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    Where do strings settle or do they?

    same racket, same poly 1 @ 60lbs 1@ 50lbs Where do they settle? Or they don’t and both lose tension around same rate? Also, if 46 is magic, do I string at 50 for a match in the next few days?
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    What's the best $60 shoe?

    And go!
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    TW: which racket has the highest serve score in TW reviews?

    Team TW: which racket got the best score for serves? Curious if its one of the newest rackets or an older version. That being said which of the newer rackets has the highest? I'm looking for something to help me on serves. I have a 2015 Blade 98 18x20. I know the pros kill it but me I think I...
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    Anybody live near Goleta, CA?

    Need some help with something there. Please message me if you do and are willing to help. Thanks!
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    Best Cheap Natural Gut

    Can someone link me to previous threads or suggest the best low price Nat Gut? My search didn't bring back the current go-to low pricer. Thanks again everyone!
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    Best doubles tactics for 1 match!

    Ok TT Gurus, need some doubles pointers. Playing a team we've played before and we have split the series. We play pretty much singles style with us trying to get to the net. Our volleys are pretty good but we get stuck with 1U1B too much. If it's pretty even, so what do yall do to turn...
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    Your choice for best cost-effective hybrid setup

    From my other post, my next setup will be MSVHex/GosenOSG. What do you like for a cost-effective hybrid setup? Thanks
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    best cheaper hybrid out of the box

    Ok gents need some assistance here. What is the best cheaper hybrid out of the box? I would prefer textured poly with multi or synth gut. Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17 and Xcel 16g Pro Hurricane 1.25 and N.VY Hybrid 16 PRINCE Synthetic Gut Poly Blend 17G and 16G Strings...