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    Wanted--POG midplus 4 striper 1/4

    I am looking to buy or trade for a POG mid or midplus 4 striper with a #2 or 1/4 grip.
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    differences between the POG midplus

    I have read a lot of rave reviews concerning the POG midplus (4 stripes) so I went and demoed it. The demo was a 4-striper in a 3/8 grip and I instantly fell in love with my backhand shots (TH and slice) using this racquet. When I concentrate and prepare early enough, the forehand is also very...
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    DNX 8 vs Cat 8 VE

    Has anyone hit with both sticks? How much stiffer does the DNX 8 feel? Is there a big power difference? I have read from various threads that the DNX 8 is better for baseline exchange whereas the Cat 8 is more of a S & V stick. What are your impressions? Thanks
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    DNX 9 users

    I know that this might be deleted but where did you guys get your sticks from and for how much? I don't know if I can wait around for two months for it to come to the US.
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    DNX 8 Users and Demo'ers

    I am currently using the Tour 10V-E MP--modified grommets. After reading your threads and doing some thinking, I decided to give the DNX 8 a whirl because I wanted a bit more pop on my serve. I was impressed with its power from the ground and on the serve. However, I could not generate the...
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    gut uncoated vs coated

    I know this thread has been discussed in the past but what are the advantages and disadvantages of uncoated vs coated gut, i.e. Klip? And do you need to prepare the uncoated gut in a special way prior to stringing it? Thanks
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    Volkl 10 V-engine users

    How do you "do bumper guard surgery" to slightly lighten the head? Can anyone send me a picture of what it looks like? Thanks
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    Attn Rabbit

    You were the one on this forum who mainly got me to switch to the c-10 pro MP from the Prince NXG. I read somewhere that you now switched to the Cat 8 VE. The Cat 8 is 10.7 oz and its frame is 24mm. That's totally different from the c-10. What's your reason behind this? Just curious.
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    Poll on gut

    What is the best option for a slightly cheaper gut than VS? 1. BDE 2. Tonic 3. Klip Legend 4. Pacific 5. Other
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    Getting to the next level

    How do you guys know when you are at the next level? I don't mean just going from 3.5 to 4.0 and so on, but going from an average 3.5/4.0/etc to a very good one. Three weeks ago, I was struggling with my game trying to put all my shots together. Citywide playoffs were fast approaching and I...
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    Impressions of poly cross/gut main

    I previously had a setup of 17g VS mains/18g Pro Hurricane crosses at 54# each on my c-10 pro. This setup feels great and has power. I broke the gut in 2 weeks. After various posts on this board, I decided to try the opposite setup and put ALU power rough mains at 52# and BDE 17 at 54#. My...
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    Understanding tension differences between cross and main

    When I first started stringing I used a soft multi such as NRG or Laser Supreme and would string the mains and crosses at the same tension. After logging into this forum and reading the advices of gurus like Gaines and Steve, I would decrease my crosses slightly (about 2-3#) to achieve a bigger...
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    Gut protector

    Can anyone compare Babolat gut protector vs Canuaba Wax? Where do you buy this wax anyways?
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    Alternative to Pro Hurricane

    I have a current setup of VS gut 17 on mains and Pro Hurricane 18 on crosses. If I want a bit more spin potential, should I switch to ALU rough? What about Enduro Pro? What about going with a syn gut for a cross such as PSG with duraflex or Gosen Sheep? Advices and comments are welcome...
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    Comparing some poly crosses

    Please compare the playability, spin potential, firmness, and power of these cross-strings when hybriding with gut: Alu power rough, enduro pro, pro hurricane. Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
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    Suggestions for hybrids with gut

    Hi all, I have not posted in a year so be patient with me if I am asking the same questions as everyone else. I recently started trying hybrids (17g Babolat VS gut mains @54# and 18g Pro Hurricane crosses @ 54#) on my C-10s. Prior to this, I was using 17g Laserfibre supreme or 16g Laserfibre...
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    Grip for forehand slice

    I understand that a forehand slice is not the norm in modern day tennis and therefore it is not often talked about or taught. I however, like many of you here, think that an effective forehand slice is a good weapon to possess. When I was first taught the forehand slice, it was with a...
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    Laserlite XL

    Has anyone played with this string? Opinions needed.
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    Mixed doubles

    I know that this subject might have been debated multiple times before but I don't remember what the general concensus was. This past weekend I played in a 4.0 mixed doubles tournament and had multiple chances to really hit the opposing female opponent with overheads and short forehands. At...
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    Racquet paranoia vs bad luck--SYSOP can you help?

    I purchased two c-10 pro 98" approx two weeks ago. One was at TE (a local shop in town) and the other at TW. After restringing one of them I laid them on top of each other. Something about the racquets caught my eye and I examined the two racquets closer :shock: . Lo and behold, the TW...
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    Help with a different approach to the two-handed backhand

    I have frequented this board and I only see advices on using your left hand as the main focus of the two-hander. I understand this concept and the fact that you need to practice a left-handed forehand in order to improve your TH backhand. However, everytime that I tried to hit lefthanded...
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    I am thinking about experimenting with hybrids. TW sells Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 in a reel for $35. At 330' how many crosses can I get out of this :?: I have always done a one-string job and never a two-stringer so I need help on the length determination. I will be stringing my c-10...
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    Coria vs Chang

    After having followed tennis since the early days of Connors, Mcenroe, Lendl, Wilander, Edberg, Courier, Chang, Sampras, etc., I find many similarities in Coria's and Chang's games ( the younger, faster MC). They are both grinders who can stay with anyone all day long and possess the fitness to...
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    Too much power

    I started experimenting with hybrids for the first time. When I ordered my c-10 pro, I asked TW to string Babolat VS gut main at 56# and ALU Power crosses at 56#. I am currently playing with Babolat XCel at 55#. Using the same strokes, the balls are flying off of my hybrid strings :shock: ...
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    Pressure situations

    What do you guys do or say to yourself when you are in a pressured situation? :? 1. Match point/break point with you serving. 2. Match point/break point with you returning. 3. Super tiebreaker during USTA team play for the right to advance to sectionals. These are some of the situations...
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    Dunlop 300g OS

    Does anyone know the pattern for this racquet (18x20)?
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    Variety on the return of serve

    I learned initially to return serve with a forehand grip because on the backhand side I have a two-handed backhand and can switch quickly once I got my left hand on the handle. I also step in and have a short backswing ala AA :lol: (not really but I hope you get the picture). Lately I was...
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    Grommets for c-10

    I have a c-10 pro 98" and was wondering if the grommets from the tour 10 mp would fit. TW advised against this but I thought that I read somewhere on an earlier thread that some of you have replaced the c-10 with the tour 10 mp grommet with success. Thanks :)
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    C-10 Pro Users

    I just bought two C-10 Pros. On the first, I have Babolat XCel 17 Premium at 55 and on the second I have Babolat VS gut 16 main and ALU cross at 56. I have hit with the XCel but not with the hybrid because I am still waiting for the shipment to come in from TW. What do you guys think of these...
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    Laserfibre Supreme and Laserlite XL Plus

    Both of these are the enhanced versions offered by Laserfibre as a middle choice between the supernatural gut and the synthetic lines. I have played with both and find that the Supreme is a great multi (IMO better than the elite, phenom, and prostock). It is also cheaper. The XL plus has a...