IG Radical Pro VS Donnay Pro one 97 = Full Review

    Both racquets are 2012 models, very similar specs, 16 x 19, powerful and aimed at the higher level players. One has been around for a long time ,has heritage, no question about the hero status!! The other, new kid on the block trying to establish itself. Great battle! Firstly, background. My...