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  1. nachiket nolefam

    Zverev's year

    This could have been Alexander Zverev's year but in the end it became a mixed bag. He has most titles on ATP tour. 2 masters, 1 OG. He will most likely return to world no. 3 tomorrow from 7 last year. But even after doing so much he did so little. 0 grand slams 0 grand slam finals With...
  2. nachiket nolefam

    Who would have more RG: Novak or Stephanos

    By the end of their career, considering the trajectory Tsitsipas is on, will he have more Roland Garros than Djokovic? I used to wonder the same about Thiem but he has been a proper failure on RG till now and he is already 27.
  3. nachiket nolefam

    Thiem ends 2021 season .

    Dominic Thiem has ended 2021 season to concentrate on healing wrist after injury.
  4. nachiket nolefam

    New Rolex ad

    Just putting this out there. In case duplicate, delete.
  5. nachiket nolefam

    Berrettini coming for revenge of the scream

    Djokovic didn't have proper reaction to say the least when he beat Bettettini. Since that match Berrettini is undefeated. He has won the second best grass tournament on grass. And he has dropped just 3 sets in 10 matches. Is revenge fuelling the Italian?
  6. nachiket nolefam

    USopen 2012 Murray vs USopen 2019 Nadal

    This is interesting but hardly discussed. Andy is 1 time USopen finalist and 1 time champion. He had beaten Rafa in USopen 2008 semis but Rafa had also beaten him in USopen 2011 semis. Who would win between post prime Rafa vs prime Murray?
  7. nachiket nolefam

    Final count of Djokovic

    After RG2016, I thought Novak might win max 20 grand slams. He still hasn't won his 20th and there are no guarantees in sport. But it seems like Djokovic wins more than people expected him to. Almost everyone had given any hope that he will win his second RG after 2019. Djokovic has won 7/11...
  8. nachiket nolefam

    What is the value of ATP Final in 2020?

    Throughout the past decades that I was following tennis, ATP Final, World Tour Final or Tennis Masters cup, whatever the name may be was always called as fifth slam. There was an aura about top 8 players fighting for the trophy and RR format allowing multiple players to play vs each other. The...
  9. nachiket nolefam

    Consecutive grand slam titles

    Best slam stretches since 1970s. Djokovic 2015 USO - 2016 Roland Garros Holy grail, No.1, doesn't matter the opponents. Gasquet, Cilic, Federer, Murray, Thiem. Djokovic 2011 Wimbledon - 2012 AO Tsonga, Nadal, Murray, Federer in semis and finals. Nadal 2010 Roland Garros - 2010 USO Melzer...
  10. nachiket nolefam

    Weak era

    Novak has won 4 titles and he will be year end no1, its decided. Roger has beaten 2 top 10 players and he might be no2, year end.
  11. nachiket nolefam

    Our World no.1 seems done on clay

    Djokovic is back. He is on top. He has won 28 straight sets in a row. He won Cincinnati and US Open in summer which were places where he seemed to have enough troubles. Looking forward to 2019, he looks to be in dominant form. He will be favorite for most of the tournaments like he is for...
  12. nachiket nolefam

    Djokovic Nadal duopoly since 2008

    Since 2008, we are living in Djokovic Nadal combined era. Won 28/44 slams. Won 53/99 masters 1000s Won 5/10 WTFs Ranked YE no1 for 8/10 years. They won at least 2 slams for 10/11 years, only year missing is 2009 with only 1 slam. They won 4 or more masters for 9/11 years, only years missing is...
  13. nachiket nolefam

    Federer Djokovic and the serving stats

    ATP site has given rating for serves in every match. This is actually double edged thing. If a player serves well vs strong returner and underperforms, he get lower rating. But if a player serves bad vs weak returner, he gets strong rating. But I am only taking the stats for Federer vs Djokovic...
  14. nachiket nolefam

