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    T Fight 315?

    Tecnifibre TFIGHT 315 LTD - is this MAJOR X-ONE frame? This new TFIGHT 315 LTD appears to have a lot of the same specs (RA the same at 64) as the old Major X-One Control racquet. Can anyone confirm if this is indeed the case?
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    Alternative to now that it no longer exists?

    Does anyone know if there is a site which provides information of all the pro tennis events on a weekly basis (ATP, Challenger, Futures etc.) in the same way that did until it went offline? Thanks
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    When will Asics GEL RESOLUTION 3 be available?

    Does anyone know? They look great. Wondering when they will be released.
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    Another Chinese brand is sponsoring a player

    by selling cheap, low quality goods to people who actually think Andy Murray uses a Radical Pro, while family businesses that produce quality goods like Volkl and Fischer go bankrupt Did Fischer and Volkl really go bankrupt? As far as I heard, Fischer sold their racquet sports division to...
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    Toalson Devil spin 125

    EXCELLENT string.
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    Toalson Forty Love ARROW racquet

    Just received some new Toalson Arrow frames. What an incredible frame. Cosmetics and frame appearance are beautiful. Very narrow beam. Looks like the same mould as the Major/Tecnifibre X-One Control by Guy Forget. Does anyone know if this is indeed the same mould? It certainly...
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    Is Verdasco going to get a new Tecnifibre contract??

    We all know he is using his old Major/TF racquets again, but is he going to be sponsored by them again? Does anyone have any information on this?
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    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Jura-SB - do you have an email address for me to contact you regarding strings? These guys are talking absolute CRAP. They have no idea what they are talking about. Yeah, so Blackcode is similar to Pro's Pro and made in same factory is it? Horsesh*t, pal - don't spout crap when you don't...
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    Toalson Rencon Devil Spin reviews?

    Has anyone played with this string yet, and has it been released as yet? Are there any reviews of it anywhere? Thanks
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    Toalson Rencon - has anyone tried this?

    Does anyone have anything to say about Toalson Rencon 1.25 ? Just wondering what this string plays like, and is it similar to RPM Blast or Blackcode? Thanks
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    Toalson Rencon Spin Devil - has anyone tested it??

    Just wondering if this new Toalson string had been tested by any of the people reading these forums? Any idea if it is good? Thanks
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    Gaudio racket?

    Does anyone know what actual racket Gaudio is using?
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    Polyfibre Hexablade and Viper - has anyone tested these??

    Does anyone know what any of the new Polyfibre strings play like, in particular the ones above? Are they any good?
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    When will new series of Tecnifibre frames come out?

    Does anyone know any advance details about the new range of Tecnifibre rackets? This range has been out since middle of 2008, so I am assuming there must be some new models due out soon. Also, who will endorse the new version of TFight 320, given that Verdasco has now left? Will Tecnifibre...
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    Will Verdasco continue to use Major rackets?

    The only time he played with anything other than a Major racquet was for about 1 month early this year when he won San Jose. Soon after that it was back to the old Major frames. As for signing with Dunlop, so far he's holding nothing other than a Dunlop bag, the frames are clearly still Major...
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    Will Verdasco continue to use Major rackets?

    Given that Verdasco is playing the best tennis of his career so far, is there any likelihood whatsoever that he will change to a Dunlop frame when Dunlop eventually come up with a frame that might suit him? Also, given that Dunlop can't even design a website for themselves, is there any...
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    Is it true that Tecnifibre will stop making rackets??

    There's quite a few folk talking about "rumours" of Tecnifibre stopping producing tennis rackets. Does anyone have any information on this?
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    Where to buy Solinco tennis rackets?

    Does anybody know any websites that sell the Solinco tennis racquets featured on ? These do not seem to be listed on TW, will TW sell them at any point in the future? Thanks
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    Solinco racquets?

    Has anyone tested any of the tennis racquets from Solinco? Details are on These look at first glance to be classic player's frames with a nice narrow beam. No idea where they can be purchased though, if anyone knows please post here. Thanks
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    Tecnifibre to quit making tennis rackets??

    Thanks Rabbit. Interesting. The cliche goes "there's no smoke without fire" though. Does anyone else have any further information on this?
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    Tecnifibre to quit making tennis rackets??

    I saw that Rabbit made an allusion to "reports suggesting that Tecnifibre may quit the tennis racket business". I have not heard any such reports myself. Was just wondering if anyone had heard anything to suggest that this may be true (or otherwise)? If anyone knows anything, please post...
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    Baghdatis wearing Tecnifibre clothing

    Check out the photos from Baghdatis' first match this season. He is wearing the new Tecnifibre Active F4 shirt, with the Cypriot flag over the Tecnifibre logo.
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    Is Verdasco still with Tecnifibre or not??

    Does anyone have any facts on this? So far just hearsay, various people seem convinced that he is now with Adidas racquets, apparently Yonex was going to sign him etc. What is going on? Thanks
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    Guy Forget's racquet (X-One?) - question for XAVIER

    Ok thankyou for that, v. interesting. It would be great to see those photos. It seems strange that Guy Forget switched to a real 320. Of all the players, you would think that he would stick with the classic X-One frame!!
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    Guy Forget's racquet (X-One?) - question for XAVIER

    I noticed on some previous posts that Xavier said he had strung for many professional players recently, including Guy Forget. I saw on some photos online that Guy Forget is using a Tecnifibre racquet now, maybe a paint job. Is it a paint job of the Major X-One by Guy Forget? You are probably...
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    Has Ancic switched to Adidas?

    I saw some brief TV footage a few days ago of Mario Ancic at an airport and noticed that he was wearing an Adidas jacket. Have not seen any pictures of him on court in Australia as yet. Does anyone know if he's still with Nike or has he switched to Adidas?
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    Asics GEL-Resolution shoes - best tennis shoes ever, period.

    I said that I wore the new GEL-Resolution shoes on court for the first time today. Having had 5 different pairs of Asics tennis shoes in recent years (all top of the range models) prior to the Resolution, I can say with authority that this is the first time that they have corrected a...
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    Asics GEL-Resolution shoes - best tennis shoes ever, period.

    I managed to get my hands on one of the first pairs of the latest top of the range Asics tennis shoes, the GEL-Resolution. Played a match with them today for the first time and can say that they are the ultimate tennis shoe. Nothing else comes close. The one problem that Asics shoes always...
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    How much do the top machines cost?

    Does anyone know what the retail price is for the top machines from Babolat, Tecnifibre, etc.?
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    Polyfibre strings - has anyone tried these?

    Does anyone know anything about a German string company called Polyfibre & what their strings are like? Good/intermediate/low quality? Price? Etc. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks