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    i recieved a reel of prince synthetic gut and it came tangled and it seems it starts from the beginning so its not fixable what should i do about it TW?
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    How do you tighten the clamps on a laserfibre on a tt with double action clamps?
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    Laserfibre Clamps

    I have a laserfibre ms200tt and i was wondering on how you tighten the clamnps on the machine. Also i have only had one problem with this machine. The problem is that the rackets are tending to slip and i know that i am mounting it properly. If anyone has any suggestions i would greatly...
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    laserfibre tt mounting

    I am having a bit of trouble mounting on my laserfibre can someone please tell me step by step on how they mount on their tt. Thanx in advance.
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    laserfibre tt trouble

    I can not figure out how to do anything on my laserfibre and help?
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    fake pumps

    On **** i just saw some fake match day pumps just do a search reebok match day pump.
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    Henmans racket

    On the picture top left second one it looks like his racket has few strings. Isnt that weird.
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    Clay shoes

    What dp u guys think are the best cly specific shoes made for sale?
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    Mini head stencil

    I just had my racket strung with head string and the guy who strung it[tom martinez] put on a mini head sign for the string. I was wondering if anyone knows how u make that sign cause the sign was definatly out of a stencil.
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    luxilon stuff

    At TW they have new products. I also believe that they are now selling half sets. Check it out.
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    what stick does grosjean use.
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    Asics gel rebel

    I am looking for a clay court shoe that i can occasionally wear on hard. These look pretty convincing. What other shoes are very good for clay? heres a pic
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    I dont knoww if my stick is broken?

    I have a lm prestige mp strung with luxilon timo 17 and the vibration the racket gives off is very weird. I searched the racket for cracks and cannot find any. I am in a weird position i dont know what to do. Should i send it back, but i am not really sure if it is broken. I really only get...
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    Arods Shoes

    Why does Roddick wear such heavy shoes?
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    What Do you guys think i should Do?

    Reebok just sent me a letter that i am now a preffered player. The only thing is that you have to buy a 350 dollar package. The package includes 4 shirts 3 short 3 pairs of socks 2 hats and 2 pairs of shoes. Do you guys think this is a good deal and are the match pump shoes good because those...
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    Look at the flex on Hrbatys racket.
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    # of Rackets

    Of the rackets you use how many do you have? I have 5 Lm prestige mps.
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    Waxing Awls

    What kind of wax do u guys use to wax up your awls. Where do you buy it?
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    Antone have pics of their laserfibre ms200tt.Thanks in advance. Acedu
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    Nike or Head

    I am considering buying a new bag. Which do you guys think i should buy. The head supercombi or the nike 6-9 pack bag
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    Wise Head

    I am just curious. Can some of you with your wise tension heads post some pictures of what your machine looks like with the tension head. Thank you in advance.
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    Problem with Parnell Knot

    On the rackets i have strung using the Parnell knot, it seems like when i tap the racket to hear the vibration it doesnt ring like a normal racket. The vibration doesnt ring it just stops. What do you guys think the problem is?
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    String dillema

    I have been playing with head ultra tour 17 on my lm prestige mp. I have recently tried luxilon alu power rough. I like that also. What do you guys think i should do. I dont know which to pick from. I was also thinking of just stringing half my rackets with ultra tour and other half with luxilon...
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    Curious to see............

    I am curious to see how your guys work areas look like. Feel free to post pics of you work areas or offices or stores.
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    String to try

    i just ordered my laserfibre machine and i get to order strings. What kind of strings should i order if i like polyester such as luxilon?
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    JUst ordered my eco

    I just ordered the new eco with tt mounting. When i get it i will post my thoughts about it.
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    Whats with Laserfibre

    I tried to call laserfibre today and yestraday to order my machine. Neither phone numbers were working. Anybody know whats up with laserfibre?
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    I am praying that the eco will fit on my klippermate stand. Do you guys think it will fit??
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    What do you guys use for stands on you laserfibres. what stand do you think would be good for the eco?
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    Eco or TT?

    I was going to get the tt and was still researching machines, when i came across the sensory jaw system. I noticed that this was the major difference between the machines. What do you guys think should i get the eco or should i save up the few extra hundred dollars and wait a few more months to...