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  1. NoleFam

    The next time another post emerges about Djokovic/Roddick head to head...

    Remember this...or frame it...whatever works Even Roddick knows that head to head wouldn't have lasted, and not the first time he has said this may I add. :happydevil:
  2. NoleFam

    Which one is greater? Nadal at the AO or Federer at RG?

    Both have 1 title and 4 finals. Nadal also has a SF and 5 QFs. Federer has 2 SFs and 3 QFs. Nadal has a 61-13 record and Federer is 65-16. Federer was never able to beat Nadal at RG and Nadal has not yet been able to beat Djokovic at AO. Who is the better player at the respective tournament...
  3. NoleFam

    Closing thoughts on the 2019 AO finals

    1. Don't ever boo Novak Djokovic. I don't know why some fans are so disrespectful to do that to a legend as he walks out onto his court, but when will fans learn that Djokovic thrives in adversity and when people are against him. I was shocked at that, especially from Rafa fans, and also that...
  4. NoleFam

    Wimbledon Myth

    A myth that has been going around for years is that the grass at Wimbledon was changed in 2002. After stumbling upon an old article and doing some research that is incorrect. The grass was actually changed for the 2001 Wimbledon edition where the grass would no longer be 70% rye and 30% red...
  5. NoleFam

    Djokovic and Halep are the 2018 ITF world champions.

    Congrats to them both.
  6. NoleFam

    2018 Vienna Final: [2] Kevin "KAndy" Anderson vs [5] Special Kei Nishikori

    So no one is going to post a thread for this match? Ok I will take one for the team. Who wins? I'm going with Nishikori in 3.
  7. NoleFam

    2018 Court Pace Index

    So tennis TV showed the court speeds so far in 2018 yesterday. Shanghai looks to be a little slower than previous years but still med fast (39.9 is close enough to 40.0) but I was surprised to see that since Djokovic said it's the fastest he has ever played on in Shanghai. What really shocked...
  8. NoleFam

    Djokovic now shares a stat with Federer...

    They are the only 2 men in the history of the sport to win 3/4 of Slams at least 3 times. (Federer has done it 5 times). So Djokovic continues on the trend of being the lite Federer of this era.
  9. NoleFam

    ATP Smackdown

    What are some of your favorite or standout matches for you where a great player was in the zone and smacked down another good or great player? :) I will start it off with the Big 3. Djokovic/Nadal 2016 Doha final Djokovic was in the thick of his domination and Nadal was still trying to...
  10. NoleFam

    Why is Tennis Aging?

    Since we have been talking about the incredible Federer and how many top players are now over 30 I felt we should have a discussion about what's really going on in tennis. I spent a little time today doing a little research about age in tennis going back a few decades and it is older than it...
  11. NoleFam

    Was 2014-2016 a weaker span or is it a myth?

    For the last couple of years, I have been hearing on this site how weak 2014-2016 was. It seems to be a pattern where fans sound off that a certain group of years were weak when it is a player other than their favorite that is dominating and I have heard this from all sides, whether it is 2006...
  12. NoleFam

    Nadal: Novak Djokovic reached a higher level than Roger Federer

    Rafael Nadal believes that Roger Federer is the greatest player he’s come up against during his career based upon the titles he’s won, but he admitted that Novak Djokovic had reached the highest level of tennis that he has faced. The 16-time Grand Slam champion has played in one of the...
  13. NoleFam

    ESPN: 2018 Will Be A Year Of Disruption

    So Peter Bodo just wrote an article for ESPN about what he predicts next year. Some of his choices are pretty interesting and I'm wondering what everyone else thinks about it. 1. There will be 4 different Slam winners next year -- Basically Bodo feels that the field will be back at full...
  14. NoleFam

    Top 5 Turning Points That Changed Tennis History

    Well some pretty painful moments for all of our guys and some changed the trajectory of the game. Thoughts?
  15. NoleFam

    Rank the Slams from best to worst

    What is your favorite Slam when you consider the atmosphere, the history, the facilities and the feel of it? For me it is... Wimbledon-I think they have the most beautiful courts in the world on that first day with the green and perfectly tailored lawns. The history of it and the sound that...
  16. NoleFam

    Laver: When it comes to GOAT, Djokovic is Federer's equal

    For more than a half-decade, Rod Laver has said without hesitation that Roger Federer is the greatest player in tennis history. Until now. Laver, a two-time season Slam winner, now considers Novak Djokovic and Federer equals when it comes to greatest-of-all-time deliberations. "I don't think...
  17. NoleFam

    Of the two Masters series leaders, who has the more impressive record?

    Both are tied at 27, but which record is better?
  18. NoleFam

    All Time 5 Set Records-Open Era

    A player's physical and mental strength, and resolve is probably tested the most on the court once a match goes to a 5th set in Grand Slam or a big tournament. It's one set to either win/lose the title or one set to move on in the tournament or be out and have to wait another year to try for...
  19. NoleFam

    Nice ESPN article on the Big 3

    Most of this stuff we already know but a nice read. A slap in the face of the weak era enthusiasts. o_O