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    Borg bitten during dogfight, withdraws from grass-court exhibition

    Bjorn Borg was severely bitten in the leg by a German shepherd while trying to stop a dogfight and withdrew from his first grass-court match in 26 years. The five-time Wimbledon champion was bitten in his right leg when he tried to pull the dog, Wolf, away from his golden retriever, Lipton...
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    What happened to Djokovic's arrogance?

    I'm sure everyone remembers Novak's ******** press conference comments last year. Now, he is completely changed. He is humble and expresses a desire to improve. What happened? Someone must have talked to him.
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    Good Seats?

    Is there any way to get good seats to a tennis tournament short of being a corporate sponsor?! I want to go to the Sony Ericsson Open, but all they're selling are 300 and 400 level tickets. What can I do?
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    Madrid seems like a really fun tournament

    I know its over, but look at how much it rocked. It has so much stuff that other tournaments don't have. Like supermodel ballgirls and cool overhead cameras for when they're serving, and champagne for the finalists. Isn't all that stuff refreshing and cool?
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    Keeping flat shots in

    I use an extreme eastern forehand/SW grip. When full-western players hit their stupid moonballs that bounce head-high, I try to flatten the high ball out. 6/10 times the ball goes out. It is either over the fence, into the net, or slightly long. Someone help me solidify a technique for...
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    A Question of Finishes

    I hit what many would call a "modern" forehand. Open stance, Extreme SW grip, tons of arm rotation, etc.... My forehand looks a bit like Davydenko's actually (I've been meaning to get some videos up here!). Anyway, do you follow a set guideline for finishing? Over the shoulder? Across the...
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    How much tension can a string lose?

    I am 16 and I got my Aeropro Drive strung last July with Wilson Sensation at 58lbs. I then went to a week long camp where I played 5 hours a day, for five days. Since August, I have played 2 hours per week. Just today when I played two sets, the raquet felt amazing. My groundies were much...
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    Why is Karlovic so low ranked?

    I was just visiting and Ivo Karlovic is at the top of all the lists! Second most aces, most service games won, most first serve points won, most break points saved.... I've never even seen him play. Why hasn't he moved up in the rankings? Horrible ground game, tries to serve and...
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    Video Clips of Bruguera?

    Does any one have clips or know a place that has clips of Sergi Bruguera? If you have video, upload it to yousendit or something. I wanna see this guy's massive topspin.
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    When does Federer wrist release?

    Lately I've been watching a lot of high speed video of the federer forehand. It seems that sometimes there is a visible wrist release just before contact and other times the wrist is firmly laid back throughout contact. Is there a reason Fed will wrist release on some strokes and not others...
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    Toronto Ticket Question

    I have never been to a tournament before and I am confused about ticketing. Is a session only one match? If I buy tickets to a "session" can I walk around and see the practice courts? Thanks.
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    Slow mo footage of Moya's Forehand?

    Does anyone have this or know where to find it? I really enjoyed the Australian Open clips a while back.
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    Odd Pro Behavior/Habit

    Has anyone noticed the pros quickly waving their hand in front of their face during matches? Perhaps it is a technique to help them focus? Am I crazy?
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    University of Illinois Nike Tennis Camp Review

    So I just got back from the Nike Tennis Camp at U of I and it was great. The first day or so was pretty boring as we just reviewed basic strokes although there were a few fun games thrown in there. The instructors were good if a little preoccupied with their inside discussions and jokes. The...
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    Moya says he believes he can beat Nadal in Rome

    Tennis Moya says he's the last chance to stop Nadal By DPA May 6, 2006, 19:00 GMT Estoril, Portugal - Carlos Moya says he's the only man who can stop teenaged Spanish compatriot Rafael Nadal from tying the all-time clay-court win streak of Guillermo Vilas. Moya, who serves as mentor and...
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    Western Forehand Conditioning

    I have read alot about how the western grip places undue strain on the body. Does anyone have any conditioning routines or exercises that would prevent injuries when using this grip?
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    Federer mindset

    Does anyone have any interviews in which Federer discusses his mental game? He seems so calm, yet we can only imagine how intense he is inside. Much thanks.
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    Dealing with flat shots

    Hello all, this is a great forum. After searching, I couldn't find any discussions on handling flat deep shots. If the ball is hard to get under for topspin, should you try to slice it?