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  1. J

    New Ultras and Instincts?

    Any news on updates to the Wilson Ultra series? Also, will TW be carrying the new (paint) Head Instinct since its status has changed a bit? Thanks.
  2. J

    Asics AO 2022

    Still wearing the Resolutions after the Artengo deal, at least for now. It will be interesting to see if that changes.
  3. J

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Are they mostly white again?
  4. J

    Blade Team v8?

    It looks like Wilson has kept the reissue-painted-as-Blade line going in Europe with the Blade 101L v8. Anyone know if the U.S. is getting a Blade Team v8?
  5. J

    Favorite socks?

    Thorlos can be great for some people, but those who live in hot, humid climates and/or sweat a lot don’t tend to do well with them. The material doesn’t handle moisture well and wet feet slide around inside the sock. I wish I could wear them but I and many others can’t. The thinner level 1...
  6. J

    Laver Cup around the corner!

    Nike looking sticks but they're going to create some really weird grommet/frame color combos down the road unless Head produces matching special edition ones this time.
  7. J

    Another New Head Line ??

    The LM Instinct has a bit of that head shape, too, I think. I'm sure some already know, but it will be interesting to see if the new mold has any older reference points. I like the LM Instinct mold but not most of the rounder, bigger at the top ones.
  8. J

    New TW Website? Unimpressed so far

    Even on a phone the desktop site was easier to navigate. Occasionally zooming in for product details is a lot better than all the scrolling and clicking just to find that product. If they’re going to stick with the current debacle, some sort of desktop option would be nice. One of TW’s growing...
  9. J


    It really is interesting to do a direct comparison. The usability of the old desktop design is easily much better. I always switched to the desktop design even on smaller mobile devices because it was so much easier to use. Now they’re forcing us the other way. As someone else pointed out, TW...
  10. J

    Racquets you like but hate the paintjob

    Pretty much any of the current Tecnifibres. I usually like their racquets but don't like white paint jobs. The only other color that bothers me as much as white is yellow. I'm going to have to try the new X1 with my eyes closed.
  11. J

    Tecnifibre TF X1 300

    Does anyone know if this new line means the TFlash series has been discontinued?
  12. J

    Lighter shoes with stiff shank?

    Thanks, Tiffani. Helpful as always.
  13. J

    Lighter shoes with stiff shank?

    I've found that I like shoes with a stiff shank and/or good torsional stability. When I check a shoe in person, I hold the heel in one hand and toe in the other, attempting to twist it like I'm wringing a towel. Little to no twist is preferred. I've also developed a preference for lighter shoes...
  14. J

    Cincinatti Open

    This. It really is a well run event with great access to players and matches. This will be our eighth or ninth year, I think. I'd even suggest the early days are better as more matches are happening. It's really fun to see great play on the outer courts close up.
  15. J

    mcenroe on raducanu match

    It’s interesting that Mac mentioned his own problems handling the pressure when he was very young. It’s also interesting that few attributed his boorishness to youth and pressure when it first started occurring.
  16. J

    Pro Staff 100 v13? Discuss here!

    Not to mention the sheer volume. I'm glad people have a good time riffing on stuff but pointing someone to that thread for information isn't all that helpful. Separate threads about individual racquets are much easier to find and use.
  17. J

    New Balance Lav V2

    Knew it was coming thanks to other TT board members but I am glad to see the return of a substantial heel/ankle collar. That lack of one was my primary knock on the first version.
  18. J

    New Balance Lav V2

    Article in Forbes magazine about the new Lav V2. Says the launch date is June 25. Danielle Collins Is The Face Of New Balance Fresh Foam X Lav V2 Tennis Sneaker
  19. J

    Lotto Raptor 2021

    Yes, and they said the same about Mizuno as well. I’m not sure what that’s about since other U.S. retailers are carrying new models from both brands. Apparently it has to do with something other than availability.
  20. J

    New Balance Lav V2

    The early sale is gone now. They only showed a couple pair each of a few sizes. All the other sizes said they should be in stock in late June. I wonder if that’s the potential release date, since Brittany had said “probably not before June” earlier in this thread.
  21. J

    Anyone super picky about socks?

    Thorlo Level 3s are a lot thicker than the Solincos. The Level 1 Thorlos are closer to Solincos.
  22. J

    Tennis Nerd

    Hey, I’m a TN fan, not the one complaining about him. I didn’t miss anything. He has for a long time referenced message boards and the like even before giving specific screen names. I don’t think him citing screen names is even necessary. My point is that screen names function to maintain...
  23. J

    Tennis Nerd

    If people on these or any other boards are that concerned with credit (and accountability) they should use their real names. Criticizing someone for not citing a source who chooses to remain anonymous is absurd.
  24. J

    Tennis Nerd

    Even on these geek infested boards, a lot of people say racquet line ups are confusing. Along those lines, going through each manufacturer’s offerings with brief, comparative explanations seems like a direct response to feedback. TW has been doing more of that, too, in their own videos.
  25. J

    Tecnifibre TFlash this year?

    Thank you. I’m in the U.S.. I’ll keep an eye out for TFlash news. I’ve liked previous versions quite a bit, unfortunately more than more recent PS or CES versions. As I’m starting to gravitate toward slightly thicker, lighter racquets, I’d definitely like to try a TFit as well. I can customize...
  26. J

    Tecnifibre TFlash this year?

    Any news on a TFlash update? It’s been two years. Also, I know TW doesn’t usually carry them, but the new TFit 290 looks interesting, very similar to older TFlash models like the ATP and Dynacore. I remember several TW play testers liking those models, as did I. Thanks.
  27. J

    360+ Radical MP vs. 360+ Prestige Tour

    Slightly different molds and string patterns but the new Radical and the most recent Prestige Tour spec out very similarly via TW’s measurements. TW University even puts their power levels and vibration frequencies as the same or very nearly the same. Anyone played both who can compare?
  28. J

    David Ferrer :: Most Under-rated non grand slam winner

    Zverev is a great example of the sort of player who makes me respect Ferrer so much.
  29. J

    G360+ Radical 2021

    I’m sure some are happy but, for people who prefer lower swingweights, Head choices are dwindling.
  30. J

    ASICS Speed FF2

    An early review of the Speed FF2.