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    How is Nadal playing at this level after such a long break at his age?

    His serving % is in 50s. Not very good. That needs to go up.
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    Why does Nadal have a better backhand slice than Tsitsipas?

    What's that got to do with future of 1hbh. Tsitsipas' grip for slice could be the problem. All depends upon how much he wants to learn slice. He trusts his heavy spin backhand more clearly.
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    One Handed Backhand - Tips for not getting a Tennis Elbow

    I don't see how unless: 1. You grip the racket too tight. 2. You don't step on to your front foot as you strike i.e don't use your body. Grip it loose. Relax. As you strike, weight transfer to front foot as if you are coming over the ball. Watch Tsitsipas.
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    The best tip you found to improve your volley

    Head still until the volley followthrough is complete.
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    The serve is not a throwing motion

    What's the verdict then? I think this guy is talking bollocks. This page describes the throwing motion nicely.
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    Medvedev is highly flawed BUT that's exactly why he is perfect.

    You know it might become true ;)
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    Who is Patrick Mouratoglou

    Have you followed him on youtube tennis lessons? He does not go into these long drawn out meaningless lessons. Just keeps his coaching to the point - short, sharp and effective. He knows his stuff for sure.
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    Can Rafa achieve CYGS in 2022 ?

    These threads! :rolleyes: Let him win one first.
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    Nadal vs Alcaraz forehand

    I don't think his backswing was the problem in 2014-2015. In his quest to fix to fix the mess, he reverted to what worked previously. Note that when Alcaraz takes back his racket, the racket tip points to the opponent (like Thiem, Kyrgios, Sock). This allows for racket to flip more and...
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    It Blows My Mind That People Think Wimbledon Will Allow Djokovic To Play

    Wimbledon could be pressured by other slams like in the case of Osaka. But we don't have any such requirements at the moment. Vaccine skepticism is pretty low here. For all her flaws, Britain is a science loving country.
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    Pretty funny how 2 of the majors won by 90's dudes will be asterisked, assuming the Next Gen wins AO 2022

    You going after the nextgen again? That's new. :rolleyes: Both Med and Zv (and Tsitsi to some extent) have proven themselves by destroying Djokovic - the player of the year 2021. Together they stopped Djokovic from getting the golden slam. If you're going to put an asterisk against the AO...
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    Nadal’s head to heads against his potential draw opponents

    H2H is misleading in the sense that they are historical results. Nadal has not been action since 2021 FO and Zv/Med have been on fire i.e they have matured.
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    I like Karatsev (Murray antics)

    You talking about Murray? I'm not his fan but I don't see what you describe in your post. Yes he's foul mouthed and ranting on court but it is directed at himself and his team.
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    Realistically is Zverev beating Rafa in a grand slam?

    This is Rafa's warm up practice tournament after a long injury lay off. I don't see him reaching semis unless some miracle happens along the way.
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    Congrats Nadal on your 21st Slam!

    Trying your jinx again. This time you won't need to. He's not winning coming off a long injury lay off.
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    Is this true?

    It's all good Djokovic bashing when he deserves one (like for the one being an anti-vaxxer and what he did in Australia). But you are taking it too far to the point of making a mockery of people who suffer from it. Coeliac disease and Gluten intolerance are not the same. Just because you are...
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    Vaccines required for RG this year

    It depends. If the new variant is so mild that it becomes like common cold then I don't think any government will mandate it. I'd say by end of this year.
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    “Guess it’s not fair”: Zverev takes Djokovic’s side
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    Osaka : $57 million in earnings for 2021

    Oh nice. Did not know Osaka makes so much from sponsorship.
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    The Full Court will hear the case, so this is very positive for Djokovic

    Appearing before Judge Kelly was Djokovic's preferred position.
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    Megathread for what the other players are saying

    Pretty sure we can add Federer although he's keeping his mouth shut. Murray as well.
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    Rublev : ‘Novak Djokovic visa situation is confusing and regretful’

    Why is that controversial? If a country has made a vaccine and has not met the standards i.e not conducted trials that have been peer reviewed and the efficacy of that vaccine is poor then it is as good as a placebo.
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    Rublev : ‘Novak Djokovic visa situation is confusing and regretful’

    Djokovic was never going to win it anyway. It's Med's year.
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    Rublev : ‘Novak Djokovic visa situation is confusing and regretful’

    Let me translate that - "I think he is an entitled a*se hole that has destroyed the spirit of tennis at this Australian Open when we should be talking about tennis"
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    Twenty years...

    Oh really? When did Nadal and Federer try to fake their papers and get into a country by gaming their system? I suggest you go and look deeper because you were never really a Fed fan. Maybe a fan of his tennis but not as a person. Because the way Fed and Nadal behave to how Djokovic behaves is...
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    Please help me.

    Still going on keeping us entertained. I'm Hall of Famer now! Yee -Haw! Thank you Djokovic.
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    NETFLIXED NOVAK!! - Entire Australian VISA saga will be shown on NETFLIX

    The show has started. Get your popcorn! Starring ... @Bartelby as Novak Djokovic @Spencer Gore as the Judge @Aussie Darcy as Alex Hawke