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    Pro's Pro Concept

    Hello tennis lovers, Any recommendations for same or better cross string for NG or poly hybrid in black colour in the same price range? Thank you. Best,
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    Customizing Prince Original Graphite LB cuted to 27in

    Dear tennis lovers, I need your expertise about how to customise my graphite LB. Today I measured the unstrung racquet in our local tennis store: SW-252 W-298 with a leather grip & OG B-30cm or 31cm Then I measure it again after being strung with RPM Blast 1.30 23/22kg: SW- 282 W-332...
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    How would you compare Graphene Speed Pro & Graphene 360+ Speed Pro

    Hello tennis lovers, Could you share your experience with those two racquets? I know the stiffness level is different, but I don't know what the differences are in terms of spin, control, stability, manoeuvrability... Thank you for your participation. Best wishes,
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    Pure Aero VS vs TFight 305 RS

    Hello tennis lovers, Could anyone compare those racquets? Please respond only if you have experience paying them. Thank you for your help and time. Regards,
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    Which is the spiniest, 98in, 18/20 racquet?

    Hello tennis lovers, Any suggestions? Regards,
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    Is Tourna Silver 7 Tour 16 best poly in its group?

    Hello tennis lovers, Could you share your experience? I would like also to know about the spin potential (compere to the other string in this group) since there is no info on TW site. The price doesn't matter for me... Thank you for your participation. Best wishes,
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    RDIS 100 MP grommets

    Hello tennis lovers, I would like to ask you where I can find original grommet set for Yonex RDIS 100 MP or other model that could fit? Thank you and take care.
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    Swing weight to Power tool

    Hello tennis lovers, I would like to ask you if there is a tool measuring the changes in power as a result of adding weight to the hoop. Thank you for the responses. Best,
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    SW and string gauge

    Hello tennis lovers, Could you advise me please how can I compensate the lost of my SW (app. 6-7 points) after restringing my racquet with a smaller string's gauge? Shall I place some weight on 12 or 3-9 h ? Thank you in advance for your help. Best to All
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    Radical Tour 630 Zebra-Gut/Poly hybrid

    Interested in some feedback. Thinking of stringing the Zebra with VS Team/4G Soft. What tension? I played the Zebra with a full bed of Ultra Cable at 46 and really liked it. I was thinking of stringing the gut at 50 and 4g at 46. Any experiences with a similar setup? Thanks!