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    2012 Kneissl White Star Tour

    Has anyone hit with this stick yet? I see that it is a new model introduced in 2012. It looks like a 18 x 21 with the same design as the prior Silver Star model. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    READ YOUR INVOICE! Poor TW Billing/Customer Service

    This past weekend I decided to take advantage of the TW Black Friday specials and ordered several items including Nike shoes. When I reviewed the TW invoice late Sunday, I saw that the invoice price of the shoes was higher than the shown internet picture. I checked the price again both that...
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    Crane Racquets - Available?

    I saw the favorable postings about this racquet earlier this year so I have been looking at the local Aldi, but no luck yet. Some said they might be sold here to coincide with the U.S. Open. Has anyone seen them here in the States? I was hoping to pick up two based on the earlier write-ups...
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    Sportastic Visioon

    If you go to Sportastic's European website, you will see their claim to "the innovation in the field of the tennis racquet!" (And no, I did not misspell vision, Visioon is how the website reads.) This looks like a new release and the racquet utilizes titanium bars in the frame. Anyone ever...
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    Adidas Racquet Playtest - Part II

    I had another hitting session with both the Barricade (Standard) and Barricade Tour racquets and here are my additional comments. Baseline - here I preferred the Tour. Going corner to corner was very easy with a nice solid feel. The NXT strings had set-in fine and the racquet had good...
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    My Barricade Tour & Barricade Playtest

    I wanted to post my impressions after a two hour playtest of the Barricade and Barricade Tour racquets. Currently play with the Kneissl All-in-One. As an intial matter, the racquets look great, high gloss, quality paintjob- -a "classic" look. Both racquets state "Enginnered in Germany...
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    Review of 3 Pro Supex Models

    Had a chance to demo three Pro Supex models: Nano Energy, Dynamic Energy and the Uniflex/MP3. A word for each respectively is control, spin and comfort. Nano Energy - for those of you looking for a nano version of a ProStaff 95, then this is your racquet. Shape wise this racquet is an exact...
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    NEW Kneissl White Star

    I am very intrigued by the new Kneissl White Star model racquet. Has any one hit with it? Anyone know where they are available (besides directly from Kneissl)? I just got the Red Star and Toms Machine demos from TW and both have their pluses and minuses. The White Star is on the...
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    Search Problem

    I entered "7g" because I was hoping to pick up a used model but the search came back "Sorry,no matches." I know there are posts out there however. I've never had that problem before. Am I doing something wrong now?
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    Used Racquet Sites

    Just wondering if there are any other excellent sites that include used racquet classifieds--any suggestions?
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    Alpha Comfort Plus

    Anyone ever try out these strings? If so, I would appreciate your feedback. Sigi
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    Also Paging Ronaldo

    Also Paging Ronaldo - Gamma Tradition 18 It appears I'm not getting through to you via e-mail. Please e-mail me so I can talk to you about buying your Gamma Tradition 18. I just got a chance to hit with one and really liked it. My e-mail is Thanks. Sigi
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    Gamma Tradition 18 v. F-9.5

    Can anyone compare these two models against one another for stability, feel, comfort, "plow-through" etc. I have read the posts comparing these to some of the Wilson models but hope for a more head-to-head comparison. I want to add a few of these to my collection (put a posting in the Wanted...