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    Ash Barty. A champion for a generation or right place right time?

    Yes Barty is by far a better player than Wozniacki was.
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    I feel sorry for her. Would be nice to see her win a slam.
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    Ash Barty. A champion for a generation or right place right time?

    For goodness sake she has won Masters on hard courts. No WTA player has a more all surface game. You don’t win one hundred percent of the time just because you are number one.
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    Ash Barty. A champion for a generation or right place right time?

    Take a chill pill Thundervolley. you are starting to sound a bit unhinged.
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    We Salute Leylah Fernandez. Canadian Sensation.

    I think she is fantastic. Good luck to her.
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    Does Barty deserve her titled era?

    Not a Barty era no. Not yet. Seriously Thundervolley you might not like Barty but 5 titles, Wimbledon Champ and year end number one? I don’t think many would agree with you there.
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    Does Barty deserve her titled era?

    That statement is completely untrue. Barty did not play at all for 14 months. She did not earn a single extra point whilst all of her opponents had chances to improve their standings and overtake her. They did not.
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    Ash Barty wins the Cincinnati Masters: The Undisputed World #1

    only maybe on a hard court but that is it. Barty far superior on clay and grass.
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    Does Barty deserve her titled era?

    Barty is still evolving. She is a brilliant player already and can only get better. She can only beat who they put in front of her and at the moment she is doing that in spades.
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    Does Barty deserve her titled era?

    And Barty didn’t even play the 2020 US Open - poor excuse for a grand slam that it was. She was not the player that she is now two years ago in 2019. Nobody is trying to take away from Osaka’s achievements they are just recognising and appreciating a very talented and consistent performer who...
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    Poll [WTA]: First one-time major titleist to win a second major?

    Now let’s all finally give her the respect she deserves
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    Women's FO title...

    Swiatek has won one slam in a depleted field and little else. She has much to prove
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    Being #1 versus winning a slam

    Really? Such a surprise Barty losing in AO after not playing for 14 months. She did not play the US open so didn’t have a chance to win it. Let’s see how Osaka goes on clay and grass.
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    Barty wins Miami again

    Barty didn’t play for 14 months! To even make the quarters of a grand slam after not playing so long was incredible. She can’t win the other slams if she doesn’t enter and I think the main point here is she didn’t improve her points in all that time whilst her opponents were all playing and...
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    Barty wins Miami again

    Why she has a h2h of 4-1?
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    Barty wins Miami again

    How good is Ash Barty? A real shame we didn’t get to see the full match although she seemed to already have Andreescu on the ropes. Barty has all the shots and can play on grass and clay as well. She has certainly silenced all those people saying she is a false number one. Go Ash!
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    Muchova I love you!!!

    It is cheating because she admitted in the press conference that she did not have an injury but was feeling overrun and overwhelmed by her opponent. MTO is just that MEDICAL time out, She will rightly cop it from the Australian crowd in the semis