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    New Pure Drive Problems?

    Whoever said people only use APDGT only cuz of nadal is obviously an idiot. I use APDGT and I hate nadal, I'm a big fedfan lol. And why are people so hateful towards a brand for no reason... Babolat didn't do anything to you, chill.
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    New Black Pure Drive 2012

    Yeah the pure drives everywhere is a bit too much like you said but I absloutely love the darkness of it :). Wasn't a big fan of the blue on the GT.
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    Gosen racquet

    Reminds me quite a bit of the Pink Blade BLX
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    New Black Pure Drive 2012

    Very thankful for the pics btw
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    New Black Pure Drive 2012

    That.... looks... AMAZING
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    My donnay racket is like a ninja sword LOL

    Well I mean doubles can be very fast paced at times so you can't really react to his call 100% of the time. I'm not saying I will always ignore his call, but when he calls it when I'm in mid-swing, I'm gonna go for it. But when were both at position and he calls it, I let him get it because he...
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    My donnay racket is like a ninja sword LOL

    Don't listen to all these guys saying its your fault and etc.. I play doubles and stuff like this happens all the time, even if my partner calls a ball, if I'm in a better position and I already have my racquet up, I'm gonna swing at it anyways. I find it that if I stop my swing, my partner(s)...
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    Grip Advice help!

    I agree with Fuji up there, I could see you somehow dealing with a 4 1/2 maybe, but 4 5/8 is quite a difference. I suggest sticking with your same size, that way you don't have to deal with a giant grip, and in my personal experience changing from thin grips to thick grips or vice-versa can...
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Lovin the plant confetti decoration on the ground lol.
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    Babolat Aeropro Drive GT Plus

    Hmm, I'd respectfully disagree. I have a APDGT+ and I can pull off the low flat shots pretty well. Although the APD do tend to give more spin, flat shots aren't impossible as long as you know how to pull it off. Just sayin :) But I also had the same worry as you sir, I love hitting flat and I...
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    110 square inch frames TOUR!!!!

    I thought Agassi used a 110 and then switched to 107?
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    Talk Tennis Member(s) Equipment Profile

    Name:Rusty10201 Age: 17 Height:5ft 8 Weight:145 Dexterity:Right NTRP Rating:3.5 Favorite Player (All time/Current):Roger Federer Playing Style:Baseliner, Counterpuncher Tennis Background:High School Varsity Team, undefeated since 2008. Current Equipment:Babolat Aeropro...
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    Head Youtek IG Extreme OS

    Try not to pay to much attention to the power level that they tell you on the specs. Why? Because I have a AeroPro Drive GT+, and the power level they say is low-medium, and I will tell you right now that that racquet has plenty of power. So don't just assume things just by looking at the...
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    Wilson K Five Force 108 arm friendly?

    I used to play with a K five for about two years, and in my opinion it is extremely arm friendly. There are almost no vibration, and it is a racquet with extreme amount of power, and excellent if you like to hit flat. I haven't tried the Khamsin version, but I can tell you that the K five won't...
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    Nadal's Replacement Grip (2011)

    I use three overgrips and they all stay on the handle, never had any problems with it. Feels very cushiony and nice:)
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    Best Racquet for THFH/THBH Style?

    Get an extended racquet. I heard the extra length helps alot, it gives more range.
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    Pros Sliding on Hard Courts - Special Outsoles?

    Lol very true. Its incredible how good he is at it.
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    Verdasco AO outfit the greatest of all time

    The shirt would be great if it wasnt a watermelon color scheme. I dig the design tho.
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    Grigor Dimitrov Racket

    Hold on, let me just call my friend real quick. His name is bs.
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    Nadal's top and the humidity

    They better be if you have to work for a week to buy one of their shirts.
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    Who uses Aeropros?

    1. Played for about 3 years 2. Solid Groundstrokes, Nasty Slice, average volleys, aight serves. 3. 16 4. Red Code @ 58lbs 5. Being a noob with lead tape, no customization for me... 6. 3.5, 4.0/.5 on a good day:) Switched from wilsons to babolats, and not looking back
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    Spiniest rackets

    APDGT+Red Code=Spin God
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    Anyone uses Babolat racquets with grip size 4 1/8 + two overgrips?

    I use an APDGT+ with 3 overgrips with no original grip, and its actually very comfortable! Two super thin babolat overgrips with a yonex supergrap over the two:) Grip size is 4 3/8 btw.
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    Flexpoint Radical Tour vs Microgel Radical Pro

    Not a fan of the feel of flexpoints in general, feels very awkward to me.
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    Specs for the new Head Youtek Inngeras

    Im liking the swingweigh on the speed pro
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    Head Liquidmetal Radical OS vs Head Microgel Radical OS

    Prefer the looks of the MG alot, but unlike rich s, I'd go with the LM cuz of the high swingweight. Plus its cheaper:)
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    TW Racquet Data Inconsistencies

    Cant always be perfect:)
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    Has removing lead from your hoop ever stripped its paintjob?

    Yeah i heard it does happen a lot, so i put a layer of clear tape on my racquet before applying the lead tape. Much easier to take off than the lead, and no damage done to the paint.
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    Grip Size?

    ^^^^ +1 10 chars
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    Wilson Racquet Cover

    Found an n code on e bay, go search "WILSON N-CODE TENNIS RACQUET COVER CASE *NEW* 28x12".