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    What slopes are you "hitting" this season?

    I will probably go to some French or Austrian resort in the Alps.
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    Foam training balls for USTA 36/60 why so expensive?

    Oversees they are even more expensive. Here they are at least 4 dollars a ball.
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    Did I sin on the Tennis Court?

    When you are returning serve, your partner should look to the opposing player and not to his own service line...
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    Open Stance for Two Handed Backhand

    It's a good thing do you when you to get a ball that is far away from you or a ball that is very deep into the court. I can't see the use of an open stance two-handed backhand with a somewhat shorter ball.
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    Does anyone know this type of court?

    There's way too less space between the courts....
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    Dunning-Kruger Effect

    A tennisplayer goes through four phases: 1. Unconsciously unable: one is doing it wrong, but doesn't know it 2. Consciously able: one is doing it wrong, and knows it 3. Consciously able: one is doing it the correct way and knows it 4 Unconsciously able: one is doing it the correct way...
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    Hitting on the Rise

    They key to hitting on the rise is staying low all the time! Bend your knees and get your buttocks to the ground. Hit with a lot of topspin and make sure you finish your stroke, if possible around your body.
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    volleying help!!!!!!

    Ofcourse I can, The more steps you make, the less powerful they are. More steps means less stability on the volley . Too much steps makes it too complicated. You don't want to volley with your elbows in your stomach, but keep them out in front.
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    Help -- serve grip problems

    Never, never, never go back to the eastern fh grip for serving. Getting used to the continental grip may take a few months, but it's worth the pain. The eastern fh grip on your serve will in most cases severely damage your development. Just post a clip of you serving with a continental grip...
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    volleying help!!!!!!

    When I have students with too large backswings on their volleys, I often feed that balls that are so fast they only see them flying by. After a few balls they will try to volley them back, but because of the very high speed, they have no time to take a backswing. Standing in front of a fence may...
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    Any feeding tips?

    What you should do is hold the racquet a little bit higher, above the grip. I think it is called craddling up in English. Then swing at the ball, but don't make a volley punch-like motion. That will give a little bit too much underspin. Just try to hit it relaxed, with your hand just above the...
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    Moving to the ITF seniors circuit, advice

    What you should try do first is find some money to travel around the globe. The cheapest points are definitely not in the future circuits in Europe or America, so you should be prepared to travel to remote tournaments. Because you have no ranking, you shouldn't sign in for a futures tournament...
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    Does a slow Astro-turf court play like clay?

    No, clay is slower and has a much higher bounce.
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    Best practice/lesson balls?

    I do not know what your level is, but I do teach practise with Tretorn Micro X balls anymore because my higher level players were complaining of pains.
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    Australian Coaching Certification

    I remember when I first started my coach education, I had to do 500 hours of supervised teaching and coaching within a year, and follow classes one full day a week during that same year before getting my certification and being allowed to teach beginners. To acquire a certification to teach...
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    do you play the point or play the match?

    You should play the match, feel the momentum and flow of the match. You can`t be concentrated the whole match. Winning matches is about being smart, knowing how to use your energy. You should focus on certain points, the big points, and you should have the ability to recognise them.
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    Rule Question

    It is not a tennis rule, so it should be specifically mentioned in the rulebook of your league.
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    buying tennis shoes in barcelona

    I guess the costs for the big brands are about the same as in the US.
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    Eye on Ball While Volleying

    Don`t even think of it, it will go automatically. Research has shown that the last 2 meters before contact are a blur to the human brain. You don`t actually see the ball in the last splitsecond before contact. But this is science. Common sense tells you to just watch the ball, it is a good...
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    NEt rushers and eastern grip.

    1. A square stance is easier to approach the net because your momentum goes forward. Square stances favor eastern grips. 2. You want an approach shot to be relatively flat, because a high-bouncing ball will give your opponent the opportunity to hit down at your feet. 2. The transition from...
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    Western Grip v Semi Western Grip

    This doesn`t make sense. Comfort is just something you have because you are used to it. If you practise something a thousand times, you will get comfortable with it automatically. Comfort is a combination of practise and biomechanical conditions. You`re the one that doesn`t know where he is...
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    My Life Is Not About A Banana

    I don`t give a damn about what the USTA rules. It`s an international tournament, under the flag of the ITF, that means the ITF rules apply. "Coaching is consideren to be communication, advice or instruction of any kind, audible or visibile, to a player. Is a player allowed to be coached...
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    Close your legs when serving

    That stance is one of the reasons he can serve at such a high speed.
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    What Tips Helped You The Most?

    The best advice anybody ever gave me was: "Listen to somebody and work with somebody before you want to change something in his game" I used to change everything quite fast, even during the first lesson, a kind of tip-based teaching approach. Now I listen more, observe, and watch before I try to...
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    Western Grip v Semi Western Grip

    Well maybe it wasn`t a big change for you, but it is for most people.
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    Western Grip v Semi Western Grip

    Your point being?
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    Western Grip v Semi Western Grip

    I am also supposed to be very knowledgeable regarding tennis, in fact, I get paid for it. I don`t give much about how comfortable something is. If you practice something that is good long enough, it will automatically become comfortable. The choice for a one-hander or a two-hander should not...
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    Western Grip v Semi Western Grip

    Semi-western if you are a baseliner, eastern if you are a net-rusher. But in general I`d go for a semi-western grip. It depends also on the person. One hand is not the same is someone else his hand.
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    Western Grip v Semi Western Grip

    "I`ve got a grandfather who smoked all his live and is still alive at the age of hundred" Are you sure you are using a western grip? Western grippers usually hit the ball a little bit higher. It could be that you hit through the ball, I don`t know, it`s very hard to tell when I`ve never seen...
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    Western Grip v Semi Western Grip

    The western grip gives you injuries, trouble handling low balls, difficulties transitioning other grips, disastrous swing paths, a feeling of not hitting through the ball. I gave you this very same advice a while ago Lloyd, and I`ll say it again. Don`t go to a western forehand grip.