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  1. Legend of Borg

    What is the main difference between the old and new Blades?

    i'm racket shopping for the new tennis season and I'm probably gonna buy a Blade problem is, there's a metric ton of Blades on the market with so many variations it makes my head spin there's two variations of Blades I'm looking at right now 1). new style black/neon green PJ with the...
  2. Legend of Borg

    Wanted: Yonex Duel G (330g)

    Want a single Duel G in decent condition if possible with grip 4. PM me if you have any offers. Thanks.
  3. Legend of Borg

    Would you ever buy a used/pre-owned racket?

    prices for premium 200-300$ frames are cut in more than half when they have the used/pre-owned label on them my main reservation is that the integrity of the frame is a big unknown how would i know that the previous owner has not dropped the racket and caused some internal damage to it which...
  4. Legend of Borg

    Retiring the old Wilson 6.1 18x20, replacement suggestions appreciated

    i'm hanging up the old 6.1, it's served me well for over a decade but i want a change, i want a fresh 2019 racket i've researched a few Wilson rackets including the prostaff, blade and ultra however i'm not sure what exactly differentiates those 3 i've also looked at the babolat pure strike...
  5. Legend of Borg

    What's a fair price for a like-new used racquet?

    i'm looking to sell a used Ezone AI 100 but i'm not sure how to price it 50% original price? 40%? less than that? also, I noticed the Ezone AI is a discontinued line, is it even worth anything at this point?
  6. Legend of Borg

    Can't decide between the 16x19 and 18x20 Blade

    been playing with the Wilson 6.1 95 18x20 for about 8 years now and i want to make a switch to the Blade i would like a lighter racket with slightly more power which doesn't sacrifice control and feel for the ball and the new Blade seems like a solid choice i've watched several reviews of...
  7. Legend of Borg

    "Favoritism is why Fed hates hawkeye so much" Gasquet match controversy

    are commentators allowed to make statements like these? the commie on the bulgarian Eurosport basically suggested in a not very subtle way that the reason Fed has always been vocal against the hawkeye system is because he knows that in a close call, the umpire will always take his side over...
  8. Legend of Borg

    how long do you give Fed before he goes into "ultra decline" mode?

    i'm talking like he can't make the 2nd week in a slam consistently and is losing to some randoms at every major (3rd and 4th round) and is clearly a shell of his former self he's posted some really solid results in 2015 with those two slam finals and he's made two semis out of three slams in...
  9. Legend of Borg

    why doesn't the better server win against the better returner in today's game?

    first, some context for this question jim courier himself as to why pitting the best server vs the best returner is a big mismatch in strengths, referencing the sampras vs agassi matchup keeping this in mind, why is it in today's game, the player with the better defense and return is...
  10. Legend of Borg

    Fed's "match nerves"???

    one thing over the past couple years (probably since Wimby 2014) that's puzzled me is when people talk about Fed choking or tilting under pressure when playing Djoko in slam finals i've never heard anyone use the words choking and nerves so often to talk about Fed now that's confusing to me...
  11. Legend of Borg

    Safin- Much easier to win slams now than it was in his era Safin = this era's sh1t m8 i r8 a 2/8 shots fired so hard, not even Putin's jets can match that
  12. Legend of Borg

    So how do you deal with performance anxiety in matches...

    what's your way of dealing with strong nerves and anxiety during a match? i've been affected by match nerves more and more often during the past weeks for unexplainable reasons and it's having a big impact in my matches i've blown easy leads and made some REALLY bad decisions because i was so...
  13. Legend of Borg

    Looking for good string/tension combo for Pro Staff 97

    as the title says, I'm gonna be buying the Pro Staff 97 very soon within the next week probably and since TT offers the option to string the racket at the warehouse I'm just wondering what are some good combos in terms of strings and tension that people have had good results with a bit of...
  14. Legend of Borg

    Getting more susceptible to match nerves with the years...

    so OK long story short something happened today which had never happened i got so affected by match nerves that we lost the set after having 5 match points now it's not that i've never lost a match when ahead or even the first time that i've lost a match when having match points what makes...
  15. Legend of Borg