    Djokovic makes Federer look old

    It is not the first time when fans started saying Federer is too old after Djokovic match. AO 2008. First SF loss after 10 straight finals in grand slam. Djokovic was quicker on the court. AO 2011. Federer looked like he was playing well but did not win a set. AO 2016. Djokovic beat Federer...
  15. nachiket nolefam

    Djokovic's variety

    Djokovic won AO with Adidas. Wimbledon with Sergio Tacchini Roland Garros with Uniqlo Cincinnati with Lacoste Roger has won nothing without Nike. Rafa is yet to suffer the same fate. Amazing variety.
  16. nachiket nolefam

    Isner has more titles than Berdych

    Isner is at 14 titles while Berdych is at 13 titles. That's absurd.
  17. nachiket nolefam

    2018 Hamburg Open

    No seeds left at Hamburg open. One of these 4 are going to win a 500 tournament. Nicolas Jarry - World no. 59 Nikoloz Basilashvili - World no. 82 Jozef Kovalík - World no. 112 Leonardo Mayer - World no. 36
  18. nachiket nolefam

    Kyrgios or Isner

    Whose game do you think is better?
  19. nachiket nolefam

    Most grass court meetings in current players

    Djokovic and Nadal have met 4 times on grass. For such short grass season, that is good amount of meetings. Who are the active guys that have met more times than these two? Simon and Delpo have also met 4 times.
  20. nachiket nolefam

    Djokovic Cincinnati

    Djokovic, one of the hard court greats, doesn't have Cincinnati yet. He has reached finals, five times and lost to Murray twice and Roger thrice. Will this be his year? Will his serve hold up during USO hard court series?
  21. nachiket nolefam

    Whenever Djokovic has won Wimbledon.

    He has been YE No.1.
  22. nachiket nolefam

    Players with positive H2H vs Federer in grass

    Djokovic 2-1 All matches at Wimbledon Stakhovsky 1-0 At Wimbledon Tsonga 1-0 At Wimbledon Thiem 1-0 At Stuttgart. Did I leave anyone else? Sorry if its duplicate thread, delete if duplicate.
  23. nachiket nolefam

    Weeks at no.1 is vastly overexaggerated

    Novak Djokovic has held record for record no. of points after French open at 16,950. Andy Murray was quite distant second player at 8,915 points. This was the largest gap in top 2 players ever so Andy was thoroughly dominated. Rafael Nadal currently holds 8,770 points. Less points at no.1...
  24. nachiket nolefam

    Overnight Ratings: French Open Hits Low Again With Nadal Repeat NBC for the second straight year drew what was likely a new low rating for the men’s final at the French Open. The net yesterday drew a 1.3 overnight for Rafael Nadal’s straight sets win over...
  25. nachiket nolefam

    What would tennis be if Nadal never existed?

    Would Federer still be playing or retired with around 20 slams by 2016? Would we be discussing Laver anymore? Would Andy have achieved something better? How would the clay season have looked like?
  26. nachiket nolefam

    Djokovic is playing Queens club

    Novak Returns! We are delighted to announce that Novak Djokovic has taken a wildcard into the #FeverTreeChampionships @TheQueensClub next week. #QueensTennis #Djokovic
  27. nachiket nolefam

    Should we create a closed era

    Federer was done winning majors and was starting to vulture 250s and Cincinnati. Nadal was done winning grand slams, he wasn't even reaching semis. Now, they have won last 6. 4 of them in dominant fashion. ATP has created a next gen tournament because its impossible to break into top 8 for...
  28. nachiket nolefam

    What has happened to Dimitrov's backhand? :(

    I don't think anyone ever had doubt about Dimitrov's backhand to be a weakness. But just a year back, people were comparing how Dimitrov's elasticity helps him with high bounce and blah blah. Today, watching him vs Kei, he can't hit a proper topspin backhand. All are slices. His backhand pass...
  29. nachiket nolefam

    Ferrer vs Berdych

    Surprised to see no thread for this.