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    Need help from an experienced player

    Ok- So, at the beginning of the summer last year, I hit my highest ranking (7 in mid atlantic b14) and then I hurt my knee (tore meniscus, cartiledge, and made a hole in my bone). I had surgery to fix it and it took 3 months to heal. It got rehurt later in the fall while i was biking during...
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    Should I believe the doc when he says.... *plz help*

    OK- so I am 14 and I just tore my meniscus as well as my articular cartilage. I am getting surgery, and my doctor says that I will not be able to put any weight on that leg for 4-6 weeks. He says that I could be lightly hitting in 2 months. Does this time frame seem reasonable? Also I am...
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    traveling with my coach? (money question)

    Ok so I went to a tourney with my coach and I did quite well and made it to the last day. The tournament started friday night and ended monday. So, from friday night to monday at 2 he charged me 450 dollars without the hotel fees. Is this absolutely insane or reasonable? I was also with 2 other...
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    shoulder injury- how to get back?

    My doctor 2 weeks ago told me I possibly had a torn labrum on the shoulder or i had tendonitis. Basically it feels at 75 percent healed and in a week I get an MRI arthrogram. How long does it take to get your strokes back and back to playing well? Before this injury I had been playing great...
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    Forehand Body Rotation

    I play at a 4.0/4.5 level, and I have been told by my coaches that i arm the ball. Even though I get good spin, power, and depth they claim that I am lucky to not have shoulder issues. I play a power/baseline game and am just seeking help I guess. Will keeping my left arm out across my body...
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    No tennis for 3 weeks:(....

    I know this sounds stupid, but will this affect my game a lot. I have struggled with injuries where everytime i get really good and start beating top 100 in the country people i get injured (due to this disease I have with my joints but thats another topic...) So now I am playing well but I'm...
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    Tennis academy in Switzerland

    Are there any that you know of?? preferably near zurich.
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    Jessica Simpson

    doesnt look bad fat
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    will this break my racquet

    my racquet is cracked right above the grip (bottom throat). Will restringing it put a lot of stress on it? Im not sure if it will have any affect because when stringing you don't clamp in that area so in theory it shouldn't break right? Also its a kblade and 3 of them have broken in the same...
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    backhand slice is gods gift to earth

    it just made me comeback and win my match. 67 76 62. low backhand slice cross then powerful ball to the forehand, then put away the volley. You should try it!!!!!
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    my brand new 2 week old kblade snapped on a shank forehand

    i have a ***in tourney tommorrow its nation somethin and if i dont get that racquet bak im screwed wat should i do?
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    what channel is the mens final or is there a stream

    CBS and USA and TTC don't have it on... for 5
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    helppppp with timing/ what should i do

    K i have trouble after taking just 3 or 4 days off to play better than awful. I am 7 in 14's in my section so i'm not a scrub but i just don't understand. i had 56 forehand errors today and only 10 winners... when my forehand is my game. when its on i win most of the time and it usually is on...