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    All Big tournaments Djokovic would have to skip without the certificate

    He may do an option 3 - get a vaccine certificate, would be easy given his stature, and how would anyone/atp/itf be able to confirm/disprove it?
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    I like Karatsev (Murray antics)

    Agreed, it's great to see the quiet demeanor that karatsev has, just going about his business. He was incredibly composed beating novak in Belgrade 21 in front of his home crowd.
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    BIG BREAKING : Karatsev breaks 2016 AO Djokovic's record

    Karatsev rounding into form. Djokovic would have gotten beat, dodged karatgun, lol
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    How many Slams will Djokovic play in 2022?

    Surely preparations are on for a vaccine cert to be prepared with correct identifiers, sequence numbers and timestamps. Nobody can do anything to prevent participation after that.
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    Who do you think will win the women's title in Melbourne?

    Badosa and kontaveit have shown good form too. Strange how sabalenkas serve fell away so much starting at the wta end of season finals and has continued this season. What's her coaching team been doing to address the issue?
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    Don’t worry, the strong and likeable #1 will still play the Australian Open

    Barty exudes class, and the way she has exploited the slice and variety in her game to expose weaknesses across wta is just spectacular. Kreijcikova, Badosa or Kontaveit may have a chance too.
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    Does an absence of 1 major favourite make a Slam less valuable?

    It depends. Federer and Nadal are still the biggest draws. Absence of one or two others can be covered by the next gen/up and coming players.
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    Anyone ever successfully replicated Federer’s forehand?

    There was one person here a few years ago whose username I don't recall but he had feds fh down quite well, said it was through a lot of shadow practice. Some others may remember who that was.
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    Uh Oh. Is Number One Ranking In Jeopardy Too?

    Djokovic senior to a 35+ Fed "just go man, go take care of the kids, do something else. No point hanging around". For Djokovic to take the vaxn, his pr team needs to sit with the whole family and sort everyone out. Tall order given Mrs Djokovic quotes theories about 5g covid and all that.
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    Djokovic probably will not be able to play Indian Wells

    Fly in to Mexico if allowed, then drive in lol? It's all about the slams now anyway, so makes sense to focus on clay/rg. Train in Serbia/Monaco, get to rg with a pre-tournament quarantine.
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    Help. I am not decided who I should root for in this AO

    Djokovic should settle the unrest by clarifying who his fans should root for in his absence from the oz open, lol. Djokovic sr might say anyone but Nadal.
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    The Full Court will hear the case, so this is very positive for Djokovic

    Great call, enjoy your winnings! ;)
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    There is some consolation for Djokovic fans

    There some posts here claiming rg and wimby were going to allow him to play, were those not correct or something has changed? Maybe he could still enter by pre-quarantining after entry. Possible vaccine certs too along the lines of the December pcr certs? He hasn't shown signs of serious...
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    Svitolina or Monfils...who has had better career?

    You could wonder why monfils struggled so much against Djokovic, but that too is a tangent to this thread.
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    So whats the latest on Novak?

    There's nothing hanging over him. He's got the best attorneys working round the clock, millions in the bank and luxury places to go back to. He chose not to leave of his own accord. If it had been that bad and stressful, he would have left. He's also a top athlete trained and conditioned by the...
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    So whats the latest on Novak?

    Unless the groupies at the hotel don't let him:-D
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    Djokovic has defeated the minister of home affairs but impossible to defeat the "all powerful" minister Hawke

    Difficult to overrule Hawkeye, lol. But the minister hasn't overruled due to incorrect/false application. Rather, due to possible adverse effect on public with ***** views and behavior regarding vaxns and covid.
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    “Guess it’s not fair”: Zverev takes Djokovic’s side

    Zverev has already said the new atp big 3 is *****, med, and zverev himself. He must not be impressed with stefanos, left him out to not make it a big 4.
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    Remember when we used to discuss tennis?

    Is there an 'all things tennis' kinda thread somewhere to discuss sabalenkas serve issues, eta matches, random tennis matches/players related things? By the way, this person in kasatkinas camp has a strong resemblance to Federer - at 12 seconds:
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    What do you want?

    Get out of dodge
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    Deportation Round-Up: Let Us Count The Grounds

    There's still the possibility of NDs attorneys finding loopholes. They have seemed good so far and the judge sympathetic to him. How does ND get hearings and so far favorable rulings so quickly when media reports people have been waiting years for theirs? In the same facility that ND and his...
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    What to do with 90% dark chocolate?

    Almost 8 years on now huh?;) And yeah 88% does seem to have a cardboard taste to it. Tried one of these 88% 'endangered species'
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    When is the decision coming?

    Excellent compilation, should be up somewhere on a site as the list to ask in the ND presser. Also, what was his plan for oz open until he very conveniently got covid in December? The way he kept saying all along "we will see" indicates some underhanded plan was there. The L'equipe reported...
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    When is the decision coming?

    Does it matter what the decision is? As we have seen ND can just buy the best attorneys to get the decision overturned. It's a bad look for them either way regardless of what they decide.
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    I think Djokovic will never set foot on Australia again after he gets deported, anyone else feel the same?

    Difficult for him to not believe he is the hero of every story and always right, if he's being constantly told that by those around him.
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    The Australian Open just got it's mightiest warrior back....

    Wasn't that one wta player pulled mid tournament and sent home?
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    Australian news reporters insulting Novak in live programme - can't imagine what will happen once Novak is on tennis court playing

    The presenters were having a conversation off air and discussing their opinions, which they're entitled to have. Not sure what the big deal is.
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    Why did Jim Courier retire so early at 30?

    Didn't he beat Agassi at the latter's peak though, one of the top notch players? Perhaps Edberg/Becker too. It just seems like the norm of "too old for tennis at 30" was accepted too readily and maybe there wasn't as much of a willingness to push through a longer down turns. Connors for some...
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    Is Murray lowkey mad?

    Part of it has to be down to Murray's style of play. As great as he played, he was still that notch below the big three, where they could find that aggressive style of play. Murray's primary style is being reactive and defending; maybe that style after his comeback is difficult to plug back in...