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  1. RickN

    Combat Hyper Cool vs Combat Compression shorts

    Has anyone tried the newer and more expensive Nike Pro Combat Hyper Cool shorts? Are they worth the extra $5 in cost compared to the Nike Pro Combat Compression Short? Thanks for your input, Rick
  2. RickN

    Dunlop Aerogel 3hungred: different stiffness rating

    I have a couple of Dunlop Aerogel 3hundred sticks which I bought a few months ago. The rated stiffness is 64 which correspond to the specs on the Dunlop website. However, my friend’s 3hundred stick has a 61 stiffness rating and the TW site also has 61 on their site. We bought our racquets from...
  3. RickN

    Rome player interviews?

    Usually for Masters Series, there is a 'news' section of the site where player interviews are posted. I seem to have trouble finding it for the Rome tournament. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. RickN

    Chela & Babalat

    Did Chela lose his Babolat sponsorship? Just watching the Chela/Henman match and noticed that his stringbed is free of any emblems.
  5. RickN

    Roddick Cover-up RODDICK COVER-UP Tennis star Andy Roddick is being kept on a short leash by Reebok. He can't be caught on camera wearing anything but Reebok sportswear - or he risks losing his contract. But Thursday night, Roddick wore a Lacoste shirt to the Ocean Drive...
  6. RickN

    Pure Control stringing...

    I have a Babolat Pure Control Team racquet from a customer who wants a hybrid. Anyone with experience with this racquet for 2-piece stringing? The holes are such that it is impossible to share a grommet unless you do the crosses from bottom to top which isn't a good practice to do. Any help...
  7. RickN

    Watch The Tennis Channel On E! This Thursday

    I just got the following email from TTC: Hey Tennis Fans! Good news! E! Entertainment Television is joining us in our endeavor to help victims of the tsunami by airing the Serving for Tsunami Relief special, produced by The Tennis Channel. The special is being aired along with other...
  8. RickN

    ALU Touch hybrid

    I haven't heard many reviews/comments on the prepackaged ALU Touch hybrid. Any feedback would be much appreciated. I've never used Supersense before.
  9. RickN

    Rusedski VS Federer....

    2nd round match in Qatar, potential for a good match or will Federer destroy him?
  10. RickN

    Tennis withdrawal....

    Three plus weeks until the Australian Open! Anyone else suffering from withdrawal like me? There's just so much you can re-watch on tape, you want the live stuff now!
  11. RickN

    Finally.....'McEnroe' Canceled by CNBC

    Hopefully, Jonny Mac can do more commentating and playing.
  12. RickN

    Spadea....too funny.

    The guy is hilarious! I'd love for him to win a big tournament and freestyle his speech.
  13. RickN

    Misleading **** auction...

    I feel sorry for whoever believes this and buys it. http://cgi.****.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=20873&item=3694222227&rd=1
  14. RickN

    TV Coverage for Olympics...

    Does anyone know if they will be showing tennis coverage from the Olympics?
  15. RickN


    For the poor Canadians that didn't get to see the Agassi-Roddick or Agassi-Hewett matches because there was zero coverage offered by TSN, can anyone help us out?
  16. RickN


    When is he NOT injured?! Always seems like he's hurt from a match. Yet, he's probably one of the fittest players on the tour.
  17. RickN

    Player injuries....

    I suspect that a lot of injuries reported by players are fake ones. I know that Guga and Gaudio have withdrawn from Wimbledon with a hip and foot injury respectively. They haven't played any matches since the FO and seeing how their games are at a disadvantage on the slick grass, it makes me...
  18. RickN

    Agassi & Roddick as doubles partners?! I'm shocked but it's good to see that Andre is doing what he has to do to get good preparation for Wimbledon. He should be able to get awesome setups from Roddick's serve but Roddick's suspect volleys will hamper the team as well...
  19. RickN


    He's probably the only one in the top20 that can't speak English. Why is that? Seems like the other South Americans can speak decent English. It's probalby a win-win situation to learn it: more fan support, more endorsements on a global scope, etc.
  20. RickN

    Hamburg Finals (semifinal spoiler)

    Federer vs Coria!!! Talk about a heavyweight championship bout. The hottest claycourt player versus the best all-court player. I think that if Federer plays up to his potential, he will win a close one but anything less won't cut it. I'm thinking of watching it live at 4am PST. :D
  21. RickN

    Wilson Enduro Tour

    I was wondering if anyone could offer any feedback on the Wilson Enduro Tour string. There aren't any customer reviews/feedback on TW. Any ideas if it will be similar to Touch Turbo, ALU Power, or Gosen Polylon Comfort? It's up there in price, close to the ALU Power. Thanks.