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  1. effortless

    Rf97 with multifilament?

    Hi. I am thinking of stringing my rf97 with a multifilament. I want to try it because i liked multis in the tour 90s. I play with a lot of touch so i think i like it for this reason. Im getting it strung at the club's pro shop so i still have to see what multis are available. I am going to...
  2. effortless

    RF97 string advice for less power

    Hi. Thanks for having a look at the thread. My rf97 is strung with RF's setup 59 mains 56 crosses. Long story short i want a lower launch angle with less power and more control/feel but i don't want more spin. I feel like i need something that doesn't "grab" at the ball so much. I'm an...
  3. effortless

    Review: Wilson RF97Autograph vs tour 90s and ps85

    Hi so a lot of people have posted reviews of the rf97 but i don't think there has been an extensive comparison with the 90s and ps 6.0 85. I have used the tour 90s extensively in the past since a teenager but switched to the ps 6.0 85 recently because i preferred it. I love my ps 6.0 85 but...
  4. effortless

    How do i ask TW for the lightest racquet?

    For example how do i ask for the lightest possible ps 6.0 85.
  5. effortless

    Short or long backswing? What do you think is better?

    Title is self explanatory
  6. effortless

    Strange? Nadal's absence from the game.

    Does anyone else find Nadal's absence from the game strange? I'm not a Nadal fan and i don't know everything about what happened in depth. So sorry if i get some of the details wrong. I do respect Nadal though. From what i remember no one really had a clue that Nadal had major knee issues...
  7. effortless

    ps 6.0 85 - changing grip

    I use the ps 6.0 85 with an L3 grip. I like the leather grip but its a tiny bit too small. Can someone please give me some advice on which leather grip to replace it with if i want it slightly bigger? I would probably want an increase in size that is similar to putting a really thin over...
  8. effortless

    New technology in the PS 6.0 85?

    I recently started using the ps 6.0 85 and i cannot believe how good it is for me compared to my tour 90s i was using. It seems like many people feel the same way. It has got me thinking maybe Wilson should release some more midsize racquets with head sizes below 90 or even below 85. So.. 1...
  9. effortless

    Wilson ProStaff 6.0 85 . How do you play with it?

    I had my first hit with the ps 6.0 85 yesterday:twisted:. I am hoping some fellow users can give me a few tips about how to best use this stick. I'm a 5.0 level player with an all court, modern style game, and i have emulated federer's technique in many areas (shameful?). I absolutely fell in...