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    Advice on what I can improve?

    Here is a video of me playing: What can I improve to take my game to the next level? I am open to any and all suggestions (footwork, technique, positioning, etc...). For reference, I am an 11th grader and play 1st singles at my school. I have been playing for ~5...
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    Missing easy shots?

    I have been missing really easy shots recently (slow volleys, medium-paced balls coming right at me, lobs, slices, etc...) for no apparent reason. Is this a mental thing? How could I fix it? Here is a vid. I am the person closest to the camera.
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    My game sucks and I have no power, no spin, and lack consistency.

    I am a high school sophomore and have been playing for about 5 years now. I used to take group classes, and even a few private lessons, but have played primarily for school or with other people for the past 2 years. I played a lot of USTA last year and won a lot (I play in the Chicago area, it's...