    Chronic hand pain for 5 years

    so here's the deal, i've had this ongoing sharp pain/discomfort in my hand when playing regular tennis (at least 3-4 times a week) i made a thread on this years ago but somehow it got deleted or something here's a little picture to clarify where the pain is coming from basically, the...
  16. Legend of Borg

    How hot is the Wilson Burn 100? (and Yonex Ai)

    so i'm almost ready to make the switch from ye old 6.1 95 inch relic to a more midplus/modern type racket (bigger headsize and powerful stringbed) after some research, watching and reading reviews etc, i've narrowed it down to two rackets the Wilson Burn 100 and the Yonex EZONE Ai 100...
  17. Legend of Borg

    Novak going to Wimby cold turkey?

    so I just noticed that Nole is missing from both the Queens and Gerry Weber draws looked at his website, next scheduled tourney? Wimbledon dafuq, he's not even gonna play a small warmup tourney before Wimby to get some matches under his belt to prepare him for the title defense? i see...
  18. Legend of Borg

    Demoed my dad's racket, rude awakening...

    i've been playing with the Wilson BLX Six-One 95 for about 5 years now until recently i thought of it as the holy grail in the tennis world (probably just too much TV advertising getting to me) long story short, i had to demo my dad's 100 sq. inch K-factor Endure for a few days while...
  19. Legend of Borg

    Will Stan become a nightmare matchup for Djoko?

    now that he's beaten Djoko in slams twice, do you think Stan will become a kind of mental block or nightmare matchup in future matches even outside of slams? will it open the floodgates for the Swiss or was this final a kind of anomaly that probably won't be repeated in the future should they...
  20. Legend of Borg

    Went into full "micro management mode" meltdown need some advice...

    so this is something that has been a recurring problem not just in tennis but in a lot of things basically you know when you're free swinging, not really thinking about how you're doing it just going off of feel and instinct, and then you suddenly decide that the next game or point is REALLY...
  21. Legend of Borg

    Anyone watch Elliott Hulse?

    what do you think? i personally like his bioenergetics exercises for releasing muscle tension caused by trauma he's a popular youtuber who has multiple channels dealing with having a "non-job", strength training and bioenergetics
  22. Legend of Borg

    What is it with Nole and crowds?

    why is it that most of the time he plays in grand slams and even some masters tournaments, there's always an element of antagonism and tension between Nole and the crowd? it's almost like he's never quite the crowd favorite, never quite the guy that's being cheered for all even today, notice...
  23. Legend of Borg

    How do you find consistency day in day out?

    So maybe this is the million dollar question but after tonight I felt a need to post a thread on this. I've noticed a trend in the last few years. I take 3 months off in the winter, come back in the spring and play ON FIRE for maybe couple weeks then go back to a really mediocre level with...
  24. Legend of Borg

    Let the conspiracies begin....

    So what was it? Two retirements in one day can't be just a coincidence. Death threats? Anthrax poisoning from a secret anti-tennis society? suresh secret plan to boost Hafa's H2H against Djoker? or was it
  25. Legend of Borg

    Is Gasquet the cannon fodder of the top 10?

    Which top player has he beaten in the last several years? Does he ever "surprise" you by pulling an amazing upset, Wawrinka/Dolgopolov style? He's not even putting up a fight FFS, he's just casually tanking while Fedor just strolls by. At least MAKE HIM WORK FOR IT! Can't watch these sh1tty...
  26. Legend of Borg

    IW 2014 QF: His Fedness vs Anderson

    Who will WIN? I'll take Fed in 2 thankuverymuch.
  27. Legend of Borg

    Stanimal/Anderson R16 Indian Wells

    Can't believe there's no thread on this match. Stan breaks back after getting broken on his opening serve.
  28. Legend of Borg

    Le Fog gets jobbed (featuring Lars Graf) What will be the ump's latest adventure? :lol: Find out this later this week at Indian Wells.
  29. Legend of Borg

    Lose "Baby Fed" - Fed 2013 Wow, such arrogance such maestro wow
  30. Legend of Borg

    Ketogenic diets and carbs

    Does anyone have any experience with high fat low carb diets AKA ketogenic diets? I've heard many claims about it improving concentration, raising IQ and cognitive function but it sounds a bit too good to be true. Also, why are carbs considered to be the most terrible thing you can put in...