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  1. The Joker

    What happened to Newport?

    What in the world? I turn on TC to watch the rerun of Mischa Zverev-Pospisil. The court looks like an absolute abomination. Is the ATP adding a new surface called "dirt"? Looks worse than Centre Court in the Wimby final. Maybe the tournament hasn't checked on the courts in a few weeks? On...
  2. The Joker

    USTA points transfer?

    Hey guys, quick question about how USTA points work. I'm moving from one state to another. How will my points transfer, in terms of where I am ranked in my new state? Will the amount of points I have now transfer to the new state, or will I just have to deal with starting out ranked in the...
  3. The Joker

    Who will be the first American to win a slam?

    As in, who will win one first?