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    Technifibre TF40 315 16x19 vs tfight 315 xtc

    Wilson blade Head old radicals
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    Is there a new Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro coming out?

    Sinner did hit spiny balls, though the trajectory is not high. He played with 60lbs. Got some decent control from high tension I think.
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    HEAD Boom Official Thread

    Is Boom series straight beam or tapered beam?
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    Any opinions on the Graphene XT Speed MP?

    Good all around racquet. Low SW, could be customized to user's specs easily
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    Yonex Question

    Vcore 95 is good, but hard to be the No.2. I guess that ezone 98 is the best selling one, follow by vcp 97 310, vcore 98 or ezone 100
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    Which Yonex is closest to G360+ Speed MP?

    Vcore 98 I think. Vcp lack power, ezone has lower launch angle
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    One racquet to rule them all?

    My little precious...;)
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    Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP or Solinco Whiteout 305?

    Have no idea of Solinco. Speed MP 360+ is great all around unless you go full flat
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    Recommend Rackets please!

    360+ Speed MP. Customise it to the balance of your Clash. Could use some lead at 12 if you need a higher sweet spot. Sadly feedback cannot be changed. Clash 98 is pretty good overall
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    Wilson Clash

    Definitely. 3 n 9 +counter balance. For me, 12 gonna overpower the normal Clash a little bit.
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    Wilson Clash

    Weight and balance. Nothing else
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    Technifibre TFight RS305 User?

    My experience is with XTC 305. Black code @54. Perfect setup for me
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    Best 98 frames for aggressive baseliners

    It is kind of a forgiving PS97 to me. Really good racquet
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    HEAD Extreme 360+ tour club?

    The concept could be generated from making a comfortable and faster pure strike. Less plow and power, but more user friendly
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    Clash 100, feels thin and tinny compared to DR98?

    Perhaps it is due to lack of plow and SW. Some lead may help. Try 3g at 12 or 2g at 3&9 each. Should work better
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    Head Speed MP (360+ & Older Gens) Official Thread

    Yeah, stock form is stable enough. I tend to make contact at upper part, so I added 3 grams at 12 for extended sweet spot and a little bit more plow. The original sweet spot is lower and tips could be dead.
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    HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ SPEED MP discussion/appreciation/pics

    Hi. I have tried the TT 100P last gen with white logo. I could compare it to Speed pro 360(black main with little white around handle). They played similarly, both are good all-rounder. The 100P has slightly higer launch angle and soft. Speed pro is firm when making contact, and more lean...
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    HEAD GRAPHENE 360+ SPEED MP discussion/appreciation/pics

    Yes. Speed line is so good. The only problem is that I cannot decide between Pro and MP. The groundstroke goes to Pro, while second serve and defence goes to MP
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    Head G360+ Radical Pro 2021

    Official recommendation is Lynx tour. That is a nice poly fits many racquets
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    Iga Moves on from Prince!

    It is hard to achieve TOP 3 without GS title. Anyway, hope her racquet changing would not play a negative role in her career. Love her style
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    Best of the 315g racquets?

    Tecnifibre T Fight 315 should be on your list
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    Head speed MP 360 + ???

    Very solid for its weight. The sweet spot is relatively lower where the tip feels dead.
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    Yonex Ezone Tour 98

    You need to check the specs. 305 is 6 point HL while tour is 4 pt HL
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    I think the comparison is to TF 40 which has a 22mm straight beam
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    Head Graphene Speed 360+ Racquet series

    The one I got swings heavier than Clash Tour and lighter than Extreme Pro. Mine is around high 320s for sure
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    Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 (v3) vs Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP vs Prince Phantom 100P

    If that the case. Go for Yonex for their outstanding quality control if you are going to purchase a pair.
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    Technifibre Tfight 305 XTC

    It is something close to blade 18m with easier power and spin. Stable for its weight. Medium stiff and well-dampened feeling, so overall good comfort. Control is good, low trajectory and good punch. I think it is a good all-rounder. It react well to lead at 3 and 9 even without counter...
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    Head Gravity VS Head Speed

    Can't tell the spin. I have very short hitting experience with gravity mp. Speed mp is less demanding for sure, easy depth on slow strokes. I think both strength from racquet face and plow go with speed mp, but gravity is more predictable.
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    Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 (v3) vs Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP vs Prince Phantom 100P

    Blade has less power if not considering plow and less spin than those for vote. I have no experience with phantom though. Perhaps phantom is even more low-powered.
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    Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 (v3) vs Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP vs Prince Phantom 100P

    Babolat is well dampened but still stiff. It has higher likelihood to cause you arm issue. The new speed is great. Surely the greatest feeling and touch within all speed mp since XT