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    2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final: [1] DJOKOVIC vs [4] FEDERER

    what time will the match start in pacific standard time? i cannot miss this!
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    Have a good effect on your practice partners.

    "It's also something that most of us don't show to competitive partners. We don't want them getting better and beating us under the surface, so we don't show them respect very often or help them with their weak points." I really don't get this. I find joy in hitting a bit more relaxed and...
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    Video of my last 2 matches

    some heavy spin on that FH!
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    i'm still a lowbie but i can't see how it's "arm city"... i see he's turning his hips/shoulders
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    Long time hitting partner leaves
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    Introducing a friend to tennis.. how to start?

    just wanted to update you guys on how it went. she has a history in badminton, so she had some horrible wrist flicking problems that needs breaking. i just showed her a forehand grip and the two hand backhand and emphasized backswing and to always follow through. unfortunately she kept...
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    Best shots you have pulled off in a match

    my favorite shot was a wicked 1H BH return DTL ... never did it again since I now use a 2 hander
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    2011 US Open Semifinal: Novak DJOKOVIC vs. Roger FEDERER

    wow woke up just in time for some good tennis :-)
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    Introducing a friend to tennis.. how to start?

    I love this idea! Very common sense, which I'm lacking most of the time... :)
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    Introducing a friend to tennis.. how to start?

    great now i'm nervous.
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    Introducing a friend to tennis.. how to start?

    all very good ideas guys. thanks much for the feedback. i'll let you guys know how this goes. i like the bouncing the ball against the ground and bouncing it up on the racket to get a feel for the ball... start out with something really easy and encouraging, then proceed with mini tennis. then...
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    Introducing a friend to tennis.. how to start?

    anyone got examples of being lighthearted on the courts when someone hits a bad ball? usually i'm sarcastic and just say that was almost in when it was obviously way out
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    Introducing a friend to tennis.. how to start?

    found a good, funny thread
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    Introducing a friend to tennis.. how to start?

    So I'm taking this girl out on a play date... any tips on how to start out? i'm thinking of maybe showing basic forehand and backhand swing and the contact zone and then just playing some mini tennis within the service boxes. don't want to overwhelm her with emphasis on proper footwork...
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    Rafael Nadal vs Mardy Fish WIMBY QF!

    fish has no chance, as much as i'd like to see him win
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    Roland Garros 2011 Final: Rafael Nadal (1) vs Roger Federer (3)

    here we go fellas...! rooting for roger, but realistically I think rafa will blow him off the court.
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    Novak's streak good for tennis???

    what a letdown it would be if nadal and djoker don't meet in the FO finals. anyhow, yes, i think it's good for tennis.
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    "Federer says he can still return to world number one"

    Fed's still consistently making semis, so it's not too outrageous to think he can win a slam this year. #1 would take a total meltdown from both Rafa and Novak, however.
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    Federer simply isn't a good enough player anymore

    is it just me or was federer's serve much worse than normal against djokovic? i don't have the stats, but it seemed like he was hitting a very low % on the first serves. a lot of that could be due to the pressure djoker was putting on fed.
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    Womens final- Clijsters vs Li Na

    3 championship pts...
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    Why has Federer abandoned his winning tactics?

    federer's first serve failed him and nole's balls are too much for fed's backhand... so many shanks
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    AO 2011 SF: Novak Djokovic (3) vs Roger Federer (2)

    if it goes to 5 sets, djoker wins, otherwise federer my bet is that tonight will determine who wins the title on sunday