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    Thiem patience and trusting the process

    Before the Australian open final, Thiem said he needs to "trust the process" even if he loses the match. Wawrinka did turn it around quite well against Djokovic after two close losses at the Australian open. Has Thiem completed his process and is ready to step up and get the 90s born gen on...
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    Why does it hurt after playing tennis rather than when you are playing?

    I am not talking about soreness. Any injuries, aches and pains seem to show up day(s) after playing or even while you are taking a break from tennis. I am trying to understand the reason behind this?
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    Do you see more wear and tear on your tennis playing side of the body..

    .. as compared to the non tennis playing side. I am right handed and I feel the shoulder, wrist, hip and knee on the right side ache and hurt more easily with activity such as running, weights, push ups etc when compared to the left side. The left side basically has no aches. Just wondering if...
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    Next challenger(s) for majors and top rankings?

    Attempt to clear the muddy waters of the next major challengers in the next couple of years. The answer seems less clear than in the past when Fedal in early 2000's, and then Djoker/Murray in late 2000's were coming up. Thiem appeared to be the clear prospect at the beginning of the year...
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    What do you make of Federer's optimism? You will generally find Federer very optimistic before a tournament, saying something along the lines of "If I didn't think I could win the whole thing, I wouldn't be here". That was...
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    Can Stan win when he's having an off day?

    Honestly, I thought Stan did rather well taking the match against Raonic to the 5th set. He looked completely off and even his ground strokes seemed to lack the usual power. And therein may be his biggest problem, that he can't pull through when he's not feeling the ball. Something that...
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    Djokovic 2010 WTF

    What difference do you see between those matches and now? A few months before the start of the 2011 domination. He's being missed now by Fedal fans, wonder where his coach and the other guys in the box hid him ;). vs Rafa: vs Fed:
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    Federer's passing shots

    How do you rate Fed in passing shots? One of the few times I have seen Fed make this FH passing shot, something the others in the original Big 4 do quite often.
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    Were there adjustments Federer could have made over the years?

    What do you think about adjustments, technical or strategic, that Federer could or should have made over the years? Did he make some of them succesfully, or attempted to? Would it have helped him compete better towards the last part of his career against the other big 3 and power hitters (Cilic...
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    What are Djokovic's last few bad losses at Slams?

    A bad loss being where he's played awful and lost, or played well and lost to a much lower ranked player. He's had some struggles (Anderson at Wim 2015 when came back from 2 sets down) but always come through and won. All the other top seeds have had a few recently - Rafa - all his GS matches...
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    The undead Djokovic unleashed Unleashed by Federer in USO 2010, and most recently by Kevin Anderson in Wimbledon 2015. Wins everything. Match points down means nothing. Can anyone stop him?
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    When should you discard tennis shoes?

    How do you decide when you can no longer wear a pair of tennis shoes for playing - is it when (sections of) the outsole wear out? When your toe starts showing through? Something in between or other? Need some objective criteria.
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    What else fits like a Yonex Power Cushion 308?

    The Yonex Power cushion 308 fits like a glove for me. What shoes in other brands would fit the same, have some room in the toe box, and good cushioning? I have had good fit with Nike Vapor 9.5 tour but it doesn't have good cushioning and is not very durable. Asic GR's are comfortable but the...
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    Djokovic: Stan has the best 1hbh on tour

    No better authority than Djoker perhaps on this, and the fact that Stan's used it to outgun so many top players adds credence to it. Not bandwagoning and no recency factor to this...
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    Why is Rafa's form so up and down match to match?

    It doesn't seem like Rafa's out of form and playing and improving gradually, just that his form varies really widely from one match to the next. What gives? Is there an injury, or is he experimenting with technique or strategy? In Madrid Rafa dominated Berdych in the second set of the SF...
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    Djokovic's only significant loss this year..

    was to Federer on a fast court (Dubai). Does that just mean that the newer generation doesn't have the variety to trouble Djokovic? Is everyone just trying to beat Djokovic at his own game of consistency and defenese, and failing because obviously he's the best at it? Of course Djokovic did...
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    Opponents unable to keep up with Djokovic in deciding sets

    .. both physically and mentally. And that if they are able to take the match that far. Murray today at Miami was completely gassed in the third. So was Stan Wawrinka at the Australian open. Federer stayed with him physically at IW 2015, but was unable to prevent Djokovic from running away with...
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    Best match of 2014 - Wimby Final or AO QF?

