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    Strings for Serve and Volley

    Here are the strings I've S&V-ed with previously. Luxilon Ace Pros: Huge spin on the serve, good control on the volley Cons: Lacks punch, No easy power on both volley and serve Natural Gut Pros: Easiest power from serve, powerful volleys Cons: More difficult to hit angled / drop / reaction...
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    Any big Gilles Simon fans?

    Not a big fan of Gilles Simon per se, but a big fan of his tactical approach. Smart ball placement with sudden injections of pace is something all amateurs can appreciate and learn from.
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    Which players impressed you at the beginning but did not live up to your expectations?

    Raonic for sure. I remember when I first saw him play on TV - that serve was incredible. I thought to myself - he just has to improve his ground game, which he did, but for some reason the serve just went away.
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    What makes a racquet good at slicing?

    I find that closed string patterns (18x20) are better at hitting skidding slices - the kind that has low-net clearance, medium-fast face, and skids when it hits the floor. And that open string patterns (16x19) are better at floating slices - higher net clearance, medium-slow pace, and sits up...
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    How good was the KPS 88?

    It was the perfect stick for me at the time (when I was playing every day). Now that I'm playing less often - the headsize is no longer practical. The mass of the stick was addictive, and allowed me to dominate ANY shot. Even attempted winners from my opponents could be slapped back with...
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    Whats the worst racquet you have bought recently?

    Pro Staff 95S. Low-powered rocket launcher is the only way I can describe it.
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    What is your ultimate racket spec?

    Headsize = 93-98 Length = 27 String Pattern = 16mains, 19-20crosses (18mains just doesn't give me the variety of shot) Stiffness = mid60s Balance = 10HL Strung Weight = 365g Swingweight = 345 Composition = All-Graphite, if possible. Righty all-court player with OHBH.
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    What's Djokovic's weakness?

    His netplay is his only weakness in my opinion. He's good at the textbook volleys/put-aways and his touch is improving, but seems to lack the ability to improvise at the net - i.e. defensive lunging volleys.
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    Why Hewitt's serve is far better than Nalbandian's

    Hahaha then I have to agree. I think Nalby's serve emphasized placement more than aces/unreturnables - he used it to setup his groundstrokes.
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    Why Hewitt's serve is far better than Nalbandian's

    But if the 1st serve percentage is so low, isn't that NOT a very good serve?
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    Is Berdych a good model for groundstrokes on simplifying my messy groundstrokes?

    Berdych is a good example because of his simple takeback. I would also suggest Nalbandian - his takeback is shorter, more compact than Berdych.
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    Head YT Prestige Pro vs Prince Response 97 - Comparisons Please!

    Response is more low-powered than the YTPP. YTPP is much more crisp and powerful - swings a tad heavier too.
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    Prince Response 97 - do you lead yours?

    If there's a good stick to try low tension polys on - it's the Response. The stick is so low-powered, you'll be able to feel the low-tension without turning the setup into a rocket launcher. What polys are you experimenting with? I may want to string up one of my spares similarly as a...
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    Prince Response 97 - do you lead yours?

    360grams? We're almost playing with the exact same stick, you and I! Glad that you're enjoying it! This stick is my grail - so I'm gonna have to stock up on them.
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    How many racquets do you need in your bag

    Regular hitting - 2 racquets. My main stick (see sig) and a spare for rainy days (Prince TT Warrior with full Alu Power). Matches - 2 of my main sticks.
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    1HBH GOAT list

    I think Rosewall deserves a place up there.
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    Best Forehand + Backhand Combo?

    Yeah you have a point there.
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    Things that would make you cry as a fan

    Federer retiring. The guy is an inspiration to me.
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    Best Forehand + Backhand Combo?

    While Djokovic's or Agassi or any of the great 2HBH players' combo are probably more solid, I prefer Federer's simply for the variety of the BH. And why isn't Wawrinka on here? His combi is pretty good too, no?
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    Is Nalby's backhand really better than Djoker's?

    I'm no tennis technician, but I think Nalbandian's BH is taken closer to his body, has a lot more wrist involved and is a more compact stroke. This does not necessarily make his better, just different - both BHs are awesome and complement their games perfectly.
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    Sof sole athlete?

    I'm interested to give the Sof Sole FIT a try. What shoes did you use them in by the way, Ramon?
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    Dislocated my shoulder

    I've had shoulder issues too. My most painful was an internal dislocation of the shoulder whilst attempting a kick serve. My advice, other than getting healed up and seeing a physiotherapist - is to start taking your gym sessions seriously. Even before my big painful dislocation, I was...
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    Paleo Diet

    I prefer a targeted Paleo diet. If I'm not working out or playing tennis - then strict Paleo meals. If I've got gym session coming up, or a tennis match, then I'll have some bread to provide some quick energy. But processed sugars are an absolute no. On a side note - I found I had best...
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    best shoe colour?

    Always preferred a black shoe with white crews.
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    Sof sole athlete?

    I'm using a pair in my Nike Lunar Ballistecs. A bit of backstory: Got a pari of Nike Lunar Ballistecs and they were terrible in the cushioning department for me. Pain on the base of my big toe and arch. These insoles helped. I still get some soreness after a long hitting session - which I...
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    Player that loves to drop shot, lob, slice, and loop forehands! Racket suggestions?

    Of the 3, the Blade 98 18x20 seems the best fit for your game. Alternatively, I've found that I can hit these off-pace shots particularly well using low-powered full-graphite racquets - so I'd suggest you take a look at the PK Redondo 98, Prince Response and the Pro-Staff 95. Just my...
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    The path to arm friendliness is beset on all sides ...

    From my experience, it's been about the racquet material - full graphite is the most comfortable (I use a Prince Response 97). You may not make much of it if you're finding the sweetspot every time, but on off-center hits, it's way more comfortable.
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    String pattern breakdown and strings

    16x20 - GutxPoly hybrid
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    Switching from pure graphite raquet to graphite-kevlar racquet

    I've been toying with the idea of switching from my trusty Prince Response 97 to either the Wilson ProStaff 97 or RF97a. I usually play with a swingweight higher than the stock RF97a so weight shouldn't be a problem. I'm just wondering about the feel aspect - the Response is a pure graphite...