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    Race To London

    There was a similar thread to this which I did a lot of posting in though it wasn't mine last year, which was over in the General forum. My impression is that there's a lot more 'general' type of discussion happening over here in the last couple of years, partly due to trying to escape what...
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    ATP Race Strangeness

    I think it's fair to say I know more about the Race/Rankings than most tennis fans do, and probably most on here. The ATP site is just making no sense to me right now. A little background: Rankings for top players are composed of the following: ** points from the 4 Slams ** points from...
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    Shanghai R32: Jaziri vs. Wang

    Note: Obvious sarcasm is obvious. This is clearly the defining match of our generation, if not of all time. A heavyweight clash for the ages between two transcendent players, whose sneakers I am unworthy to spit upon. I'm taking Wang in three. Who's with me?
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    The Young Guns Report(Redux)

    I've decided to revive something I did a few years back. A fairly regular and natural topic of discussion is to look at and speculate about who will emerge from the next generation. The main feature of this will be a quarterly(every three months) review of the state of youngish players, but in...
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    Favorable/Rigged Draws Challenge

    The subject of 'rigged draws' has come up again. It will certainly reappear in the future, but I have always thought it to be 95%+ a load of nonsense. I think the existing system of doing draws is about as fair as it can be, and virtually guarantees a fairly equitable draw in all...
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    Race to Singapore

    Might as well do one for the WTA also. IN -- Cut at 4915 Williams -- 6931 Sharapova -- 5575 Halep -- 5188 CONTENDERS Radwanska -- 4317 Kvitova -- 4048 Li -- 3970 Bouchard -- 3900 Ivanovic -- 3590 ---------------------------- Wozniacki -- 3436 Kerber -- 3185 It seems...
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    2014 US Open QF: Berdych vs. Cilic

    Why no thread for this yet? Nobody cares about this matchup or something? It's a shankfest so far, Cilic up 4-2 in the 1st.
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    Serena deflates #1 'controversy'

    My, my, isn't this interesting. The CaroHaters(TM) club will undoubtedly have some harsh words for the best female tennis player in the world, after she had the gall to plainly state that the Great Dane, ranked #1 by that idiotic WTA computer, actually deserves to be...
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    Project 45

    I find it fascinating how Nishikori remains close to getting to No. 45 but hasn't actually gotten their yet(and likely won't now for a while, unless he makes another USO run). He's spent nine weeks this year ranked 50th or higher, and will add a tenth next week as he moves up to 48, but can't...
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    WTA Rankings -- Why They Work

    Once again we are having a spate of threads where DMan holds forth about how much the WTA rankings suck, and why we should go to what he's advocated before, the average rankings system. This system is simple: 1. Add up all points from all events 2. Divide by the number of events, or a...
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    Upset Special?

    Which of these youngsters has the best chance of pulling the upset? Edit: My apologies for mispelling the Canadian's last name -- "Raonic".
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    The Young Guns Report

    There's always a lot of talk around here about where are the young players, looking for the next generation, the Top 10 keeps getting older, etc. That's the reason for this thread, I put together a summary of the top young players, which I intend to update quarterly. The players in this...
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    Round 2: Berankis v. Nalbandian

    One of the more interesting matches today I think. Does the undersized upstart have a chance against David?
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    About the young players ...

    Came across something interesting while working on my latest project. David Ferrer, former world No. 4, and good enough to win more than a third of his lifetime matches against Top 10 opponents, had a career-best ranking of #49 as of his 22nd birthday. Point being, I think a lot of...
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    Gulbis' Ranking

    Interesting fact I came across today. He was 0-for-2010 in Grand Slams last year, failing to win a single match -- yet ranked #24. Anybody know of anyone who has been ranked higher without winning a single Slam main draw match?
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    So what's the over/under on how many sets it will take him to finish one(win or lose) without it being a tiebreak?(5 for 5 sets in tiebreaks so far)?
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    2011 Rankings Prediction Contest

    We all know that there are a lot of self-appointed 'experts' on this forum. I say to all of them: let's all put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. Let's have a fun contest to separate the blowhards from those truly worth listening to, so to speak. THE RULES 1. All entries must...
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    de Bakker/Nishikori

    Just curious what people think the odds are of both of them winning on Saturday, and who would most likely win if they do? I hope this matchup happens, they are my two favorite youngish players, although certainly a couple others, esp. Soderling, will have something to say about it.
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    Fed/Sod Hyperbole

    It's interesting to me how everyone is talking about how Soderling destroyed Federer, Soderling played better than ever, Soderling went for everything and never/rarely missed ... umm, people, look at the facts. Such as ... Soderling won only three points more than Federer in the match...
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    No more era comparisons!!(GOAT etc.)

    I don't understand why most of the threads on this forum are full of this fallacy. Those of you who engage it, please explain it to me. There is no way anybody can know whether Federer is better than Sampras, Laver, Borg, etc. We can't know if Chang would beat Nadal on clay or any of this...
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    Rankings System Inertia

    The impetus for this thread came from the "Top 8 W-L" thread, where jrachiever had this interesting statement to make: I'm in the process of doing this, and will update it here as I go along. First of all, without getting too mathematical, I should point out that there are a few assumptions...