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    roddick should retire

    i am a roddick fan,but i was so disappointed that he played like a grinder just constantly throw the ball up over and over again. Andy, you will never win another major if you play like this, and you will never be remembered as a pusher. You should retire (maybe just temporarily for a few...
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    Asian number 1 in the world?

    forgot to mention that my hometown has a population of over 4.5million and won the UN habitat award in 2006,but no tennis courts until late1990s
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    Asian number 1 in the world?

    it is the culture,tennis is euro-centered,in the past playing tennis in China will be considerd as a sign of capitalism...the city where i was born and grown has no "standard" tennis courts until recent years. asia is way too old and complex that the average American could not write an...
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    what's Roddick's racket in his junior career?

    Hey racket experts, Before he switched to Babolat,what was his racket? I know it was a prince frame,but more details? Thanks in advance:)
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    Roddick's big forehand coming back

    played so awesome well in the third set tiebreak huge forehand!!
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    Roddick's big forehand coming back

    Rod 's carzy forehand is back big serve +forehand combo good luck andy
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    who use ps85 under pro staff tour 90 paintjob

    Hey experts A buddy of mine has a pro staff tour 90 paintjob,and i am pretty sure it's ps85 underneath. But the question is that dude insisted the racket was a real federer's stick. I was just wondering if wilson pro room had made some frames like this for other pros ,maybe Sampras? :)
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    Greatest female tennis player ever

    definitely,Serena Williams Who can beat Serena?
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    Anyone know Babolat Thermogut string protection oil

    Here is the link:
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    Anyone know Babolat Thermogut string protection oil

    Does this gut protection oil really works? thanks
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    I Hit With Roddicks Actual Racquet!!

    i also had roddick's racket when i was in China. the racket is head heavy when it come out from the factory ,it's #2(which i am sure roddick will get his handles custom molded by PRO ROOM),no spec printed on frame ,cortex painjob i bought this brand new roddick's racket for 800RMB from a...
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    Maria Sharapova's racket

    Hey guys does anyone know the racquet of Maria Sharapova? i mean that O3 white includes the identical custom cosmetics as the one Maria uses on Tour(pink accents in the O3 holes and bottom of the hoop, and a pink Maria replica signature above the handle) Is that the same as Maria's racket...