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    Unstrung specs estimate

    I ordered a Speedport tour and asked for the specs marked so I could buy another if I liked it. I do, but they marked the strung specs. Can anyone venture an decent estimate for the unstrung specs of this strung racquet? The strung specs are 11.9 ounces, 332 swingweight strung with full Cyber...
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    Racquet matching question

    I ordered a couple Speedport Tours and requested that they be measured in case I'd like to snag a couple more before you sold out completely. Unfortunately I forgot to mention to measure before stringing, and they came measured strung. Now I'm not sure what weight to request now that I want to...
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    Speedport Tour, new Prince offerings

    I've been a very happy Speedport Tour user for quite a while, and I really had no intention of changing anytime soon. I was surprised to see it was being discontinued. I was wondering if anyone in the know on future Prince products can tell me if it will be replaced with something similar, or...
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    Avoiding under-tensioned first main with floating clamps?

    Pardon my ignorance, but this has been bothering me since I first started stringing. I start my mains the same way shown on the SP site (, and this results with one of the first mains being pulled indirectly. It's tensioned, but it's definitely looser...
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    Volkl VE Mid

    I heard that you're getting more of these in stock soon. Any truth to that rumor?
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    Summer demo bug

    Hi all, I currently play at a 4.0- level, and I use a Volkl VE mid. I had played extensively with an n6.1 95 before that, and I eventually had my Volkls weighted up to a SW of 335 at 12.4 ounces. Surprisingly (or maybe not?), the Volkl still felt easier to swing and far more controllable...
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    Finally decided on a ms200tt...

    but of course they are backordered right now. Patience is such a pain.
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    My picky feet

    I'm currently wearing barricade 2's, and I keep on experiencing lateral knee pain on both knees. I've seen a doctor, and he suggested my shoes don't fit properly(duh). I'm a big overpronator with a narrow forefoot. Regular running shoes fit me fine, but for some reason I always seem to have...
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    Found a few Ti Classics and Pro Tour 280s

    I found a local shop with a few Ti.Classics and Pro Tour 280 trisys(said designed in Austria, but made in China) all brand new for $80 each. I think the Classics might be marked demo. Sound like a good deal?
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    so I tailweighted my skunk (original hammer 6.2 OS)

    and it turned out to be a pretty fun experiment. I pounded about 1.3 ounces of fishing weights flat, then put them in the buttcap. It feels a litttle odd, kinda like you can tell the handle and head are heavy and the middle isn't. It turned out slightly head light. Anyways, boy is it a fun...
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    rdx500mid more demanding than I thought?

    I'm a former 4.5 player coming back from a 10 year hiatus(28 now), and I got a new rdx 500 mid on a recommendation. I've hit with it for about a month now, and am not surprisingly struggling a little to get my form back(quite a few framers, lots of net shots). However, I had a chance to hit...