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    Karatsev signs with Hydrogen

    The Hydrogen skull goes well with Novak.
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    Faked injuries, wild science claims:Djokovic’s wacky worl

    All those years with Pepe Imaz is finally helping out!
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    2021 US Open R4: Novak Djokovic vs. Jenson Brooksby

    Brookspeed is taking out Novak's serving arm with this extra long game.
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    2021...The Return of the Mullet!!!

    All business up front, no bandana needed!
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    Holes in toe or side of shoe fix

    Shoe Goo?
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    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    So the grommet for this mid could probably fit the TGK237.2?
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    Video: Ex-ATP #39 vs onehandbh (guess the score!)

    That looks like Marinko, off peak, 3.5 tops. :)
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    Ball boys and girls

    Some tournaments give them gloves now, but when players change sides, the ball boys are exchanging sweat and other stuff onto the other player's towels. Also why do they put the towels on the linesman's chairs? I wouldn't want to wipe my face with other's butt sweat on my towel. They need to...
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    Baszak has great looking strokes

    AO girls finalist playing now on Tennis Channel. Great topspin forehand and very nice one handed topspin backhand rolling it like Suarez-Navarro.
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    A girl who's got a 0/10 character and 10/10 looks - what would you do?

    Refer to the universal hot/crazy matrix for answer.
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    Another Pablo Cuevas hot shot

    Monfils Likes, Kyrgios Likes.
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    2019 ATP Barcelona Open 3R - (1.) Rafael Nadal vs. (WC) David Ferrer

    Love the Ferrer uppercut fist pumps! Ferrer in Five!
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    Obsession about serve mechanics: racket moving on edge

    A pic I took of Denis - look at that shoulder!
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Looks like Madison Keys.
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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Audrey Griswald from National Lampoon's European Vacation and Ashley Barty
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    recreational players who carry tennis bags that carry 8-12 frames

    Looks like parks need bigger benches for big pro bags!
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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Patrice Saint-Clair from the movie Taken & Paul Annacone.
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    What would you do in this car deal?

    Unmolested S2000! That is rare! I would keep everything original spec and enjoy it.
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    Indian Wells 2018 R2: (1) Roger Federer vs Federico Delbonis

    Did Larry Ellison get a new girlfriend?
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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Same face!
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    Let's post 5.0 videos and comment

    Richard Johnson (guy in blue), is a former D1 champ on Pepperdine's title winning team.
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    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Novak and the Peugeot behind him.
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    new tennis channel stats infographics

    That was terrible! The old format was succinct. I hope they change it back to the way it was.
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    Pro player back massage

    For the pro players chasing every possible advantage, why not bring your own portable electronic chair back massager, and enjoy every change-over with rejuvenated back muscles? I know it's distasteful and everything, but I'm tired of players getting on court rub-downs while others wait.
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    Does anybody have an invention to make a loud sound while hitting?

    Wear your hearing aid and turn the volume up to max?