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    Nadal's Watch

    I've never been a fan of ridiculously expensive watches, although I did notice the watch Nadal was wearing in the finals of the US Open Sunday, and thought it was kind of sharp. I was listening to ESPN today, and they said that this was the same watch that Odell Beckham Jr. was wearing in the...
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    Should Women Play Five Sets?

    After seeing the epic Nadal/Thiem match yesterday in the heat and humidity, you realize the physical feat that a five set match can be. Women want, or get, equal money in tournaments. Why can't they play five sets? I don't believe that they are incapable of it, some women are more conditioned...
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    Anybody watch these Powershares events? It's basically an Old Timers league. I like to watch them for John McEnroe mainly, who plays in them fairly often. I suspect he's their biggest draw. I love to watch him play because it reminds me of tennis back in the 80s, when players had more varied...