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    The Official Angell Users Club

    290 SW was measured by Angell
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I have two TC97s with that spec. SW unstrung is 290 for both. I measured them with 1,23 mm SPPP and got 326 SW strung. However, that is somewhat unreliable because I used the RacquetTune app.
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    Advice on switching from gut poly hybrid to full bed copoly

    It’s always difficult to recommend strings - it’s a matter of taste… I used to play with the Pure Strike 16 x 19 (great racket) and my favourite string became Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.23 strung at 48#. A cheap string with low tension loss and great durability (20+ hours for me). Völk Cyclone is...
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    Should I move on from the Vcore pro?

    I agree with Maverick13; before anything else try a hybrid or even multi strings. An advanced racket with 16g poly is challenging!
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    My Tennis strings break every 3-4 weeks. Suggestions Please...

    Those strings are solid, so you are probably a heavy hitter:) Your racket has a 102 sqin head. A smaller head size with tighter string pattern would help. Next time I would recommend buying a matched pair, in case of string breakage and for flexibility.
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    Question on older Lobster. Which model is this?

    I used to have an older version of the Silent Partner Lite until it was worn out. I wouldn’t hesitate buying another Silent Partner again if it was available here in Norway. Lots of bang (ball speed and spin) for the bucks. Ended up with a Spinfire Pro2 that is also a great machine, but not...
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    Tourna strings - are they actually good?

    I think 20% have snapped during stringing from the 7 Tour reel I have. But the players like it a lot - as I do! It’s firm so I string it 2 lbs lower than I usually do.
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    Quick question: what tension to string Silver 7 Tour at

    A couple of advanced players I string for use it at 52 lbs (Vcore 98 and Pure Drive VS). I have been using it at 50 lbs in my Angell 97s, but think I will go down to 48 lbs next time.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    It's a great frame - really different from everything else I've tried with the same spec! I think the foam in the frame dampens out the vibrations and makes it feel very solid. Thank you for the string tip. Very interesting combination! I think I'll have to do some testing. I'm usually in...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Had great fun trying out my new TC97 310gr 9HL 16x19 strung up with the supplied Halo Spin/Touch strings at 50lbs today. I have been playing with Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 v2 the last years with similar spec (both having a swingweight og 327). The TC97 was a totally different racket with way...
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    $15 gut on a T145 tremont? Doable?

    I bought mine here in Norway for what would be approx. 40 USD 4-5 years ago. It was complete with tools and on an original Tremont stand. It got me hooked on stringing, and now it’s a hobby I really enjoy! I think 57 USD is a bit on the high side. The Tremont is a cool stringing machine, but I...
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    $15 gut on a T145 tremont? Doable?

    I used my T-145 II up until two years ago:) The largest racket I strung with it was a Wilson Zen. Believe that is a 103 sq inch racket. Generally it works fine, but I had to do a «in between clamping» when using soft strings because the tensioner ran out of travel length. The tension generally...
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    Clamps wearing down? Debris on clamp bases

    Sorry, speaking in engineering terms... I mean debris from the surface of the mechanism parts themselves. I would check for wearing inside the clamps, e.g. from the back of the adjustment wheel or on other moving parts. It looked to me from the pictures that there are quite a lot of debris at...
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    Clamps wearing down? Debris on clamp bases

    Have you disassembled the clamps? Seems to me it could be surface treatment debris, maybe from wear inside the clamps? I have the same machine. Let's hope Gamma will offer you new ones for free:)
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    Tension too tight

    Don’t think you are doing anything wrong. I get the same high readings with that app, especially with multis. I like the app, but I use it mainly to register tension loss.