    I am surprised that the Wimby Final was selected as the best match in the article below, whereas the AO QF was ranked 5th. The Wimby final should have finished in 4 sets (even 3 as Djok had set point in the first) before Fed found a way to...
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    2014 Tennis summary

    Wawrinka with his first slam steps out of Federer's shadow. Only one (or very few) to beat Djokovic and Nadal on the way to the title. Federer's 2014 was way better than his 2013, but he still failed some of the big moments. Would Fed having Wimby and YE #1 instead of Davis Cup and...
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    What did Djokovic signing a dot on the camera mean?

    Djokovic signed the camera at the end of his match with Kei with just a dot. Speculate, since Djok won't explain it. Maybe it was a spontaneous, and ultimately meaningless gesture. Or was it something else, perhaps for the crowd?
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    Federer susceptible to hard hiters because he doesn't drop back?

    JMDP, Berdych, Tsonga, Cilic. All players who have overpowered Fed at various times. They have big serves, power off the ground to take time away from Fed, and are untroubled by Fed's second serve. To be fair, this type of game also troubles Rafa. Djoko maybe able to handle them better than Fed...
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    Fed's Slice not troubling top opponents anymore?

    Anyone else notice that Fed's slice doesn't seem to be paying off as much? Monfils handled it pretty well all evening yesterday. It used to be a real weapon where opponents would either hit the reply into the net, or throw up a weaker ball. But now Djoko, Tsonga, and others are anticipating and...
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    Hotels and transportation recommendations for USO?

    Not necessarily looking to stay close by, but what are the options for hotels and transportation from there? thanks for recommendations.
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    Even Edberg can't fix the Federer topspin BH

    Sure, there are some spectacular 1hbh winners, but I am convinced that the problem with the Fed topspin 1hbh is intrinsic - you either have it or you don't, and sadly Fed doesn't. All opponents hit to the Fed BH because they know it will breakdown, and then other parts of the game will start...
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    Trying to narrow down from a list of racquets I tried/liked

    I currently have a Wilson 95 16x18 with alu/gut hybrid and weighs 12.6 oz. With this racquet, my first serve is pretty good (none of the other racquets listed below comes as close on the serve, but that could just be due to the mass and getting used to the racquet over time). But I keep...
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    Djokovic vs Murray: Reasons for big disparity in level of success

    Both Djokovic and Murray play a similar type of game - solid baseline tennis. Murray has always been pegged as the one with more variety and better in the front court, and in fact when both were coming up, Fed thought Murray would be the more successful of the two. While Djoko is slightly...
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    Is this abbreviated dink serve motion harder to do than it appears?

    At the end of a serve game, pros sometimes return the remaining balls with an abbreviated and very casual looking dink serve motion. See Federer below: In that instance it's a slice, but they will also sometime hit it straight in front...
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    Fed's real nemesis over the last few years - Djoker?

    Yes, Fed's played him close. But look at all the big matches that they have played since 2010, regardless of the ups and downs within the match itself, Djoker always finds a way to end up the winner (except of course 2011 RG and 2012 Wimby). At this point, Djoker's got to be costing Fed more...
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    If only Fed had a topspin BH like Stan's...

    Watched a little bit of Fed-Wawrinka match and though Stan lost, the pace and power off his backhand was amazing to watch. Even on grass. Even on Fed's short slice, he hit a topspin BH DTL winner. As a Fed fan, I am really wondering how different it could have been if Fed had a topspin BH...
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    What went wrong for Murray minutes before the match?

    Dimitrov said he saw Murray was skittish during the warm up itself. This is strange, because if anything, it should be the guy playing his first SF (i.e Dimitrov)?