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    Keep going back to POG os

    My search is OVER. I will keep hitting this raquet until I'm too old to swing it. I've used/demoed 200g, LM Radical, LM Prestige, Shark, o3 red, tt warrior, rdx500, and who knows what else.
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    Comparison pls: POG OS, NXG OS, Diablo XP Midplus

    I have played extensivly with the 200g and the pog os. In fact I have 2 200g's and a pog os in my bag now. The biggest difference for me is the pog spins the ball a lot more than the 200g. I really keep it in the court better with the pog. For me the pog is more forgiving, vollies better...
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    Help, need more spin

    I'm using a Dunlop 200g HM. strung with 17g gut. Not synthetic gut. @ 55lbs. 55lbs is the low end of the range. This setup works well for me, very accruate, plenty of power and arm friendly. There's really nothing I dislike about it except I am not able to get a lot of spin on the ball. I...
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    My hand hurts

    Sam Snead, the pro golfer, coined the bird phrase. That's how he gripped his clubs.
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    UPDATE: Pick 2 out of 5 to Demo....

    I've hit with the LM Prestige mid. One of the few I could really feel pocketing the ball. Too small of a head for me though and too heavy.
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    UPDATE: Pick 2 out of 5 to Demo....

    Yeah, I agree, if I feel good with what's in my hand it certainly makes a difference.
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    Best racquets

    The best raquet ever made is the Bancroft FRS.
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    UPDATE: Pick 2 out of 5 to Demo....

    I think your point is absolutely right. I don't mean to say there is no difference in hitting with a two by four and hitting with a Head LM Prestige. However, I think a lot of people on this board are searching for something that doesn't exist and that more time on the court will do more...
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    UPDATE: Pick 2 out of 5 to Demo....

    IMHO, you have way too much time on your hands. No raquet in the world is going to turn you into a better player. Pick one and learn how to play with it. Not trying to be a smart ***, I just think people overanalyze.................
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    There is no Holy Grail

    IMHO, Don't over analyze it. Demo several raquets, pick one, find your string and tension over time and PRACTICE. Practicing is going to do more for you than trying and buying new raquets.
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    LiquidMetal Radical...anyone still using it?

    I was using the demo, have not received the ones I purchased yet. With the 200g demo, spin with a slice backhand was great. I could really make the ball skid. Topspin wasn't bad but not exceptional. Again, I was using the demo. Don't know what strings were in it but they were pretty...
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    LiquidMetal Radical...anyone still using it?

    I recently demoed it along with the RDX500 mp, Prestige mp and the 200g hot melt. I played a match with each one. I liked the radical and the 200g the best. Bought the 200g. I'm a 4.0, grew up using wood, took lessons, tournaments etc etc the whole nine yards. I felt like the 200g was...
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    Graf and Steffi should be ABOVE Pete

    Yep, you're comparing apples and oranges.
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    Wood racquets, do they die?

    Yeah, the old FRS. Black throat and you could see the steel grid in it. Opened up a can of tennis balls with a key that wrapped around the top of the metal can. Conners, Borg, McEnroe and King, Everett, Navratalova at Wimbledon.
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    Wood racquets, do they die?

    Before you know it you will be. Savor the moment my friend..............
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    Wood racquets, do they die?

    I think learning with a small head, like wood raquets had, would be a great long term advantage for a child. You really had to learn the fundementals to play well with those raquets. The players that hit the ball with any pace set up well, really stepped into the ball, and swung with a good...
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    Wood racquets, do they die?

    I grew up using wood. I had a few crack while playing. I also cracked one when it flew out of my hand while serving. It went straight down head first onto the hard court about 3 feet in front of me. It was a Wilson Prostaff. Don't remember one wearing out. If you got them wet they would warp...
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    Dunlop HM 200G!

    I recently demoed the 200gHM and the Head lm radical. I liked the 200g the best. Serving with it was GREAT. My raquet history has been original 200g max, POG os and now the demo's. I found no adjustment period at all with the 200gHM. Maybe a few strokes but I really played well with it as...
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    How long does gut last?

    Would you let TW string your raquet w/gut?
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    How long does gut last?

    44 years old
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    How long does gut last?

    The last time I used gut was in a wood raquet 27 years ago. How long does it last?
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    What's In Your Bag? [Merged]

    Two raquets, a towel and two wristbands. That's it.
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    Excuse Me, What Is This?

    Remember the plastic/leather power pads on wood raquets? The stringer would put them on at the 5 and 7 position.
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    Am I good enough for a Pure Storm?

    My situation might be similar to yours. I grew up using wood. Switched to the max 200g in the late 1980's early 90's and played real well with it. Stopped playing for several years and got back into it about 2 or 3 years ago using a POG os. I play 2 or 3 times a week, take a lesson every now and...
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    LM Prestige more power then Radical????

    I think need2play is correct. Depends on the player. I demoed a radical last weekend and will be demoing a prestige this week.
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    200g, LMprestige, rdx500, LMradical

    I'm a 4.0. I demoed the radical and 200g under match play conditions. Played very well with both raquets. The only thing that stands out for me is I served and placed the ball much better with the 200g and it was more comfortable to play with. I may have left my opponent more short balls...
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    Choosing a raquet

    I'm a 4.0. I recently demoed the Head LM radical. It was a great all around raquet for me. I haven't made my final decision yet. Will demo the Yonex rdx500 and the LM prestige this weekend. Read the raquet reviews on this site and pay closer attention to what is said by the players that are...
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    Still plagued by pusher

    Dood, you're hilarious. I played this guy last weekend that they called Hollywood. He got out of his Ferarri wearing capris and slippers, and carrying a tennis bag the size of a footlocker. Wore the blue green shades, died his hair blonde, the whole bit. He was probably 45-50 and was clearly...
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    how will you match a lower price

    I have found raquets on **** that are new for less than what TW advertises for. Specificly the RDX500 midplus and the liquidmetal prestige midplus. I'd rather buy from do I get a better price than the advertised price? Thanks Harry